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Watch as Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, learns about the Milwaukee PACKOUT™ Wall Plate and installation tips.

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Hi Lou May perdini Aces Home expert and I'm here with Nick from Milwaukee power Tools and they have this terrific pack Out system that you see behind me but it All starts with the wall plates that are Very versatile and can you describe to People how they install those wall Plates yeah so it's a super easy install With the wall plates there's pre-drilled Holes in them and we have instructions Online it only takes about 10 screws for The large wall plates to fasten them Into drywall wood or concrete and you'll Be able to customize the storage with Different accessories Okay so Nick we put the first panel on And what I did on the layout here you Know building out the garage I'm going To put a cabinet and a counter Underneath here so that's why you see Some of the lines here and what we're Going to end up doing is putting four of These panels one two three four kind of As the wall but you have a recommended Um pattern when it comes to the screws Right can you point that out you're Going to want to do the four corners Here yep this top middle one and then This W shape right here for this uh this Instance going into the drywall right I Mean you can do more if you want Obviously but that's kind of the Recommended that way depending on what You put on there you have the

Flexibility it's nice and strong once This panel is secured I mean it really Is as super durable so now we're going To put the other four panels on after we Do the screws in Foreign And once you put them on you can build Out your own wall system like you see Behind me if you'd like more information Go to Ace or better yet Stop by your local Ace Hardware Store Coming up next my video on more about The pack out system from Milwaukee [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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