How To Remove A Window Screen – Ace Hardware

Watch as Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, shows you how to remove a window screen from your window frame.

Hi Luman forini Asus home expert in this Video I'm going to show you how to Remove the screens from your [Music] Windows I have a couple of examples of Window screens that need to be removed These are both single hung Windows Meaning that only the bottom sash goes Up and down now depending on the type of Window that you have if it's a double Hung you may notice that you have Screens that extend all the way up Covering both window panes or if you Have casement windows that's an entirely Different screen alog together but they All come off and out similarly on this Particular unit you need to actually Tilt the window in to expose the tabs That you're going to release they're Spring loaded and then you'll just Gently pull the screen in and then pull The entire screen out you can either Make the repair yourself if you need to Repair the screen or you could take it Into your local participating a store on This other window it's a similar unit Where the tabs are a little bit Different it's spring-loaded as well and You grab onto the two tabs pull down on The window and push out you're going to Need someone on the exterior of the home To grab the window as well so it's both An inside and outside application to Remove the screen coming up next my

Video on how to replace the screen on a Screen Door

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