NEW DeWalt DCF860 DESTROYS Milwaukee Gen 4… Or Does it?

The NEW DeWalt DCF860 Dethrone The King of Impacts, The Milwaukee Gen 4 Impact Driver? On paper the DeWalt wins, but is that actually the case???
DeWalt DCF860 VS DCF850 & DCF887


UK Says it’s gen 3 but they are wrong it’s gen 4

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Good day and welcome to this special Edition of two screw review on the show Today we have the DeWalt DCF 860 versus The Milwaukee Gen 4 impact drivers this One's brand new this one's pretty new Hasn't been out too long it's the top Model from Milwaukee and the new Top Model from DeWalt we are going to put Them up against each other with standard 5 a power batteries and then we've got a 6 a hour high output from both companies And then we'll go with the pouch cells We're going to drive some 5 in or 125 mm Simpsons strong tire strong Drive sdws Temper screws and then we'll move up to Some 10-in ones to see if there's any Difference with longer Fasteners maybe We'll even try something else who knows Now I know whichever one of these wins The other side is going to call foul Down in the comments section and call Bias and all that sort of thing hey I Don't care which one of these tools wins So if you're the kind of guy who gets Their cures in a Twist because a Different color tool to the one you Bought beat yours and you're upset about It because you think your one's better Then you need to take a good hard look At yourself and freaking harden up right With all that said let's do This and yes they are both on the top Speed in 3 2 1 They were both sticking up a little bit

Proud in that last test we'll drive them Flush this time in 3 2 1 winner so far let's switch out the Batteries 6 amp Flex volt 6 amp high Output in 3 2 [Music] 1 the Walt just had it again and again In 3 2 [Music] 1 W so close battery change again here's Another thing for some of you to get Upset about this is a 5 a battery this Is a 6 a battery but they're the only Pouch s batteries that these companies Make that are anywhere near close to Being the same so here we go 3 2 1 Oh that was too close to call so can the Milwaukee pull one off here three 2 1 oh fractionally by the DeWalt But pretty darn close we ramp these Screws up to bigger sizes will the Milwaukee start to overpower the DeWalt Let's take a Look right the 10 in are ready we are Sticking with the POU cell batteries but I have just charged them up so that they Are at their Optimum level these two Batteries seem to be the closest in Power in our previous tests will they Stay that way or will The milw Walking Make a comeback 3 2 1 [Music] Oh the DeWalt still had it let's flip it

Around 3 2 1 dealt just headed again I'm going to Go slightly bigger Screws right these puppies are 12 in 1T 300 mm long they got a bit more girth Than the last ones too let's have Another Go Milwaukee in 3 2 1 To W in three 2 1 wow Holy Moly what's happened there poor old [Music] DeWalt ooh well that was interesting Have we got some torque ratings Going on with this it's good it's quick It's powerful but maybe it's not 282 Newton met powerful when this is only 229 how come this couldn't hack it Now that is exactly when the DeWalt Should have come into its own if it's Got more torque it should have been the Milwaukee stopping not the DeWalt I'm Going to do that test again in another Part of the wood see if we have the same Result incidentally both batteries are Still showing full bars when I started Doing the Milwaukee I didn't think it Was going to make it it felt like it was Struggling and I thought any second now It's going to just start impacting and Not actually turning this screw in but It made it and it's beat the DeWalt can It do it again put this screw closer to Where the DeWalt one was are we ready in

3 2 [Music] 1 well it powered through it much better That time let's see if the DeWalt can Get out that screw that it couldn't get In [Music] No problem There see how the Milwaukee does with That same sort of [Music] Test one thing that's very evident after Doing those sort of test that one there Where it's it's really hard for the Tools this puts a lot more vibration Into this than this does oh don't be Such a wait until you start Getting Older and then maybe you'll regret Having tools that go hard just for the Sake of it so where do we go from here Um I'd like to see like the weakest Battery on each one up against the Strongest battery on the other side sort Of thing so I'm going to put the 6 a Flex volt on here cuz I think think it Is better than this one oh leave your Comments down below and we'll put the 5 A standard battery on here then wheel do A swapsy DeWalt with the 6 amp Flex volt Milwaukee with the standard five in 3 2 1 so as you can see batteries make a big Difference I put the 6 amp hour forge on Here even though I think the high output

Is longer than this battery but some People don't seem to believe me uh and We have the standard 5 a on the DeWalt In 3 2 [Applause] 1 bit of a trigger issue there with the Milwaukee let's um try that again 3 2 1 Batteries make a Difference right I'll show you something Else about these tools this tool look at That slightly Warm barely warm now remember they've Done the same amount of stuff this one Here can um Yeah you cannot hold your hand on it it Is almost at almost at skin removal temperature So so longevity wise you would think That would be a good thing for the DeWalt versus the Milwaukee but read Into that what you want okay we're going To try something a bit different now oh We're going with some coach screws FL Bolts I don't know whatever you call Them where you are okay we call them Coach screws these are 10 mm in diameter So this is going to be a struggle Hopefully my um bit adapters hold up This should be better for showing the Torque and hopefully one of these won't Be able to do it and then we'll know for Sure which one has more torque on paper It's this one but let's take a look We're using the 6 a hour Flex volt

Battery let's go in 3 2 [Music] 1 too Easy at least my bit didn't break Milwaukee in three 2 1 and there we go snapped it off Shouldn't have kept trying to push it Do at least it didn't get too Hot well I only got one more of those Kicking about it's hoping I had more but That's not going to be enough probably To do the next test so seeing as I don't Have a bunch of those adapters is Kicking around I'm now going to end with The 1.7 a the original Power stack pouch Cell battery up against Milwaukee's First Pou sell battery the forge 6 a Let's see how we go with some 5in screws Here 3 2 1 and the other way around 3 2 1 walk it just headed again so there you Go take what you want out of this video They're very close but maybe the numbers On this are not quite as up to scratch As they say the Milwaukee numbers always Seem to be pretty good they will do what They say when it comes to torque ratings But this one 282 might be fibbing a bit Cuz in theory the second setting on this Not even the third setting but the Second setting should beat this when it Comes to torque but from my testing that You've seen here and other testing I've Done with this thing on and off camera

It's a good impact driver it's nice I I It feels nicer to use than this just cuz There less vibration it's a bit more Comfortable in the hand than the Milwaukee but does it have 282 newm of Torque I don't know we'll have to wait For torque test channel to do a test I Suppose but I'll leave it with you to Argue about in the comments section and I'll see you on another one soon oh and What do you want to see this up against Do you want to see it up against any of These let me know down below and if you Want to see how the new Dewalt compares To the old dewalts take a look up in the Top Corner up here or down in the Description and if I remember I'll stick It in the comment section and then soon We'll compare it to all of these Eh I'll see you all next time [Applause]

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