Milwaukee 500 lm LED Rechargeable Flashlight Product Review – Ace Hardware

Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, shows you the features and benefits of the Milwaukee 500 lm LED Rechargeable Flashlight. This is model #2011R.

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Milwaukee 500 lm LED Rechargeable Flashlight

[Music] You know if I was going to collect Flashlights this would be part of my Collection hi it's Lum man forini Asus Home expert 500 lumens of light that is A really bright light and it feels good In your hand right it's nice and Substantial but you can set it down on a Workbench or a countertop here and the Head is adjustable and within that Adjustable head you can also change the Brightness and mode of the lights that You're going to use which I think is Pretty cool there's a magnet on the back Side of it so that you can stick to Metal objects that gives you even more Versatility so you can be handsfree While it's Illuminating the light and The fact that it's rechargeable I think Is great you don't have to put any Batteries in it it can run up to 8 hours Long coming up next another great tool From Milwaukee

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