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Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, shows you how to use the Weber Crisping Basket. Hear about this accessory and how it works with your rotisserie attachment.

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Today's video I can't wait because I got A new toy that's right in today's video We're using the Weber rotisserie basket On my rotisserie on my Weber gas grill And the best part is we're making Chicken wings in the rotisserie on the Weber does it get any better than that I Don't think so let's head out fire up The grill and a little bit of prep We're Gonna Start Tumbling wings Before we heat up the grill first thing I'm going to do is go ahead and remove That expandable warming rack I want to Have as much room as I can okay time to Fire up the grill so let's turn on Burner number one We will hit ignite burner number two Ignite burner number three ignite I'm Gonna start the grill with all three Burners going because I want the grill To get preheated to our 400 degree Cooking temp then we'll go ahead and add That rotisserie as well so we'll go Ahead and shut this we'll let the grill Preheat to 400 Degrees all right as you Can see we are hitting 400 Degrees time To turn that middle burner off now what I'm going to do is go ahead and adjust These other burners the two outside Burners down to about medium right I Want these guys to be uh controlling the Temperature but I don't want it to get Away from me so I'll turn them down to About medium for now and then what we'll

Do is go ahead and adjust these make Sure we maintain 400 degrees one of the Great things about that rotisserie Crisping basket is it is compatible with Your Genesis your spirit your summit and Your Weber kettle that is super cool now First things first though got to make Sure you have the rotisserie so get that First grab that second now let's dig in Talk a little bit more about the basket I took it out of the box very very easy To handle very easy to operate one of The first things we want to do is go Ahead and unclip these side pieces here Right here that's going to keep this Closed and then boom look at that open It up now every rotisserie crisping Basket comes with a divider because you Know maybe you want to do drummies and Flaps I don't know how you want to do it We're taking this guy out because we're Doing it all together at once now Obviously you're going to need the Rotisserie skewer and basically what We're going to do is fill it up get this Set with that rotisserie skewer get Everything locked down and then head Outside Put it on the grill do a little Rotisserie work for today's ingredients Obviously we need some wings so we went To our local grocery store got some Fresh uh jumbo drummies and flaps now The nice thing about fresh no pump no

Solution so we're in a really good place Now I understand we have a ton of Different rubs and sauces available at Your local Ace Hardware today I'm using Some of that Blues hog all-purpose rub So good and then check it out right There some of that Blues hog wing sauce That's going to be amazing I'm using a Little bit of olive oil today that's Going to act as our binder and release Agent I always say that because it's Going to bind the rub to the wings it's Going to help the wings release from the Basket so nothing gets stuck now because You're eating wings you have to have a Little bit of accoutrement so we have Some beautiful fresh buttermilk ranch And then obviously carrots and celery That's it let's show you how the prep Work's done okay as far as prep goes I Have some wings in a bowl I'm gonna add The rest of these guys in there super Important to remember one dirty hand one Clean hand because the clean hand is Going to touch the oil and everything Else so what I'm going to do I will go Ahead and lightly coat these I don't Want to start a flare up or anything Just want enough oil to coat so we'll go Ahead and coat that I'll give these guys A little mix like so oh yeah this is Going to be delicious chicken wing time And then we're going to hit it with that AP rub like I always tell you as light

Or as heavy as you want I start off with A little coating like that get them in There and then we'll just double check It and see where it's at once we get Them mixed and season accordingly as Light or as heavy as you like okay prep Is done I've let those wings sit the Grill is preheated now it's time to load The crisping basket so here's what I'll Do first I want to go through and get The rotisserie skewer if you will on There now pay attention to this because If you have that little nub or that Little knurled part there you want to Have that on the outside so I'll slide It in here and then give that wing nut a Nice little torque down and then do the Same thing on this side this is what is Going to hold the basket to the Rotisserie and the rotisserie to the Grill now go ahead and load these guys In here and don't worry about it we're Just going to add them in let them do Their thing tell you what I've been Waiting for this recipe forever Wings are loaded time to close and lock The basket so we'll go ahead and shut That top lid and then just like that We're going to close that clamp like That and that clamp like that Cool beans see outside all right here we Are time to load the rotisserie basket So first thing I like to do get the Basket kind of situated in there and

Then my Pro tip I'm going to go ahead And line it up in the motor first and Then slide that back on there making Sure everything is good hit the button And check it out that's right we're Spinning here we are about five minutes In and I'm noticing the temperatures Dropping a little bit so I'm going to Adjust my left and right outside burners To bring that temperature back up to Maintain 400 Degrees okay 15 minutes Time for the reveal oh my word look at Those hey we're gonna go ahead and let This rotate around we're going to shut The rotisserie motor off right about now And then time to get in here and do a Little bit of a temperature check so We'll bring you in a little bit closer Show you our first temp check okay I'm Using my insulated gloves I'm going to Go ahead and undo the clips on both Sides so that I can open that lid we're Going to flip that lid back man down man Down we'll get that back in there now I'm just going to start checking temp on Here see where we're at Look at that we are already at 130 543 degrees we're in a good place so We're going to go ahead and shut this We're going to close everything back up We're going to go again in five minute Increments until these guys reach that 165 degree internal temp there you go After an additional 10 minutes of

Cooking we are done we hit 168 degrees Life is good time to get them in the Bowl time to head into the kitchen wings Are done time to hit them with a little Bit more seasoning like I like to do and Then check it out a little bit of the Blues hog wing sauce time to season them Up sauce them up mix them up next That crisping basket did an amazing job Making some amazing Wings on the Rotisserie on my Weber now if you're Looking for another great use for your Rotisserie check out my Weber crafted Skewer set that video coming up next man

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