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In this #HeartwareStory we meet Chip from Simpsons Ace in Sumter, South Carolina. Hear how this story embraces Chip as part of their store family.

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I have known chip and his family just Through the community for a number of Years Chip he brings a sense of just Joy Of life that really Spreads his father died of a heart Attack and soon thereafter his mother Had a very serious stroke and Chip has Had his condition all the while so the Combination of those two tragic events Partly made him who he is now as he's Grown [Music] Up CH was born premature his optic nerve Was damaged so that's why he became Legally bond with development delays With disability he always wasn't Included in things his dad made sure he Did things like taking him to the NASCAR Races and riding jet ski he always had Time for CH when ch's Father David died Suddenly his world turned upside down And he couldn't cope with that was Everybody in his life with either Suffering or passing away so he just is Old to me shamed he maybe acted out a Little bit more so than he normally Would have suffering depression sadness He wasn't quite able to express or Comprehend some of the things that Happen and I do think that it affected Him but I think it has progressed in a Positive way especially with him Becoming employed at Ace Simpsons Hardware first of all I call Seine

Because I wanted a job and then they Helped me out getting me a job and they Supports me along the way I remember him Calling and pursuing working at Simpsons On his own it really felt like a good Partnership and it has been at first When he came aboard you know he was kind Of a little shocked in a shell but he is Someone that you learn about him real Quick he's just so funny and so full of Life chip gets a sense of Independence And normalcy by working at Simpsons he Is able to engage in interactions with Others I do know that it makes him happy And he feels very important just knowing He is at work I think Ace has helped him In the social aspect where now he goes Up to people hey how are you he talks More also with work ethic you know That's improved with him as well we do Things as a um hole here at Simpsons We'll give him a ride home when he needs It um if his mom has like a doctor's Appointment or we'll go pick him up and Take him bowling I think the next thing He wants to do is go skating so a bunch Of us will be taking him skating he Stays at the front and greets and just Tells everyone who leaves thank you for Chop shopping at Simpsons it's his Routine in addition he helps to organize Our hangers and then the third thing is He loves to socialize in the breakr and That is some of the best times with

Interacting with folks teaches you Things that you wouldn't even think that He would teach you like you know life is Too short he's become part of our family Here and I just really thank the owners For allowing chip David to come in and Let us you know see him as his own Person Simpson towell's like how they All Treat Me Nice and I just love them They like family heal I'm so proud of Him because he can um he actually feels Complete he's got a job work he's Getting out of the house meeting people And able to take everything he makes his Own money and it just means [Music] Everything

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