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Aluminum Welding Training – Learn How to Weld Aluminum Better

Aluminum Welding the absolute best practice you can get for Tig welding…period. Stacking Aluminum beads purposefully on a piece of 11 ga aluminum will teach you things that will make you a better tig welder. Not just a better Aluminum Tig welder, but a better all around Tig welder of all metals. Does that sound like a line a BS to you? I know its a bold statement, but here is why its true.

Antique Workbenches – Bring the Past Into the Present

A workbench is technically a workstation. However, it is used in many different types of work right from metalworking to woodworking.

The Funny Side of Ladders

When the word ladder is ever uttered. Our minds always turn to think that aluminum ladder in the garage or the step ladders under the stairs. But the word ladder has had many uses over the years and not ladders can be climbed.

The Best Cordless Drill of My Choice Makita BDF452H

Cordless drills provide many benefits over normal drills. There is no need for that big pile of mangled wires in the back of your truck. Cordless drills are flexible, portable, and are the new industry standard.

4 Things to Look For in a Power Drill

A power drill is one of the first tools that most people purchase, because they are used so often. Ranging anywhere from $30 to over $300, drills come in a huge variety of styles and features. But how do you choose one that will meet your needs and not break your pocket book? Nothing is worse than buying something that is too weak or way over powered.

Safety For Power Tools

Power tools make construction and do-it-yourself jobs easier, but, when not used properly, power tools can result in injuries. Here are some things to keep in mind when using them.

What to Look For in Protective Chainsaw Trousers

Forestry and tree surgery can be a potentially dangerous profession, working with chainsaws is hazardous and this is why it is essential to wear the proper protective clothing. Chainsaws can be dangerous even when you are trained so imagine how many accidents occur to people who have had no training whatsoever. Imagine how bad the accidents can be if you are not wearing the right sort of protective clothing such as chainsaw trousers, helmet, boots and gloves.

Choosing the Right Ladder For the Job

There are a vast array of different types of ladders on the market and it can be often confusing when it comes to buying a ladder to find the exact one that suits your requirements. Despite the myriad of names and terms given to some ladders, they pretty much fall into three categories…

Getting to Know the Bosch Multi

This document introduces the advantages of a Bosch Multi. You’ll find one of the aspects to look at when ordering one is to make sure that it’s the right tool for the job. You’ll really want to do this because a rotary tool that doesn’t cut it will lose money.

Three Important Farm Tractor Implements – Bale Spears, Blades and Box Blades

Finding the right farm tractor implements is one of the most important things for any new or established farm landowner. This article presents three types of implements for your study.

Safely Use Your Miter Or Chop Saw

If you are like me and you first inclination is to tackle most projects yourself, you learn fast that any job will go better with the proper tools. A power miter saw is one item that every homeowner that does any kind of wood working should definitely consider investing in. Also, if you do a lot of metal or steel cuts, a chop saw will also make for a necessary purchase.

Don’t Waste Your Money on Tools! Rent Instead

One of the most difficult things about tackling any do-it-yourself project is choosing the proper equipment. Rental stores may be an option to consider. Purchasing tools can be extremely expensive, and unless you are planning on doing regular household projects, owning them is unnecessary.

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