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Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Experts, heads to the Milwaukee Headquarters to learn about the Shockwave Impact Duty Bits. Hear from the product expert on the features and benefits of these bits.

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Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Duty Drill Bits

Hi Lou manfredini Aces Home expert I'm Here at the Milwaukee headquarters with Bridget and uh Bridgette I know we're Going to talk about these amazing Accessories if it all goes well I'd like To take this home oh uh well it's yours Um you know what you have here is like So critical when it comes to whether you Use an impact driver or a drill to just Do all kinds of projects what are we Looking at back in 2007 Milwaukee was Actually the first company that Recognized the torque of an impact Driver is going to need some adjustments In those bits as I've heard you Mentioned before a tool is only as good As the accessory using it and so we Launched an expansive line of uh bits Made for that high torque application of The impact driver but being Milwaukee we Didn't stop there we've innovated on it Multiple times since and we have our Most durable best fitting driver if it's Ever right now I think this is you're Touching on a really critical point so The the evolution of the impact driver That's been around for a while You're absolutely right I I know plenty Of contractors that this is their go-to Tool right and what was available for You would just tear those accessories Apart and it was super frustrating Because you're like constantly changing Because they were not designed and you

Folks in Milwaukee realize we got to Change the the sauce how we make this Stuff to make it stronger and that's What you've done yeah absolutely and There's really three things that have Allowed us to do that starting at the Top of the bits with the wearguard tip So one of the very common uh Frustrations we've heard when talking to People driving screws day in and out is That bits wear out or Cam out and then You can't finish your application which Is extremely frustrating so our Wearguard tip is actually laser hardened To help protect that fit over life of The bit Our shock Zone really plays to this Durability so if you peek over here you Can see we have a t 10 bit and a t 30 Bit and the width is very different There so what we did is we didn't just Make a single shot shock Zone we Actually optimized it per tip type Understanding that each tip type has Different applications needing different Levels of torque going back to that so These optimized shock zones really Allowed us to absorb Peak torque and Twist depending on the application yeah You kind of feel like you're talking to A math teacher but I understand which I Understand what you're talking about and You said there's a third thing a third Thing yeah so we have proprietary custom

Ally 76 steel so all of our bits are Once again made with this steel and then Hardened and heat treated getting Technical again yeah yeah but really What this plays into is like I said Earlier the best uh the most durable Best fitting bit on the market now when I'm looking at these case packs where You've got the multiple bits in there You also have a little technology in There to access those bits make life a Little easier right yes absolutely so we Know in the past the frustration has Been challenge getting bits in and out So with our cases we have a simple just Pull the bit take it out like this and Then you can pop it right back in so It's well retained in the case and also Easy to get out when you need it so no More pesky messing with it and then Those strips that are holding the bits In place also come out right yes Absolutely so you can pop these rows out And move them to anywhere in the case You need allowing for you to customize a Set if you want to make any changes or If you're doing an application where you Need multiple things maybe a nut driver Maybe a different tip type you can just Pop it right onto the tool and carry it Around with you so really wanted to hit On that customizability of these cases They can be made your own finally Bridget one of the things I know you

Guys are very proud of at Milwaukee is Your pack out system your organization System you thought this all through These all are compatible with your pack Out yeah abs Storage system it's really Revolutionized how things move around The job site they all click together so We wanted to make sure that our sets fit In this pack out right here and so Depending on the set it can go multiple Different ways but you can just close The pack out in there and be on your way Amazing really good looking stuff thank You so much thank you if you'd like more Information just go to Ace hardware.com Or better yet stop by your local Ace Hardware Store [Music]

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