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Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, shows you how to grill tri tip on a Weber Gas Grill.

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Hey guys Chef Jason Ras Hardware Grilling expert today we're going to Show you how to do an amazing TR tip but Reverse sear on the Weber Genesis gas Grill so uh let's dig in and let's get Our prep done first because we want to Get this all seasoned and soaking and Doing its thing before we head out and Get the grill started ingredient wise Today we're going to start off with a 2 And 1/2 lb prime tritip very well Marbled we have one little piece of trim To do but for the most part this is Ready to go now today we're going to use Bacon up bacon grease as our binder and Then you know we have a lot of different Rubs and sauces available at your local Ace but zoi today we are going to use Our Ace exclusive zoi rub that is going To be a hot and spicy rub going to give This a lot of flavor we're going to use Our Weber snap check to uh keep track of Temperature today but this is going to Be a tasty one we used a thin bladed Boning knife to get the last little bit Of trim done and now we are going to Kick off with a little bit of bacon up Bacon grease and I love using this as a Binder because it just adds some amazing Deep rich wonderful flavor and we'll go Ahead and do this on the top side and Season the top and then we'll go ahead And do this on the back side as well We'll go ahead now and grab that zoei

That is that hot and spicy rub and we're Just going to lay a nice layer on there Like we do here and then I like to go Through kind of pack it on there just a Little bit as well make sure we we get It everywhere and get this all covered We'll repeat the same process on the Back side and then uh guess what we're Going to go ahead and let this sit and I'll head out and uh meet you at the Grill we'll get the grill started we'll Go ahead and open the grill we've got Our grill grates all clean now we are Going to start off today at 300° Indirect so what I'm going to do is turn On Burner number one we will get that Ignited and ready to go and we'll turn On Burner number two and get that Ignited and ready to go now we're going To use these two burners uh and adjust Them Accord accordingly to keep that Grill temperature right at 300° we went Ahead and adjusted our dials and we are Sitting right at 300° it is time to load It in now guess what this burner is not On because we are cooking indirect today So we're going to go ahead and put that Try tip right over here on the uh Indirect side we've got these two Burners fueling the uh heat for it now We are going to track with our Weber Snap check right there we're going to Keep tracking this temperature and we Are going to take this up to 105 degrees

Internal before we fire everything up Get a beautiful sear we'll come back in 30 minutes and give it a check here we Are right at 30 minutes and let's go Ahead and get a temperature check we are Right at 95° now we're looking for 110° or so Before we turn this up so we're going to Let this go for 15 minutes and then We'll come back and check Temp and see If it's time for a sear all right here We are right after that additional 15 Minutes so total time 45 minutes we're Going to pull this off we have reached Uh 110 internal we're going to pull it Off let it sit and now we're going to Turn all the burners on bring this Grill Up to 550° so we can sear it off we just Reached 550° let's go ahead and get that on now We are using the Sears zone today but if You don't have a sear Zone don't sweat It 550° is going to be the temperature Now I'm going to be actively grilling so I'm leaving the grill open we are going To get this nice hot sear let's go ahead And give this a check after 3 minutes we Have some beautiful marks we'll go ahead And turn it and let it go for a couple More minutes I think we're probably Going to end up being about 5 minutes Aside on the sear and our dness Temperature today I'm looking at about

125° internal temp we'll come back in a Couple more minutes give it a flip okay After 5 minutes on the first side oh Look at that we're going to go ahead and Flip it we're going to do the same thing We'll let it go about 3 minutes on this Side and then we'll rotate it in 3 Minutes all right we went ahead open the Grill we rotated this now we're in the Last couple minutes of cooking let's Check our temp and we are sitting right At look at that 125° so we'll go ahead and pull this off Now we're going to let it rest and I Will see you in the kitchen one of the Questions I get quite a bit is why do I Need to rest my meat so we're going to Leave this alone now for about 5 minutes And let it rest and what's going to Happen is that temperature will rise a Little bit we call that carryover Cooking then it will level out and then It will just kind of settle and maintain Temperature also the Juice is Redistribute as well making this Absolutely wonderful delicious and Retains as much moisture as we can so We'll let it rest for about 5 minutes We'll see you here when it's time for The reveal if you remember when we Pulled this we pulled it at 125° let's Check out what it rested to look at that This rested to 134° so it did carry over about 9° we

Always say that uh when you rest it and Carry over cooking that is what is going To finish at so we pulled it a little Bit early but let it finish right on the Spot are you ready for the reveal let's Cut in here and see how we did there What do you think not too shabby at all That is amazing try tip now the best Thing about the to sandwiches uh goes Great on grilled items goes great with Salad even goes great with potatoes and More Done well what do you think not too Shabby total cook time was 45 minutes of Uh indirect cooking right and then that Reverse sear happened and that took us About another what 10 minutes so not too Shabby at all about an hour to get some Amazing TR tip zoi is right cuz this has Got a ton of Flavor now if you're Looking for something delicious to go Along with this stay tuned because Coming up I have a great corn video that You don't want to miss out on Cheers Z how that's Good

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