Milwaukee M18 FUEL 2906-20 1/2″ Hammer Drill/Drill Driver with ONE-KEY Review 2905-20

→ Milwaukee M18 FUEL 1/2 Drill/Driver with ONE-KEY 2905-20 –
→ Milwaukee M18 FUEL 1/2 Hammer Drill/Driver with ONE-KEY 2906-20 –
The MILWAUKEE M18 FUEL 1/2” Hammer Drill Driver w/ ONE-KEY is a very powerful hammer drill! Milwaukee Tool rates this drill at 1,400 in/lb. This cordless drill features AUTOSTOP Control Mode for Enhanced Safety. That mode detects a kickback or bind situation and turns off the drill. Milwaukee prides itself on the timing of this so as to not take away user productivity by turning off the drill too soon and also not too late after an injury. The Milwaukee Tool 2905-20 and 2906-20 feature ONE-KEY to allow users to gain the ability to Customize, Track and Manage their tool. Operators can customize the AUTOSTOP™ Control Mode with Low, Medium, and High Sensitivity settings. Using the tool’s tracking functionality, if ever lost or stolen, lock it out to protect your investment.

Here's the Milwaukee 2906 putting in a Little work Some of you may throw up in your mouth a Little bit but it's worth a shot Adapters are not always worth it the Very first hole was with a six amp hour High output this is an 8 Amp Hour high Output see how it does Let's throw on a 12 amp hour battery and See how that does and I'm very Comfortable with this drill because it Does have an auto stop feature so if This drill gets it takes a turn or gets Away from me at all this is going to Stop and you can see it by doing this Just with one hand Simple as that so if it starts to twist It knows it shuts it down that is a Feature that is blinking here it is this Red guy at the bottom says Auto Stop you Can turn that on and off via tool Connect here's the 12 amp hour Foreign There is no doubt the 12 amp hour had More than eight if I were to guess the Six had a little bit more than the eight But that could be wood variations all That stuff this is a pretty sweet drill This is the 2906 so we have a hammer Mode that clicks over one and then we Have 16 different clutch modes and we'll Go over the clutch modes and Hammer Modes in a little bit we're going to Stay on the drill mode we're going to

Move from one To two and there's kind of a dual switch Here going on this is probably the most Sloppy Milwaukee drill I've seen in this Section where it has two clicks on it Could be my drill could be all of them But this is the most disappointing thing Out of this whole drill although it is Not a big deal at all it switches just Fine you just feel a little click in the Beginning or the middle and you move on Here's a one inch spade bit on level two Foreign And why are we pushing this drill to Find out where its Max is because most People aren't doing that some people are But a lot of these Milwaukee drills that Were a little more compact like this Ended up having heat problems in cutting Out so we're just going to continue Pushing a little bit here's an inch and A quarter spade bit let's see how that Does This drill series still has 1400 inch Pounds of torque which is Pretty significant but we want to see Exactly how it's going to go this is Usually where they start to tap out at An inch and a half we'll see if it's Going to make it through on high or if We're gonna have to go to low Not an issue That area We really don't have any knots and

Sometimes we can get variations where a Little bit more dry wood drills easier So typical dimensional Lumber doesn't Give us an exact Calculation as to how great this drill Is or if it has more power but with that Said it is just cooking with this inch And a half let's do two more Very nice here's a one and three quarter Inch bore basically this should be run On low we're going to let it rip through High and just see how it does Not an issue at all That is pretty incredible and if you Were using this drill on the job site You could get some things done quickly That's what I appreciate about a lot of These Milwaukee drills they're very Compact very heavy duty metal Chuck I Love that we have a larger auxiliary Handle now because you've got the power And you need it fairly compact tool Getting slightly warm in the handle that Could be from my hand but we'll keep Drilling this is a 2 and 9 16 inch we'll Try it on high just to see what happens Foreign Little more aggressive there let's just Drop down That just feels so slow after watching Everything else let's give it one more Chance on high I think that's quite a Bit for this Yeah not gonna happen

Very comfortable Pure Milwaukee Red drill this guy's good We are seeing a little bit of Temperatures here I'm going to drill a Couple more holes then get out the Thermal Imager We have not had a single cut out here at All you can see the battery is not What's warm it is the tool and we're Seeing 116 degrees Max That is in this area here But overall not overly warm you've seen Everything that we have drilled in we're Pushing the drill there's no doubt about That it does get hot it is a compact Drill And I guess there's a fair amount of Heat that is in the grip so that that Wasn't just me hanging on to it it Wouldn't be 95 96 degrees just from me hanging on to It there's some heat there and heat Multiple different areas still not Horrible but this one will get warm over Time prior models of this we had an Electronic clutch levels two through Four are going to be for very small Screws we're obviously quite a bit Larger than that let's just see what Happens here Listen to that a mechanical clutch in This that's interesting that they went Away from that electronic clutch I know That was user feedback I was not

Expecting it So that's pretty sweet for you guys who Hated that electronic clutch You now have a mechanical clutch in your New Milwaukee drill if you decide to Purchase it Nice this model is a one key model so we Have levels one two and three it's going To lower our RPM we can mess with Different things inside one key I'm Going to leave that to another video We've left this alone ran level three Kept the Auto Stop on which again is Going to be our safety this is a half Inch masonry bit and it's going to be a Little bit big for this drill but I want To listen to the noise level of what we Have here let's go after it All right Not bad as far as speed for what we're Using the drill size and everything else And what we're going into a little bit Noisy as you would expect but definitely Got the job done this is Milwaukee's Fourth generation drill and the safest One that they've made with the Auto Stop Feature it's going to save you if you Get into a bind turn itself off and I Think that's great a lot of features are Very very similar to the Gen 3 including Some of the power although this thing Seems like it's a Powerhouse could be The wood that we're using either way It's not a overly inexpensive drill at

239 dollars just for this drill alone as It's priced today but it's also not Probably the most crazy expensive drill Especially when you look at all the Features that this has along with the Power look at some of the other big Drills on the market they're very very Similarly priced and also quite a bit Larger so if you're looking for Something on the job site that's going To absolutely Rock and make you the Envy Of everyone else who is a Milwaukee fan There you go here's the newest Gen 4 Model drill that's going to make you Look pretty good lots of power here I Like that they went back to the Mechanical clutch I think a lot of other People are going to like that also the Electric clutch was neat to play with But if you used it on a daily basis you Really had to get used to how to work it Some people just didn't like it Milwaukee took note and made that switch Back I think that's a great thing to see From Milwaukee they're listening to Their users switching around to what Works with that said you can get this in The 2905 and the 2906 going to be hammer Drill non-hammer drill both of these are Going to be one key I'll put some links in the description Leave me some comments I know there's More to go over in this drill and that Is coming trust me we have a lot of cool

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