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Mikey was a vibrant 19 year old student athlete when diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), a rare and deadly form of brain cancer. Hear how a Indian Harbour Ace in Florida contributed to building a playground in his honor.

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Mikey loved everybody like he talked to Everybody he he was a popular kid but he Didn't have an ego with it and he just Was a wonderful loving kid Mikey being an athlete his whole life he Was always injured and getting hurt and Doing something he told me he said Mom I Have blurry vision and sure enough we Went and that's the day our life changed Forever His particular brain tumor is dipg it is A brain tumor in the brain stem the Brain stem affects all your motor skills Of your body so it is inoperable you Cannot go after it The town came to us and asked our family If they could name the playground after Mikey and we were just so honored by That So we are connected with the Mikey Goodwin Park project we just thought It's a great cause and it was just Something we felt like we needed to do It is a five-day project and we should Be able to complete the entire Playground in those five days within the First two weeks we decided we're gonna Do a Roundup campaign to round up our Change at the store and I think we got 2 600 in the first month our Ace Hardware In Indialantic Florida um Eddie is the Owner incredibly generous man uh he is Always anxious to help with anything he Can he runs a lot of Charities

Um when he heard about this he called me Up and said how can we help one thing That we require is that you be involved In your community Patrick's a great kid And so he knew Mike he could win for Many years and um He approached me about doing this and You know I gave him the green light but Patrick actually took charge of Everything and and really I'm very proud Of what he did I grew up with Mikey's Older siblings and I've known the good Wins for my entire life I was over their House frequently growing up and went to School with all of them Mark McDermott The head of the playground committee Asked me if we would help get the tools Donated Ace Hardware they came through Donated all the tools brand new and uh Really I mean it's lifesaver We donated everything Milwaukee drills Impacts speed squares levels Lumber tape Measures anything and everything you Could use for construction it was about Ten thousand dollars worth of stuff we Donated Ace Hardware in Indialantic has Supported all of the Mikey strong Foundations they have always they're a Big supporter of everything we've done They give back and they're just amazing People The Mikey Goodwin Park immortalizes Mikey's Legacy in many different ways in The front of the park there's like a

There's a big plaque that has his Picture of him senior year playing Basketball it just shows that like he Was a real person a real kid that we all Know and loved Mikey's friends all Started the llmg which is Long Live Mikey Goodwin or live like Mikey Goodwin And he did he had fun every day he Didn't take any life too serious at all He had a good faith and loved his family And loved friends and love life he would Just be so happy I know he is happy I Know he knows this is going on and he is Just jumping up and down we are so Honored again that Ace came to our Aid We are just really thankful I like to Make sure that we we give back and That's a very important part of our Store it's Community First and business Second and that's how we feel and it's Served us well to be that way [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign

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