Milwaukee keeps making NEW ENEMIES by branching out! Can they take Carhartt, Duluth, and Timberland?

A Guide to Industrial Workwear

Trousers can be plain or cargoes, which have many pockets that can hold miscellaneous material. Trousers can be flame-proof or water-proof. There’s a trouser available for a variety of applications – workshop cargoes, warehouse trousers, trousers to be worn while working in proximity to flammable material, and more. Industrial work wear must look like a uniform. It is important for managers and floor supervisors to distinguish the workers from other staff and therefore every company must invest in work wear that looks consistent.

Add To Your Collection Of Power Tools

An oscillating tool features a slender and long body, with a head that can accept a variety of attachments designed for different tasks such as grinding, sanding, grout removal, scraping, and wood cutting. The beauty of this small yet versatile tool is that the accessory oscillates at a speed which does not result in a massive dust cloud being formed. It should be thought of as the DIY equivalent to a surgeon’s scalpel.

Finish Nailers Help You Get the Job Done

In the past Carpenters and builders didn’t have near the choices they have today when it comes to tools they used to fasten nails onto hard surfaces. Finish nailers were available, but were far too expensive for the average carpenter to afford.

Flooring Nail Guns – A Quick Guide to Your Options

Flooring Nail Guns can be manual or pneumatic. They are designed to sit on the wood & drive nails into it. These tools grip the edge of wooden boards & can fire staples & cleats at high speeds into hard, soft & engineered (laminated) wood. This article will give you an idea how each of them operate & let you make up your mind which one is most suited to your needs.

The Ultimate Router: Festool’s OF 2200 EB (574277)

Festool is known throughout the woodworking industry for manufacturing some of the finest, most evolved woodworking equipment. Although this reputation is well deserved, in the presence of their latest and most powerful router, the OF 2200 EB, Festool has not only out-shined the competition, they have truly outdone themselves. Creating a router that performs quite like a portable hand-held shaper, Festool has taken routing, and that reputation of theirs, to an entirely new level.

How To Change A Chainsaw Chain

A chainsaw blade becoming dull is, unfortunately, part of the general wear and tear that a chainsaw goes through. Knowing how to correctly and safely replace the chain yourself, however, can save you a lot of time and money in getting the chain professionally replaced. The process to change a chainsaw chain is fairly simple and will only take you about 5 minutes.

Choose Granite Worktop Prices

Various factors determine granite worktop prices. Granite is mined from solid stone and is available for commercial use as scant slabs in an average thickness of 30 mm. The standard finishes are either polished gloss or honed matt finish, with colour and grain variations.

Everything You Need to Know About Router Bits

Router bits are available in an almost endless array of shapes and sizes. Accordingly, it can be difficult to know exactly which bit you need and exactly what that bit can do with your materials. Discover what a router bit does and how some of the most common bits can enhance the way you join, finish, and embellish your projects. While you’re at it, pick up a few pointers on how to optimize your router bit collection.

Benefits and Tips On LED Cordless Trouble Lights With Laser Pointers

LED cordless trouble lights that contain lasers have been on the market for quite some time. Many people use LED lights and laser pointers to help them with various indoor tasks. While the LED trouble lights have many benefits, they may also cause injury if used incorrectly. Whenever you use a laser device, there are necessary precautions to take that will help you avoid injuries.

How to Install a Medicine Cabinet

Every bathroom should have a medicine cabinet for storing your toiletry needs. Installing a recessed medicine cabinet is not that difficult at all. In fact you and your spouse can do it together in a single day with just a little bit of elbow grease.

Collect Your Bearings

A small item may be the reasoning behind a broken appliance. Make sure to remember your bearings and keep them lubricated for the proper rotation needed for most household appliances.

Why Investing In A Rechargeable Portable Worklight Is A Smart Idea

Rechargeable worklights are great little gadgets to have in your home, office or car. For emergencies, tight spots and anywhere electrical outlets aren’t available, rechargeable worklights can provide you with the instant light you need. Today’s rechargeable worklights offer so many conveniences and quality, especially those made with LED lighting. So, get the best of both worlds, and choose an LED portable worklight that’s rechargeable.

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