Wayne Bowyer’s Thank You – Ace Heartware Stories

In this #HeartwareStory we see how a story in Virginia always had their back for an employee going through hard times. This story started when Wayne sent us a letter, wanting to show his gratitude towards the Ace where he is currently employeed.

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[Music] Part of the Rockingham Cooperative Mission statement states that we invest In our valued employees we try to have Atmosphere of helpfulness and that goes For helping each other as well as the Customers it feels like a community Working Here my dad doesn't sit still which is How he ended up working part-time in the Hardware store he enjoys getting out and Connecting with people and telling Stories and being of service helping Customers with Hardware with tools with Anything is good for me I will not sit On the couch and waste away Wayne is a Friendly guy he's helpful he's Dedicated July 1st 2020 I had been with Ace exactly one day to the year when I Was riding my bike to work unfortunately I went down at an intersection on gravel And I managed to break my right leg that Put me off for 10 to 12 weeks minimum I Was worried about my job I had not been At a long but my managers kept telling Me you know you just concentrate on Healing and your job will be here when You get back when I did get back they Were so good about making sure that I Didn't lift something I shouldn't lift So now fast forward a few weeks because I had a heart history my doctor told me That you're due for nyoc cardiogram and He learned learn that he was going to

Need to have heart surgery again he Didn't come out of that surgery very Well and ended up staying upwards of a Month in the hospital I got some phone Calls from the uh from the management Office they were concerned about me and They wanted me to do what I needed to do And come back to work and the job was Was waiting for me when it was all [Music] Over I know he was looking forward to Coming back we're glad to have him back I'm incredibly grateful for the role That Ace has played in helping my dad Preserve those relationships and Connections that he has in his job there And as long as he's able to continue Doing the things that bring him joy and Able to interact with folks in the Community and the friends that he has at Work he'll be happier and healthier Longer they didn't have to do anything For me I'm just a part-time old guy but They did they cared and they still do I Don't think I've ever worked for a Company that has more Integrity or a Company that truly cares about its Employees and the people that they serve As well as they do and for all that I Want to say from the bottom of my heart Thank you very [Music] Much

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