Yarbo Modular Garden Robot is a Game Changer!

The Yarbo Yard Robot is available now as a core unit with Blower, Mower and Snow Blower Attachments and more on the way…

For more Info or to get your very own Yarbo —

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As you can see the yabo is more than Just a robot mower it is a modular System that is capable of being an Autonomous blower and the world's first Autonomous snow blower imagine clearing Your driveway or your yard while you're Sitting inside front of the fire nice And warm as a mower it is capable of Mowing up to 6 Acres on slopes of up to 35° and at a height of between 1.2 to 4 In and it also has edger and trimmer Attachments you can also use it to tow Things around you can tow your we around Your property in a barrow or pull your Car or even a boat allowing one robot to Take care of all aspects of lawn care And if that's not enough you can even Use your yabo to mow patn words or Artwork on your lawn so

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