Makita Ground Trimmer Hedge Rake Thingy… Whaddaya Reckon About That Then?

Perhaps the strangest of the Makita Multi-Function Split Shaft Attachments. But is it any good?


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[Music] Good day everyone the attachment I'm About to show you today has been out for A little while and I've nearly bought One several times and just never gotten Around to it I've tried one a couple of Times but I don't think I'd actually Ever filmed anything with it but this Finally arrived the other day I had to Go out and get it in my damn underwear The um Courier arrived on the 3rd of January and I was still still in bed and I had to run out to get it in my Underwear so that gave the um Courier Driver a bit of a laugh Anyway this clearly is going to need Some setting up some putting together so Let's get into It so there we go in the box we have the Head the shaft and the wheels let's put It together looks like a vacuum cleaner Here at the moment so what you need to Do is take your shaft with this end Remove the condom from both ends both Ends have a little rubber Jiffy there oh And then the shaft is moving oh not too Much that's right so the wheels slide Onto the shaft end with the um Protuberances here slides over that Looks like you can tighten it up Anywhere along that length it'll depend On your height I guess and how we want It I don't know how it was going to work Yet so we'll just bung it somewhere

Tighten it up a little bit With the supplied Allen key next up Remove the third condom of the Experience thus far and jam that onto The end here like so just be aware There's nothing to um stop this shaft From sliding in and out while you're Setting it up anyway line that up with The inside of your your thing There all right that is lined up now That needs to be screwed on of course And it comes with two screws of Differing lengths which one goes where H Short one goes in the front into the Locating hole on your shaft longer one Tightens everything up and easy as that She's ready to go now the thing I Noticed when I used this once before is The wheel angle to the blades into the Angle of the shaft wasn't ideal for my Height I'll have a play around with it Today and see if I can get it any better But if you bring this down it will bring Your shaft up to make it better for your Height but then you start angling the Blade laid down so we'll see how we go Deliberately been letting this bit of Lawn grow long so that I can test this Tool that's what I've been telling the Wife anyway but today is the day and I'm Going to be using the 18vt power head And the 40 volt power head I don't think We need to probably use the 18x two Maybe I'll use it we'll see what happens

But I don't think this is going to be The sort of tool that needs a lot of Power I think it'll work fine on the 18 And so if it does it's going to work on The 36 fine But 40 volts the new the new Beast so We've got to put that in the video as Well 5 a battery 2.5 a battery both Freshly charged both the same amount of Energy if you're wondering this is 90 W Hours this is 90 W hours this is Basically the same battery as the 18vt One it's just wired differently enough Chat let's now get into cutting some Grass we'll have a nice little look at The cutter head first though the cutter Head comes with a nice cover it doesn't Just slide on it actually Clips on the Back here It also has two holes one on each side And they line up with holes in the tool I'm not sure what that's for surely you Wouldn't hang it by that or anything one Thing the Makita system of these sort of Tools is lacking is a way of hanging Them up um they're all you've got to Come up with your own system basically Which is a bit Annoying there's a rival system that Has things that go on the end of here so That you can just hook them up they have A hook that slots over that and hangs up And it's a very good idea and thankfully They fit on the makito ones and so I

Have been using my ones from that Particular brand on this brand anyway so There is our teeth let's have a closer Look so as you can see this thing is Like a hedge trimmer but for the ground So it's a hedge trimmer for grass we Have two rows of teeth that just go ding Ding ding ding ding ding ding over the Top of each other like a hedge trimmer To cut your lawn now why would you use This why would you pick this over say a Standard weed eater line trimmer weed Whacker well this isn't going to throw everywhere hopefully weed eaters They they fire all over the place And I hate using them out by the road Especially because they got to keep Stopping as cars go past because they Don't want to fire a stone into Somebody's windscreen or ding the paint Workor on their car and end up having a A nice ding-dong argument out in the Middle of the street so this sort of Thing cuts a nice wide path and Shouldn't throw anything anywhere Probably a bit quieter too I'm guessing And maybe a bit nicer to use if you're a Lot of people are scared of weed Whackers so cuz they throw so much And they fire so much crap into your Legs and stuff uh this you wouldn't need As much safety equipment because it Ain't going to be firing a whole lot of Crap back at you but is it actually any

Good is it as good as a weed eater is it Quicker is it slower is it going to Leave piles of grass everywhere only one Way to find out 18vt up first first Thing that's evident before I even pull The trigger is I'm going to have to Lower these wheels as I suspected right That seems a bit better better suited For my height it's basically down as far As it'll go without sliding off that Little Ridge that keeps it in place now As you can see I have safety Footwear on That is because I'm not using a weed Eater and so I'm going to see if this Thing flecks anything hopefully it won't I just stick with my kiwi Footwear it's Not full-on kiwi Footwear I know but I Don't want to go barefoot because could Be be some bees around here and I stand On one of those well I won't be making Any videos for a few weeks so I don't Think we're going to need emfs either Let's um try this out on the top speed On the 18vt power Head wow that's pretty Cool [Music] [Music] Okay I'm already loving it because like I said you can do it in jandals and you Don't need ear protection it's not very Loud at all it kind of takes the grass With you if you saw me when I was Cutting it was staying on the front of

The blade basically and just piling it Up so if you did a long run which I'll Do in a moment hopefully it'll just sort Of carry a lot of it along with it and You can just maybe pick it up at the end Or rake it away or I don't know let's [Music] See well that's pretty quick and easy And so quiet it is going to leave a Bunch of grass laying around though if You let it get this long now normally I Would use a catcher on a lawn mower and That would pickle this up which is How I prefer to do it as you end up with Your grass just keeps getting higher and Higher and higher and higher and higher Your lawn I mean U the ground level Because everything's composting back in Yeah it's better for the lawn but you Don't want to do it all the time because If you leave all of this grass on there Yeah like I say sometimes it Smothers Patches and kills it off or it just Builds up your ground level too high Going to Chuck the 40 volt power headit On it now see if it feels like it makes Any Difference pretty happy with it so far It's probably a bit slower than a weed Eater cuz you got to keep sort of Backing up over the same bit of ground And that sort of thing instead of just Sort of moving along walking through Wiping everything out you've got that

Sort of wasted time where it's not Cutting when you've got to pull it back But does cut perfectly fine this ground Is not very level though so it does sort Of rock a little bit as it hits all the Little bumps in the ground and you can End up digging a corner in um which is You know I was thinking hopefully you'd Get a smoother finish with this than a Weed eater which you know if you're Trying to do a big bit of lawn like this For instance with a weed eater you often Take out little clumps Unfortunately um and this might end up Doing the same just because your if your Ground's not dead flat any little Perturbation in this is going to tip That those edges cuz they stick out so Far going to dip them into your ground Pretty quick you can also go right up to Things bump into that Timber and I'm not Damaging It if I hit that with a with a weed Eater it would just be leaving marks all The way along and damaging the timber Over time make quite a big difference But if you take a look on the ends of These we've got two prongs on the ends That stick out a bit further than the Teeth on the blades there so those hit a Flat surface like that first before the Teeth can even touch it so it doesn't Damage the teeth doesn't damage the Timber pretty

Good and those teeth on the end as you Saw also sort of push the grass in on The the edges and allows you to get tied Up to something without damaging it it's Definitely got its Place does feel a bit more like Vacuuming than um Mowing you sort of push it around a bit More like a vacuum cleaner you know but I'm looking forward to using this out by The road it'll be a good option out There like I say so it doesn't flick out into the street cuz there ain't Any flicking going on on here at the Moment um also great for like little Narrow areas where it's just not worth Getting out a lawn mower you can't get a Lawn mower down there and yeah I'm using Lawn mow less and less I noticed it's on A bit of a lan there actually the um Angle is not quite right with the wheels That's probably why I'm digging in with This left side a bit just give that a Little bit of an adjustment on the Lowest speed on the 40 volt it cuts all Right but you have to push it a lot Slower so you can't whack through it Anywhere near as Quick so I recommend bunging it on full Whack yo tools if it's like a hedge Trimmer can I cut through branches and like a hedge trimmer can those look Like pretty big gaps in those teeth will It cut through tough or just grass

I don't know I'll see if I can find Something let's go have a look see how It does with some of the debris on the Lawn Here Well I didn't struggle doing any of that I'll go see if I can find something bit Thicker that's growing upright instead Of just laying on the grass what is Going on here now while these Taro are Not very tough they are quite girthy so They're bigger than the teeth on this Particular particular tool so how well Will it do munching through These a I just chopped up wild Strawberries oh it Sharp so you can just whack it up into Hedge trimmer mode now it may not last As long as a hedge trimmer your standard H trimmer before you need to give it a Bit of Maintenance because if you're Doing ground like this that's full of Stones you're going to h a lot more Stones than you're ever going to hit With your heads trimmer so your teeth Might get a bit dinged up so might need A bit more maintenance but you never Have to change cord on it which I know So many people hate so yeah no cord no Little bits of cord getting flung off Into the environment as well for to you Know decompose over the next 10,000 Years and eaten by birds and what have You so better for the environment better

For your ears better for your shins as Long as you don't walk into the end of That thing like I did just a moment ago Easy to use as both a ground hedge Trimmer and a real hedge trimmer for Certain types of Hedges this would Actually be quite handy just that short Distance and the sort of angle it's on If you're just doing on the top of low Buxus Hedges like I used to do all the Time at work that would be might be Quite handy what else can we cut [Music] [Applause] Through [Music] [Applause] [Music] So it cuts through some pretty thick Stuff and it cuts through reads it cuts Through lies as you just saw and because You know it doesn't fling around in a 360° Arc you can um push it into water And it doesn't spray everywhere Which is nice so unlike a weed eater Which you can't really put in water this You can use to clear the edge of lakes And streams and stuff like I've just Been doing and reach out a fairway Mak Also make a round hedge trimmer Attachment another one that's more like The traditional hedge trimmer that has The blade in line with the shaft which Means you can sweep it from side to side

Like you would with a weed eater which Would probably be better for getting Stuff out of this particular stream for Instance you could get into here and Clean up all this stuff just by chopping Through the base of it and eradicating It quickly it will of course grow back When you do that but you want want to Get the water flowing fast then that's One way to do it the things I love about It the most are it's dead quiet it Doesn't flick up stones and twigs and Other to hit you in the face and Fire it around 360° and when you are Cutting something you can push it in the Direction you want to go so you can be Sort of pushing it along like a broom And then tip it into a pile and pile it All up in one place if you desire unlike A weed eater which distributes it in a 360° pattern Up your legs and all over the place up The side of buildings through glass Windows stuff like that so this one will Avoid all of that but it does have its Limitations as well and it and it feels A little odd it's a little bit weird to Get used to it's um sort of yeah it's a New thing to do you know whoops nearly Knocked the camera over it's just a bit Different cuz you feel like you should Be swinging it from side to side like a Weed eater um but instead you're pushing It more like a vacuum cleaner but it has

Its place some people are going to love It some people are going to hate it I'll Probably end up using it for doing out In front of my place by the road where It's just not really worth getting a Lawnmower out but I don't want any Stones flicking from a weed eater so it Will definitely come in handy so if You're interested in that take a look Down in the description I'll see if I Can find some links put them down there If you want to buy one and until next Time have a good one guys and there'll Be some more op soon hopefully there's a Few that I still haven't done yet but Until then have a good one and tools out I didn't place the flowers in the shop By the way either that was my Wife so I recommend bunging It On full Whack

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