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In this Heartware Story we meet Lisa and Ernie from Kittery Ace in Maine. Hear how they support the local food pantry and create a better community for their neighbors.

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Poverty is super hard to see it looks Like you and me and it's hitting people At a much higher socioeconomic level Than it once did [Music] Hard-working people they're two working Parents that can't afford to support Their families the way they'd like to [Music] My husband Ernie and I own the Kittery Ace heart and we held a car show Yesterday to benefit the local food Pantry we're always looking for novel Ways to give back to the community by Having a car show you not only combine Like-minded people who are very generous The car owners but we also have the Community walking through the spectators It's a fun way to raise money for a Really really good cause that directly Influences our community our store is Also involved we keep a jar on the Counter for customer donations which They're very generous and actually the Store has done that for years we collect That jar maybe every two or three weeks They call us and say the door is full And so we are super fueled by our local Businesses Ace leading that effort Thank you six years ago I was looking For a volunteer opportunity in the Community and so that's when I actually Really discovered that Footprints food Pantry even existed I've been

Volunteering there ever since I'm on the Board now so it's been a great Experience to work with a bunch of great People who volunteer their time and give A ton to the community and helping People that really really need it we now Serve about 350 households a month and About 150 each week we work on an Abundance mentality which means Individuals can shop at Footprints as Often as they like and take as much food As they would like which is quite Opposite from what food pantries have Done over the years in the past there's Another organization in Town Fair tide That works with affordable housing and So fair tide and Footprints have come Together to purchase a building in town Mainspring will be a location where There will be all the social services in The community Under One Roof to support Individuals in a dignified and Comprehensive manner By having a car show we introduced Hundreds of people to main spring and so Hopefully that will continue to grow and Continue to help just by showing people That this is what's happening in the Community I was very happy to come and See the cars which we love and also to Contribute to the fundraising from Maine Spring Lisa and Ernie are very humble Folks their main goal is to give to the Community and as you can see around here

That's what they do Lisa and Ernie are Terrific they have great personalities They bring new ideas I mean who would Have thought a car show and it was it Was a great car show it was a wonderful Day beautiful weather a bunch of really Cool cars we raced almost three thousand Dollars that we can hand over today to Main spring it feels good we got lucky And were able to run a business and to Take this opportunity to give back it's A no-brainer [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign

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