[NEW] Milwaukee PACKOUT Drawer Tool Box

Propane Gas Regulators – What You Need To Know About Regulators

Having the right equipment is one of the most important steps that you can take to ensure you are safe when using your gas cylinders. Gas pressure regulators serve an important purpose of reducing the amount of pressure released from the high pressure cylinder to a workable level.

Exciting Features of Various Makita Air Compressors

Makita is a renowned manufacturer specializing in industrial tools. The brand has earned greatness by its own merit by manufacturing quality power tools that surpass its competitors in terms of durability. One such tool is the Makita air compressor. The manufacturer has applied top notch innovation to ensure that this air compressor is not only compact but also energy efficient. It is an essential tool that has already been inspected to ensure it is safe for home use.

Using a Skew Chisel Correctly

Skew chisels have a lot of use in making woodworking projects. They’re used in creating really smooth spindles and tapers. However, a skew chisel can be a very dangerous, and it can be a difficult-to-use tool so practice, and have a lot of patience when working with it. Here are a few things to help you out.

Choose a Great Cordless Drill for Your Woodworking Needs

A cordless drill has been a recent favorite in woodworking tools. Convenience is the number one gift it brings and it can be used in all sorts of woodworking projects. With all the great and powerful models out there, how do you pick the right one? Here are a few things to help you out.

3 Steps to Getting the Right Trash Compactor for Your Household

As an increasing number of municipalities shift the cost of curbside trash collection to homeowners, one of the biggest shocks is the cost of having trash collected that exceeds the limits covered by the base fees. As if the new monthly charges aren’t aggravating enough, being charged extra or not having trash collected at all can increase a homeowner’s frustration exponentially, especially when there is another set of charges for taking trash directly to the landfill.

Using Panel Saws in Cutting Plywood

Panel saws are among the most useful equipments in modern-day woodworking shops. These are great in cutting large boards like that of MDF and plywood. Used correctly, you can cut with the ease and accuracy that you need for all of your woodworking projects.

Maintaining Your Chainsaw Bar

The power-driven chainsaw is primarily used for cutting trees and wood. And many factors determine how a chainsaw performs in the cutting operation. One of the top considerations is that the bar and chain need to be perfectly matched. This is because bars for chainsaws are designed for full-time professional use in firewood cutting and heavy duty farm use.

4 Reasons a Pull Down Closet Rod Improves Your Home

If you happen to be vertically challenged or just want to make your home as accessible as possible, consider installing a pull down closet rod. Here are 4 reasons to make that choice!

Buying Guide to Band Saws

Band saws are among the safest, and most useful equipment in the wood shop. Buying a band saw can be tricky so, here are a few things which will guide you in buying the right band saw.

Find the Right Air Compressor for Your Wood Shop

Just as pneumatic nailers have found their way to the wood shops of craftsmen, so have air compressors. Compressors come in all forms which have their own unique benefits. Here’s your guide in picking out the right one for your woodworking needs.

Make Finishing Wood Easy With Random Orbital Sanders

In the recent years, there have been amazing advances in random orbital sanders. With so many features offered by different companies, it’s best to choose the right sander to make your woodworking projects turn out great. Here are a few things to help you choose a random orbital sander.

Woodworking Tips in Moving Tools

Moving tools is often a daunting task, especially for a woodworker with loads of equipment. So, how do you move woodworking tools without breaking them? Here are a few things you can do.

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