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Makita Cordless Drills Review – Read This Before You Spend a Dime

What’s the deal with Makita Cordless Drills? Are they really the best out there or not? Here is a fast review to help you find out:

Industry’s Top 2 Cordless Drill-Drivers

Finding the very best power tools in a deep sea of options can be an intimidating task for many users, here however, are the two best cordless drill/drivers in the industry just waiting to make your life easier. Extend your professional hand to one of these precision, tough drill/drivers from Dewalt and Bosch.

Hitachi Cordless Drills Review – Read This Before You Spend a Dime

What about the Hitachi cordless drills? Are they worth the money or not? How do they stack up with Makita and other popular models?

The Excavator

Different types of heavy equipments are used for different applications and purposes. They are most commonly used in performing tasks necessary to complete a construction project. One particular type of heavy equipments (construction equipment, earth movers, engineering vehicles, or just plain equipment) is an Excavator.

Panasonic Cordless Drills Review – An “Unbiased” Look at Panasonic

What are the best Panasonic Cordless drills? How do they compare with Hitachi, Makita, and other ELITE models?

Chainsaw Maintenance Basics

A chainsaw is a wonderful invention, and can save you a lot of time on the job site or at home. You can remove dead branches and cut firewood to size with ease. But you need to maintain your chainsaw in a proper working condition. Luckily, this can be done without much time used at all. Utilizing routine maintenance,and sharpening when needed, will extend the life of your chain saw, and make it easier to use, as well.

Hobart Welder Reviews Regarding the Products of the Company

The reviews based on Hobart are very positive and inform us that the company makes a real good variety of MIG welders and the products offered by the company are par excellence. With a motto of “The ability to change your world”, the company maintains a firm reputation among all the companies manufacturing MIG welders.

Gerber Multi Tools – Utility and Customer Centricity

The Gerber multi tool is built on the motto of ‘Live by rules. However the Gerber multi tool is just that combined with usability and design. The innovative designs and models developed by Gerber multi tools have more than enough features that make sure that a customer need not look further as almost every possible tool is included in one multi tool.

Sliding Mitre Saw – What’s in a Name?

You may be confused by the different terms used to describe powered saws. If so, this article should help you to understand your sliding mitre saw from your fixed saw, your compound saw and your bevel.

Two Common Nailing Tools – Hammer and Staple Gun

A hammer should always be used for knocking in nails. The steel of a hammer head is specially heat treated to make the striking face hard enough to stop being damaged when it strikes a nail but not so hard that it becomes brittle and liable to shatter.

Saws For Wood

A saw is a piece of toughened steel with teeth cut into one edge and a wooden or plastic handle. In some form or other, saws have been one of the principal woodcutting tools for thousands of years.

Saw Buying Guide – Several Things You Can Do to Prevent Disappointment When Buying a Saw

There are several things you can do to prevent disappointment when buying a saw in a shop: – look at the type of handle. Make sure that it feels comfortable in your hand and that the saw has a reasonable balance.

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