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In this Heartware Story we see how Lauren from Pinnacle Peak Ace got involved in helping dogs get the shelter they need. Learn how Geronimo Animal Rescue helps their animal community.

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There's a desperate need for a vet on The reservation And uh I think that would help a lot One day I had a dog that Was brutally Attacked and I thought I can't help this Dog [Music] It was really hard to see some of the Pictures and videos of the animals on The reservation who you know didn't have Any form of housing no shade no nothing You don't realize how much they're Lacking in basic needs so I knew I had To do something I am always asked why Why even no People love their animals here A lot of non-members will use this as a Dumping site for their pets and so They'll go to the more remote areas but We do have people who live out there and They take them on themselves and so we Try to help out people will call me with Emergencies around the clock and I'll Just get in my vehicle and I will go and Help I know that covid kind of rocked Their world and they didn't have a vet And so the animals multiplied the Nearest vet services is 130 miles round Trip away and a lot of our community Don't have the gas money and the Transportation People don't think of Arizona as a cold

Place but it does get pretty chilly and It gets extremely hot here in the summer Day after day you know not having any Shelter any warmth the dogs were really Suffering out on the reservation I Personally have four dogs all rescues And I imagined what if my dogs were out There in the summer heat or in the cold Of the winter it broke my heart Where are you guys I'm Lauren hi Laura Lauren so I heard about this huge Doghouse project from the Geronimo Animal rescue team in Globe Arizona for A huge need for dog houses when we first Formed that was one of our Visions is to Be able to provide shelter for the dogs On our reservation and we were seeking Out donations we immediately started Brainstorming what we can do and we Raised a little over four thousand Dollars and then that's when we started Saying all right we need to get some Others involved to kind of help kick This off it just went really super fast And then all of a sudden there's like 50 Huge sheets of plywood in my front yard And then we plan to build day at my House it was 120 degrees that day of the First build that was a true test and it Showed you if we're under shade on a Driveway trying to build these dog Houses and the dogs are out there all Day every day with no shade no shelter It made us want to finish this even

Quicker We kind of went through the whole Process set up an assembly line with all Sorts of different people and then we All kind of teamed up together and Started assembling them on site we had Petmate donate some dog houses and doggy Pot as well as Ace handyman services Also came out and lent us some of their Handy guys to help us assemble all of The dog houses and it ended up being Over I think 800 houses that we ended up Building for all the animals out on the San Carlos Apache reservation it was Just amazing because she didn't just Donate one or two or three she donated Enough to help in such a big way without Ace we wouldn't have had the foundation Of of the project to really launch it to The larger scale that it became because They believed in the project and Lauren Invested in the project Tomorrow when we go out to the Reservation I'm really excited to see How else we can help them Ace Hardware We have so many things here people don't Realize that we sell so we'll do Whatever it takes it's funny how when They first bring a dog house over that The dog just automatically knows it's For them and they're like in there you Know within a few minutes for Lauren to Come out today it's just huge to visit Our reservation and see where the dog

Houses are going and what a huge help it Is she's got a great big heart that you Know she's able to explode on a lot of Other people and give out give out her Love because she's very generous and we Don't get to say thank you to everybody So thank you everybody for helping and You're gonna make me cry I can't stop until I I feel like I've Helped as many as I can which will Probably be a lifetime but I'm I'm Excited that I'm able to help them and Use the store and my connections for Good you get blessed back 10 000 times For doing that [Music] Foreign [Music]

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