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Green Power Tool Tips – How to Replace the Brushes in Your Power Tool

Maintaining a greener lifestyle is becoming more than just a trend these days and we craftsmen can do our part as well. The Earth is, essentially, what keeps us in business, what keeps birch, cherry, maple and mahogany in our woodshops, what keeps beauty in our projects, and food on our tables; we might consider this fact a little more closely the next time our tools run slow or stall in action — you see, most minor tool repairs are pretty simple and most craftsmen can manage these repairs fairly easily.

Safety Precautions With Chain Saws

Chain saws can be very efficient tools that provide a great deal of assistance to people who need to do a job quickly and effectively. It should be noted, however, that a chain saw can be a challenging piece of equipment, so taking the right safety measures is always of the utmost importance.

The Versatile Weed Trimmer

A weed trimmer can give a lawn that professionally manicured look without paying the exorbitant prices charged by a service. From very simple, inexpensive brands to heavy industrial styles, models are available to fit any individual budget and situation.

Gas-Powered, Electric, Or Propane Trimmer?

While gas-powered string trimmers, also known as weed whackers, have long been a popular way to cut weeds for both commercial and personal landscaping, there has recently been a significant effort to reduce the pollution that string trimmers tend to produce. Many companies have begun to manufacture electric or propane-powered string trimmers in order to reduce their carbon footprint. However, there are both benefits and drawbacks to this development.

Facts About Chainsaws

Chainsaws have a variety of uses, and depending what someone needs one for will depend on the type of chainsaw that will provide the best option. While most of these motorized saws are used for jobs related to sawing wood, there are also models that have been specially made to cut concrete and others that are specially crafted for use in what is known as chainsaw art.

Choosing the Right Hedge Trimmers

Finding the right hedge trimmer can be a challenge. There are different styles, shapes, and brands. There are manual, electric, and gas powered models.

Crown Molding – Quick Guide to Spring Angles

When it comes to cutting crown molding on a sliding compound miter saw, spring angle plays a key part in getting it right. If you don’t understand “spring”, you need to read this.

Sliding Mitre Saws – The Four Cuts

Sliding mitre saws are used to make four kinds of cut. This article describes how to make each one and is especially suitable for beginners.

Staying Safe When Using a Chain Saw

It’s very important to practice the utmost safety precautions when using a chain saw. The best way to stay safe is to carefully read the entire operator’s manual before starting on any task, or by asking someone else who is more experienced with using them if they would be interested in giving a lesson or two.

Coleman Air Compressor – A Pick You Will Never Regret

Air compressors are like lungs that offer extra air compression for various needs and uses. These can be used for industrial, agricultural and even domestic purposes and requirements.

DeWalt DW712 Review – Find Out What You Need to Know About the DeWalt DW712 Compound Miter Saw

If you’re looking for a powerful and useful saw combined into one, the DeWalt DW712 is an amazing choice for someone who needs a new compound miter saw. No matter if you are a a beginner or a professional craftsmen, this saw has something to offer for everyone. It is a single bevel sliding compound miter saw with a strong 15 amp motor that runs at 5,400 RPM, which means there is a ton of power and durability.

Makita LS1013 Review – Read This Before You Buy the Makita LS1013 Compound Miter Saw

The Makita LS1013 is a dual sliding compound miter saw that packs a huge amount of power into a compact machine. Using a horizontal double-rail system, both of which are self-cleaning and slide on linear ball bearings, the saw is incredibly stable. Because the bevel twists forty-five degrees in each direction, there is a huge range of cutting room and a great deal of versatility about which cuts can be done.

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