My Tool Review Battery Wall AND Charging Station Featuring StealthMounts

Time to get my battery wall functional thanks to @StealthMounts


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If you're a tool reviewer like I am then You're going to have a lot of tool Batteries and you're going to have those Tool batteries spread over a lot of Different platforms not only different Brands but different platforms within Each brand such as Mak xgt Cxt lxt lots of different sizes and shap Apes of lots of different Battery Systems including some odd ball ones Like Panasonic not too common anymore And we've got BOS there's lots of Different systems here oh what's that um And I need a way to store all of these And keep them sort of catalog so that I Know how old they are and I got them Easily arranged I know when they're Charged I know what ones are best for Doing a tool review with and that's what This video is basically about I'm going To show you how I store all my batteries And if you're a regular here on the Channel you will have no doubt heard me Talk about Stealth mounts before and Stealth mounts are exactly how I store These batteries and stealth mounts look Like this they are pretty simple they Are a piece of plastic that you screw Onto a wall underneath a shelf that sort Of thing and then you can slide your Batteries in like so and then release Nice and easy and they come in lots of Different brands like This but they don't just make mounts for

Your batteries they also make them for Your tools as well as cleats for packout Systems level mounts these bench Clips Which are great for hanging up a here of Safety glasses or a tape measure bit Holders for your drills and impacts Track Squares pan Holders packout cup holders toolbox Holders silicon and spray can tube Fers all sorts of things these days but In this one we're just going to be Looking at the batteries also some of These are Surplus to requirements all The stth mounts that you see in this Video was sent to me by stealth mounts So I've got a few extras so if you keep Watching this video at some point you'll Find out a way where you can win some of This stuff enough talk let's Mount some Stealth mounts my intention is to fill This board with tool batteries and Charges via the um stealth mounts now Just attach this first one with the Milwaukee River gun worked perfectly I Had to drill a slightly bigger hole in The stealth Mount to accommodate the River but it works pretty good and it's Held it pretty good but might not be Quite strong enough for the um 8 a Power Batteries but unfortunately the other Holes don't line up so I'm going to have To drill another hole through there if I Want to go any further but I think we'll

Just place them all with one first all The way along here these are the Makita 40 volt stealth mounts and yeah we'll Try out the rivet guns and a accomplish Something at the same [Music] Time [Music] Before I get too carried away I guess I Better go count up how many 40 volt Batteries I actually have I point Covering this thing in plastic if I Don't need to Well they um they add up Quite quick um um you don't sort of Realize how many you've got until you Stick them all together like that and Then go whoa that's a lot of money spent On batteries and I've got some more Fours on the way at the moment so I Might have to order some more stealth Mounts I go see how many I've Got so my battery wall has stalled Somewhat um still a lot to do on it I I Am today going to put a shelf along the Bottom here and I am going to attach it With rivet nuts and some bolts along Here now I was going to buy a $35,000 Metabo rivet nut Tool and then I decided to go with this Because it was 1% of the price of the Mataba look at that Man 3,000 400 odd dollar Saved and that's you know just as cool

Really isn't It Makita Nutsetter gy Up you can Also do it manually with a wrench and One of these Allen WR When you're done You back that off and take the whole Thing Out and if it's Worked you have a thread inside your Piece of Steel which is pretty cool but I don't think this is going to last too Long it's um already giv me jip I've Already put a washer on the top here to Modify it slightly so I've put the jewel Rapid 40 volt charger on the wall with Rivet nuts as well and my rivet nuts are All in place here for my [Music] Shelf look at this man the only 18vt Tool proo tool I still have anybody Remember when I used to review Tool Pro Tools got old super cheap auto and I've Only got two batteries left so hopefully That's enough to polish this thing Because yeah they haven't been charged For a [Music] While said it had full [Music] [Applause] Bar now when it comes to this piece of Stainless I could keep polishing it

Almost forever but as long as I can see My Makita socks in it I'm happy yeah That's close enough it's mostly going to Be covered anyway so and I've got other to do I got toour reviews to Me so the Shelf is Installated and now I've just got to Work out where to P all the charges got The 40 volt there on the left on the Wall and I got a bunch of charges that Need to go on here they're not all going To fit on that shelf I don't know Whether to put some more of them on the Wall or just bung them on the Shelf Underneath the Shelf I'm going to put Them all around backwards so that I Access them all just slide on and off From the back rather than coming around And sticking them on the other way it Would just be stupid So yeah I have a play with that now if You can't afford a fancy cordless River Tool and let's face it not many of us Can they're pretty pricey things Especially if you don't use rivets too Often but you can always get one of These Al cheapos from Amazon this one Was 30 bucks us came with bunch of Attachments you know it does fraking From 2.4 mil right up to 6.4 or whatever It is to/ qu of an inch so qu of an inch Is all I wanted this one for I've got Plenty of other tools to do smaller Rivets and I can't get it in my hole

There we go so cheuck it in there Doesn't want to slide all the way on This sort of always happens as soon As you push record you know you do 10 of Them and you think oh I better record One and a there we go goes in now soon As I don't think about it it goes on sake anyway this one of course you Just do theed Way problem is though these are very Long rits cuz I bought them for Something else as well as this and They're an inch long so you got to pump Them a few Times There we Go so that'll save you around 14,500 Bucks but it's definitely not as nice Definitely not as quick and there's a Good chance you will end up injuring Yourself cuz breaking Quin rivets is Quite Hard unless of course you do it all the Time but if you do it all the time I'd Get a quarless one oh it's like a just a Circle isn't it catch 22 of what the to do So not only is the battery wall coming Along but the charges are now on that Shelf roughly still got a few sitting Underneath there trying to work out Which ones should go where and what gets Priority um and I bought a couple of Power boards today so I got a four-way

One there with switches and plugged into That will be a 12-way one for the Chargers I've currently got 11 Chargers Here to plug in well these people that Complain that they don't want an extra Battery system because they don't want Another Charger my heart bleeds you don't like Lots of chargers don't become a tool Review I'm fast realizing I don't have Enough space for the batteries I want to Put on here still got a few different Systems to go I want to check on the M12 Stuff um I'm not sure this system with The rivets is going to work too well Because had to drill another hole but I Need a very long rivet or I need to yeah Come up with something different there Um but I've also got I'm going to stick Some Roby 36v ones probably off that'll Slide out the side got the r 18V ones And I've got a few other odds and sods That I may stick on there I also wanted To stick on all the adapters I got quite A few of these battery adapters and I Thought I'll stick them all together in One area as well with the same mounting System but I should have been a little Bit tighter on the space I didn't want To you know end up crashing when I take Things off and hit my hand on things so Done them fairly spaciously but also big Enough so that you know I can put on Bigger batteries at a later date move

Them around however I want to do it but I can see some gaps and I'm going to Have to fill or change a bit so as soon As I've got a fair bit of Gap here Because these don't need much to come on And off the 12vt Maita um I think I'm Going to drill out all these DeWalt ones And shift them up get rid of those B Ones put them somewhere else maybe we'll Put the M12 in here look at all the Battery Systems I've got to have just so I can keep you guys all Happy now I'm having to do a double pull Like the um Bosch one because this is a 25 mm stroke same as the Bosch and so it Doesn't quite have enough to pull up These 25 mm long rivets and so you got To do a double shot um whereas the Makita and the Milwaukee have that 30 mm Stroke and you can do it in the one pull But pulls them up no [Music] Problem definitely drop into the Mandel Collector much easier than any of the Other Rivet Guns I've [Music] Tried fingers cross this one works [Applause] A little bit mean on the plastic there Did a bit of damage there to the stealth Mount but it seems to be good and solid It's not surprising it did any damage it Is 20 kons of force this thing's pulling On so that's over 2,000 kgs pulling on

That little river or nearly 42,000 lb hopefully I can get those Milwaukee ones quite close together so That is the manova quarin river to Taking from 3.2 mm or 1/8 of an in right Up to 1/4 of an in or 6.4 Mm there a little bit Crooked so that's a few more AEG ones Done I'm just now putting another couple Of Makita ones in the Gap here which is Kind of messing with my OCD a bit but Hey got to get them up Somewhere not lining up quite right but Hey It'll have to Do right I'll Chuck the 14 Volt ones There right I can put some more 18s back Up on the top running out of space for All these different battery platforms But this is Ryobi 36v going on Here I'm going to have to drill a hole in a Different place somewhere down here and Put another rivet in and those batteries Will go in the side like so and then I Guess I'll put the 18vt ones through Here Somewhere and then I got a little bit of Space left over this Side for few odd ball ones maybe maybe Put the Bosch ones back on there and Panasonic maybe the manua if I can find Something that fits those got to get rid Of the tool ones yeah almost done so if

You fancy some of this stealth Mount Gear send me an email to this email Address just here wow that was quick Tell me what battery platforms you run And I might be able to hook you up with Some battery mounts tool mounts some of These other things for tracks and all The stuff I spoke about earlier and so Yeah that email there oh quick again uh Send me an email to that and if you make Me laugh or something then you might Might have a better chance of winning so Tell me what you want and where you live Don't give me your address just yet just Tell me what country you live in and I'll be picking three people to send Some of this gear to so that email Address again man it's fast isn't it wow Okay check that out anyway I'll just Wrap up this video now so this is as far As I have gotten I haven't got the M12 Batteries up there yet kind of actually Thinking of sticking them on the front Of the bit of stainless here they would Work on there they just don't work too Well on this style of board here on the Shelf we've got there's a couple of Makita Chargers there the new Supercharger from Milwaukee the AEG Jewel charger and on the bottom shelf We've got a few more there a DeWalt Bosch hioki Mato Hbt another the 12volt rapid charger There from Milwaukee the 18 and 36volt

Ray obes got a couple of ecof flows that Live on the Shelf here at the end so I'm Just trying to have all my batteries Basically in the one place although the Manua ones from that River tool you've Seen in this video likely just stay in The case with that along with the Charger don't use them very often so Same with the Panasonic probably I don't Need the charger on here I don't I don't Charge them very often they're not only Used for one tool so we've got a bit of A gap here for future expansion I may Clip all the um adapters like I spoke of Earlier all the adapters so that you can Run one brand off another battery Platform I I don't really use those Things unless I'm making YouTube videos Basically so the these are all my Batteries for making YouTube videos this Is how I store them over there you can See I've got also my Makita powerhead And all the attachments for the old op Stuff there So missing a few batteries there AR we Um let me go fill this up so we can have A nice finishing shot can't believe We've got so many batteries not on the Board at any one Time oh I'm so disorganized so I Couldn't quite find it Everything um my wife has informed me That the 12v Makita ones here are at her Mother's place also missing 11 18 Vol

One which she thinks may be up there as Well as for the rest of them I have them All in position now I think uh I do have More Ryobi batteries but they're always Left on the tool so I only bothered Putting up stealth mounts for the extras That I'm not using at any one point in Time so that gives me more space left Over for future spreading of other Brands so what shall I fill the Gap in With Hilty perhaps maybe Metabo vest Tool what about that anyway that is my Battery wall now and charging station Thanks to stealth mounts and I've also Got the um this 12-way board under this I've got 11 charges plugged in plus one For my camera batteries which is just There so and I can if I wish run them From the ecof flows here uh these other Batteries who knows what I'll do with Those but yeah that's where I store my Batteries and how I have them all in Theory ready for me to use for Tool Reviews so thanks for watching don't Forget to send an email to this email Address once again that was pretty quick It is going to be open until I say it's Not if you get an email from me within The next month well you will know you've Won and if you do get an email from Someone saying they me just check the Email address that it is that one Because you know there's so many Scumbags around now and if anybody asks

You for money it will not be me okay I'm Not going to ask you to pay for the Postage or anything ridiculous like that I will send it to you for free so if Anybody asks any like that tell Them to go themselves and I will See you on another video real soon thank You stealth mounts for sending me this Gear I know it's taking me a long time To get around to doing this video and Sorry for the audio issues throughout The video and stuff it's filmed multiple Cameras multiple microphone systems over The past sort of six months whenever I Sort of you know was filming bits for Other videos and all that sort of If you want to see the reviews of all Those riveters that you've seen in this Video look down in the description maybe Up in the top corner and there'll also Be some affiliate links if you want to Buy some of those things that have been In here and of course if you want to buy The stealth mounts stealth mounts are Available all over the world now as I See them in shops and everything they're You know they're popular and has um People love them I love them super handy For my wall here this I used to have my Batteries in a drawer of tool cabinets Kind of like these tool cabinets here Behind me um but it is much nicer having Them all up here on the wall where I can See them all quickly and easily so

Thanks again for watching and I'll see You on another video shortly cheers Guys For

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