Cheap 1/4″ Cordless Rivet Gun Put to the Test? Do you really need a $1000 Riveter?

Is there a cheaper alternative to the expensive Rivet Guns made by the big brands? There sure is!

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Foreign Everyone a lot of you will remember These tools on the bench in front of you You'll remember my video I did of these Three quarter inch rivet guns and while They are very cool they are also very Expensive and a lot of us can't justify The sort of money that the companies Want for these if you're only using it Every now and again now it's very good To be able to pull a quarter inch rivet Because doing it manually can be rather Painful the crunching of Knuckles and Tearing of tendons as you try to use Those horrible hand things can be well Horrible So today I'm going to try and show you a Cheaper alternative because the ones on The bench here as I said ridiculously Expensive the prices on these range all Over the show I mean it's just Madness From one country to another and from one Shop to another and even just on Amazon The prices from different people selling On Amazon it's all over the show but you Won't get any of them cheap that's for Sure one of the cheapest ones is the new Dewalt one which has just been released In the US not available in most of the World yet but as a kit you're still Looking at nearly a thousand US Dollars Same with Milwaukee here on the bench Around a thousand US dollars as well the Boss will set you back a thousand to

Thirteen hundred dollars in the US for a Kit in the UK that's about 800 pounds For the kit and as for the Makita the Price for that is all over the show in The US on Amazon it's over 1500 US Dollars beer tool no batteries no Charger in the UK substantially cheap Cheaper at only 570 pounds which translates to just over 1100 New Zealand Dollars which makes it About four hundred dollars cheaper than Trying to buy it here but that U.S price Is around 500 US dollars more expensive Than it is to buy one in New Zealand or Australia in New Zealand the three of Them on the bench here are all around Fifteen hundred dollars each I did see One cheap Milwaukee outlier on Amazon in The UK which was only 309 pounds just Over 600 New Zealand dollars So there's some significant price Differences amongst these tools but They're all still really expensive so Today I bring you a cheaper alternative this Is the Kd-02x plus quarter inch River gun from Minova now these guys are putting out a Ton of tools at the moment mostly rivet Tools and insulation cutting tools Insulation you know you're cutting Through foam and that sort of stuff they Do a lot of that stuff and a ton of River guns I can't even remember how

Many there were I can't even remember if This was the only quarter inch one or Not they're also doing rivet nut tools And so when they said hey those are the Ones you've been reviewing are super Expensive we can do a kit with two two Amp hour batteries and the tool in a Case like this in the background here With a charger and all the bits you need For 200 US dollars and I thought okay That's interesting you've piqued my Interest That's a pretty good deal considering The prices that we've just seen for the Other brands But is it any good well they said we'll Send you one and you can try it out you Don't have to buy it we'll just send it To you Tell us what you think they want to know What people think of these things They've asked me to test a few different Features because they want to know how This holds up for instance because They are scared that some people are Going to think that the clear ones won't Last I mean this is pretty solid I mean That's thick plastic I'm not sure if It's polycarbonate But they sent me a clear one they sent Me a black larger one as well so that we Can test things out so this one as you Can hear I've already been using that so Which is better that or that I don't

Know up to you I prefer just the size of That one for the amount of rivets I use Now the kit that this comes in comes With two two amp hour batteries but they Have sent me a 4 amp hour battery as Well to try out so that's the 4 amp hour And in the kit as well they've got a Bunch of extra pieces here unfortunately None of them stay on the tool none of These nose pieces for the different size Rivets but some of them are the Retention ones that will hold the rivet Mandrel and some of them are the ones That just let it slide on through now I've used this a few times and of all The Rivet Guns I've used Bosch a couple Of Milwaukee ones couple of Makita ones Matabo AEG this one is the best one for the Actual rivet mandrels ending up in here When you pull it and just go like that They slide through easily some of them Poke back out the other end you've got To jam them keep poking them in and They're a bit of a pain but this one Actually slides through pretty nicely Has a hook here on the top which Unfortunately is just a pretty flimsy Plastic but the rest of the tool does Feel pretty solid it's a pretty hefty Beast And I pretty much only want it because It does quarter inch now not only does It do quarter inch but it does quarter

Inch stainless and it'll do Hemlock Rivets I've got some of those to show You in the video so it's a pretty tough Tool because a lot of the quarter inch Ones don't even do don't think the Makita one or the Bosch one are rated to Do quarter inch stainless steel rivets Only aluminum so this one is right up There with the large Milwaukee I haven't Looked at the specs for the new Dewalt Yet it's only just come out in the States and it's not here yet as far as I'm aware So I probably won't refer to that again Throughout this video the batteries have Indicators on green lights Pretty standard stuff So the nose pieces that it comes with Come in a range of sizes from 1 8 of an Inch or 3.2 millimeters five to thirty Seconds of an inch or four millimeters 3 16 of an inch or five millimeters seven Thirty seconds of an inch or six Millimeters and one quarter of an inch Or up to 6.4 millimeters but Unfortunately like I said they don't go Into the actual tool anywhere to hold on You've got to store them separately but The back of the Mandrel holder here has a thing for Undoing the nose pieces so you can just Stick it on like that unscrew and then Screw in your next one But yeah they are not stored on the

Actual unit itself And Boom the unit itself pretty basic it's Got a belt hook it's pretty sturdy Pretty chunky belt hook and a Little tiny light down the bottom first Trigger just turns the tool on once it's On you pull the trigger and away she Goes And that's about all there is to it So this is not a great location for Pulling rivets because if you have a Look out here It's a bit more oceany than sort of Sheet metal or anything like that so I Think we're going to have to go back to Tools and stuff land before we can Actually use this thing so well let's go Do that now I'm fast realizing I don't have enough Space for the batteries I want to put on Here still got a few different systems To go I want to check on the M12 stuff I'm not sure this system with the rivets Is going to work too well because I had To drill another hole but I need a very long rivet or I need to Yeah come up with something different There But I've also got I'm going to stick Some Ryobi 36 volt ones probably off That'll slide out the side You've got the Ryobi 18 volt ones Got some Panasonic ones and I've got a

Few other odds and sods that I may stick On there I also wanted to stick on all The adapters I've got quite a few of These battery adapters and I thought I'll stick them all together in one area As well with the same mounting system But I should have been a little bit tighter On the space I didn't want to you know End up crashing when I take things off And hit the hand on things so I've done Them Fairly spaciously but also big enough so That you know they can put on bigger Batteries at a later date move them Around however I want to do it But I can see some gaps and I'm going to Have to fill or change a bit so as soon As I've got a fair bit of Gap here Because these don't need much to come on And off the 12 volt Makita Um I think I'm going to drill out all These DeWalt ones and shift them up Get rid of those Bosch ones I'll put Them somewhere else maybe we'll put the M12 in here look at all the Battery Systems we've got to have just so I can Keep you guys all happy Now I'm having to do a double pull like The Bosch one because this is a 25 Millimeter stroke same as the Bosch and So it doesn't quite have enough to pull Up these 25 millimeter long rivets and So you've got to do a double shot

Whereas the Makita and the Milwaukee Have the 30 millimeter stroke and you Can do it in the one pull Foreign [Music] Definitely drop into the mandrel Collector much easier than any of the Other Rivet Guns I've tried [Music] Fingers crossed this one works [Applause] Did a bit of damage there to the stealth Mount but it seems to be good and solid It's not surprising it did any damage it Is 20 kilonewtons of force this thing's Pulling on so that's over 2 000 kgs Pulling on that little rivet or nearly Four and a half thousand pounds Hopefully I can get those Milwaukee ones Quite close together but while I do that Let's go take a look at this thing Pulling some stainless rivets and some Stainless Hemlock rivets actually before We get onto the stainless rivets I'll do One more aluminum one here this is the Test bead I found it from the previous Quarter inch Video review that I did of the Makita The Bosch and the Milwaukee so we can Just see if this pulls up the same with The Lenovo so here we go Looks to have pulled up just fine and Dandy Possibly even better top side

All pretty much the same Can't get my finger now under any of Them so Yep she's all good now going to use one Of these Hemlock rivets which is too Short to go through this steel this is Not designed for such a thick piece of Steel and I just want to see what will Happen with it because it's not going to Be able to do that flat blind rivet up Against the back so how will it react Let's take a look Oh The gun did not like that Oh it's not happy Is the light flashing on the top no I struggled a bit with that Because it's trying to get that it was Trying to get the flat surface that Would normally be against the back it's Trying to pull that back up through the Hole and it's stainless and it's folded Over a couple of times and that was a Big struggle for the tool kids didn't Try this at home but top side she did Pull up pretty nice and it is a nice Looking rivet those Hemlock rivets these Stainless ones much nicer than these Aluminum ones for the Finish Stainless rivet going through three Sheets of shitty old garden shed thin as Anything it's a quarter inch rivet of Course it's about 15 millimeters long Let's see how she goes

All right Oh we snapped off in one go there with The shorter rivet Pulled up no problem but did start to Sort of almost pull through that bottom Layer of thin shitty shed And that's where a Hemlock rivet comes In handy let's try one of those Hemlock Three two one Definitely has trouble with Jose I'm not happy not happy at all Battery off battery back on Try again We'll get to why that struggled a little Bit in a moment if we take a look at the Back of our two rivets here you can see The standard rivet has left all the Schwarfs sort of sticking out the side And it's almost pulled through it and it Won't be holding very tightly onto that Piece of metal unlike this one which has This little ring around it's like a Little hat broom where it's pulled all The schwarf up and it's gripping tightly Onto the back of that because it's got That flattened ring around it so that is Going to hold much better than this will Over time But you saw the tool did struggle now When the guy sent it to me he did say Tools you might need to use the 4 amp Hour battery to get the extra bit of Oomph for the hemlock rivets it can do Them but it does like that extra bit of

Power so we'll try it again with a 4 amp Power battery and see how it does with That 4 amp hour battery Hemlock Stainless rivet [Music] One shot no worries you did hear it Struggling a tiny bit It's pulling up pretty quick so it's not Surprising looking at the back it has Pulled up nicely like the other one Probably a little bit nicer Nice rivets those let's quickly just Look at the different types of rivets I've been using and what they're made up Of most of you will be aware that a Rivet is made of two separate parts so You have the rivet itself and you have a Mandrel that pulls that rivet up when The mandrel is done it snaps and that Gets ejected into the back of your rivet Tool or ends up on the floor of your Site this is a mandrel from the aluminum Rivets I've been using if we take a look At the round end here see it's being Pinched it's been pinched so that it Will break easily it's also got another Sort of different style of pinch here Which is to help hold the rivet onto the Actual mandrel So it slides on and it's got that crimp There and that will grip onto this So it doesn't fall off before you get to Use it and that but they are designed to Break when you pull it so that's the

Aluminum one that's a stainless one Exactly the same design and they end up With that bulbous head pretty basic Nothing too complicated about it Unlike the hemlock ones which have a More complicated mandrel they've got a Very specific cut here so they break at A perfect point and they've got a Different sort of crimping Arrangement There it's more of a Knurled surface and a much nicer tip Here that pulls your rivet up let me Take a look at the other stainless Rivets I was using you'll see it's a Much nicer unit And the rivet itself is different as Well can we get in any closer this lens Doesn't want to get too much closer Unfortunately but if we take a look at This rivet if you look through the Middle section you'll see a couple of Crimps that is to help make it mushroom Like this here is one I half pulled so You can see how they work so we've got The head of the rivet here and this is The back section and that pulls up as You will have seen and the shots I've Just done pulls up hard against the back Of your material much nicer than this Which is your standard rivet which just As you can see that roundish head just Pulls itself through with Brute Force Stretches out that stainless in this Case and that

Extra width stops your rivet from coming Back through but it's nowhere near as Nice and nowhere near as efficient as This when this is pulled up completely It is like this So you can see that nice little hat Ledge there you've also got a nice ring Above that pushing hard against your Material it's all much nicer locked in Place Than your standard blind rivet So that is the manova quarter inch rivet Tool of course it goes from 3.2 Millimeters or 1 8 of an inch up to that Quarter inch or 6.4 millimeters I Noticed there's a little light on the Top here I haven't actually seen it work There is a thing explaining it here Saying if the tool jams you will get the Light come on and you need to pull it Apart and clear it out and stuff like That I haven't had that happen so that's Not a problem The hemlock rivets Use a bigger battery if you can now I Pulled about 10 of these before I made The video with the two amp hour battery And they worked okay and then of course As soon as I used it on video they Started crapping out now that is um YouTube law that's just the way it works When you have a YouTube channel and You're a tool reviewer nature likes to Do those sorts of things

Um but If you can if you're going to use large Stainless rivets I'd recommend a 4 amp Hour battery otherwise a 2 amp power is Fine for all aluminum rivets and I will Only be using this thing for quarter Inch rivets I've got other rivet guns For smaller rivets so this will be a Dedicated quarter inch rivet tool for me And for weight purposes I will most of The time probably use it with the 2 amp Power battery unless of course I want to Do some of these complicated style Rivets now there are a lot more Different sorts of rivets there's ones That flower and do all sorts of Different things so if you're doing Anything weird like that get the bigger Battery It's pretty cheap it is a battery though That is only from what I can see usable On this unit it's not like a Makita Style or any other brand that I Recognize from this it's probably Similar to something one of you can Point that out down in the description No Doubt Down in the description down in the Comments section Down in the description there will be of Course links to get yourself one of These if you are interested Remember this as a beer tool is ten Percent of the price of a Makita one

Beer tool it's so much cheaper and if It's only for occasional use like I'll Be doing this should last no worry at All I would think so as usual thanks Again for watching and if you haven't Already hit the Subscribe the like I'll See you all real soon a lot of cool Videos to come before the end of the Year thanks for watching cheers guys Thank you

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