5 Favorite Things On The Weber Searwood – Ace Hardware

Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, shows you his favorite features and benefits on the Weber Searwood.

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Weber Searwood

Today I'm hanging out at Weber HQ and I'm going to show you my five favorite Things about the Weber seawood pellet Grill first we start off with Temperature and the sear wood can Definitely handle that from that low and Slow 180° smoke boost to that 600° searing Edge to edge giving you a much bigger Sear Zone with the flavorizer bar inside The Weber seid now you're going to get Direct flame cooking giving you some of That flame kissed flavor with a little Bit of woodf fired fun another great Feature is a Weber sear wood is now Rotisserie and griddle insert compatible Imagine adding a rotisserie to your Pellet grill allowing you a 360° smoke bath and then when you add The Griddle insert switch it into manual Mode you are now griddle cooking on a Pellet grill with the lid open the Weber Sear wood comes Weber crafted ready Which means now you can switch out the Grill grades add in the Weber crafted Frame kit and add everything from a Griddle to a pizza Stone and lastly when You're done with all of your cooking Adventures Weber makes clean up easier With the pulling clean grease management System allowing you to scrape your Ash And grease remove the pan you are done And ready for another cook talk about an Amazing day at work here at Weber HQ now

To learn more about these cool products From our friends at Weber be sure to Stop by your local Ace or visit us at Acehardware.com [Music]

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