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Watch as Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, heads to EGO headquarters to learn about the EGO Power+ T6 TR4204 42 in. 56 V Battery Riding Mower Kit.

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EGO Power+ Battery Riding Mower

Hi Luman forini Asus home expert here at The Eagle headquarters with Barnaby Director of excitement and you're Excited about this because for the first Time you've developed here at ego a Traditional lawn tractor yeah one need Only keep an eye on the landscape to see What people are using to cut their lawns And you see a lot of tractors out there And so this is for those folks cuz as With all things ego if you want a lawn Tractor this is going to be the best one You can buy talk to me about the power Because you've got the same amount of Power with Battery Technology as some of The traditional gas ones out there yeah 21 horsepower gas equivalent working off Of what we call Peak power technology so It's got six 6 amp hour batteries under The hood right there all working Together to make sure that this is the Most powerful machine possible the zero Turn very popular with you guys but you Mentioned the fact that a lot of people Like this traditional uh look and and The feel of this you're going to feel That same thing uh when you're behind The the wheel sitting in it 42inch cut Accessories available and how how much Acreage can I cut with this okay so it's 1.5 Acres on a single charge 3 and 1 Half hour recharge time if you want to Plug it in and do them all at the same Time or as with all tools ego every Ego

Battery fits and runs every ego tool so You can hot Swap and add batteries that Are depleted and continue on in your Journey as far as accessories go you can Get a sun shade you can get a basket for The back there will be a bagger coming You can get a mulch plug as well but I Mean it's a really really powerful Machine 21 horsepower gas equivalent now I I know design is important and how it All looks but what's this little green Line here on the steering wheel kind of Uh make sure you're going straight right So this is your sight line you know when You sometimes get behind the wheel of Something it's like where am I do I have To turn it this way or this way so this Is just kind of a a cue for you Obviously you'd be following the line of A lawn but you know what's great about This Tulu is the lack of Maintenance Because it's got brushless motors for Both the blades it's got brushless Motors for the back wheels and so there Is no maintenance on this no pulley no Belts no anything to do that's amazing Yeah well you can learn more and shop For this right now at Thanks so much no Problem

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