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In this #HeartwareStory we meet the volunteer firemen at Baker’s Hardware. See how this crew helps their community 24/7 in Delaware.

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[Music] Delaware is a very unique state in as Much as all of the fire departments in The entire state with the exception of The city of Wilmington are Volunteer Fire companies I would say that there's Probably nothing more uh that somebody Can give back to their Community than Being a volunteer [Music] Fireman my name is Bob Ricker uh my wife Teresa and I are the owners of B Ace Hardware here in Millsboro Delaware and I am also a member of Georgetown Fire Company and Millsboro Fire Company the Past chief of Georgetown Fire Company I Also used to be the fire commissioner For the entire state of Delaware Jake Ricker I'm the general manager of our Outdoor power equipment Division and I've been a volunteer firefighter for About 19 years my name is Tyler rmel I'm A mechanic here at the store and I'm a Volunteer firefighter hi my name is Conor McGee and I've been working here At Bakers Hardware for 7 years now um I've been working here since I was 14 And also been volunteer with the MSB Fire department since I was 14 as well Started with their junior program I used To have a business myself and it's it's Hard it's it's really unique that an Owner allowed the employees to take off From their job to go serve at a fire

Company to serve someone else that they Don't have a clue who they are maybe are Are no relationship or whatever that Tells you a lot of volume with Bob it's Unique here at the store when an alarm Comes in and we all will look at our Phones or Pages or whatnot because we All for work in different places in the Store and then Conor runs that way Bob Runs that way I run that way cuz we all Park in different areas both Connor and Tyler are both well trained they've been Trained throughout the ranks up to Officer positions it's very Reassuring to turn around and look in The back of the truck or look on the Display in the truck and see see who's In the back of the truck to see those Two guys in the back of the Truck you know a father sometimes you Know never tells us indirectly but a lot Of people told me you know and I knew How you know how proud he was and our Gear actually hangs alongside of each Other I can't tell you how many times I've left here in the middle of the day And responded to a fire or an accident And gotten there and the person who's Having the emergency will look at me and Go aren't you the hardware store guy and A lot of the folks can't equate they'll Volunteer fire service there's a word There that we talk about it's volunteer So these are folks that are willing to

Put their lives at risk for nothing they Have to go to training annual inservice Training for nothing they give up their Weekends off and their nights away from Their families and they're not getting Paid these are people that are willing To do those things when we're living in A time now there are fewer that will do That it it's it's not bravery it's not Heroism that's why you'll never hear a Firan ever say that he's a hero when They try to bestow honors upon them for Heroic Deeds you'll always hear them say These words it's my Job and that's how we take it if if not For us then who's going to do it so the One very strong overwhelming character That each firefighter has in this world Is that they care they care about the People they serve they care about their Community and they care about their Brother and sister Firefighters

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