Milwaukee M12 Pipeline Locator Kit


Whose Responsibility Is It to Fix Your Electric Meter Box Door?

It is your responsibility to keep your meter in good condition. If it is exposed to the elements it is like going to start being less efficient in gauging the amount of power that you are consuming in your house.

Generac 6022 Review

This Generac 6022 review is meant to give an in-depth look at the benefits of owning this power washer. A power washer makes it easy for a person to deep clean surfaces in much less time than with elbow grease and a sponge. It will be a product that will easily clean outdoor items like driveways, sidewalks, siding, decking, or furniture.

How to Use a Reciprocating Saw

A reciprocating saw is the master power tool and no contractor should be without one… or more. If you’re not using a reciprocating saw, you should know one saw works as a demo saw, fine-finishing saw, pipe cutter, drywall saw, conduit cutter and more.

Getting New Meter Boxes and Tips on How to Do It Right

Why even bother with the meter? The simple answer is anything that measures what you consume must be accurate; otherwise you are paying for what you do not use. Having accurate meter boxes is important in order to ensure you do not pay more than you should in electrical bills.

Power Tools Every Man Should Own

Power tools are the ultimate accessories for anyone getting into DIY. If you are unsure of which tools to purchase, here are a few essentials.

Important Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Meter

Being concerned with the state of your gas meter boxes may seem like a big fuss to some people. They do not consider it to be something worth checking therefore it is one of those things people brush off. However, if they understood the importance of having a good meter box, they would take time to check it and even consider buying one.

Your Toolbox: What Are the Basics?

When you’re looking to purchase new tools for your garage or home, you’ll need to look into a variety of different options that will be put into a toolbox for different projects that you work on for a lifetime. A good set of tools can be passed down generation to generation if kept nice, so it’s imperative that you start with the basics and build up.

Buying Cable Ties Shouldn’t Be Hard

  From the day they were invented, they were promising. However, they couldn’t be used in a wide range of fields as they weren’t as good as they are today. However, as more and more industries began using them, there appeared changes and finally we’ve got what we see today.

Karcher K 5.540 Review

There comes a time when a person needs a piece of equipment to remove dirt from large surfaces, especially around the exterior of the home. Certain jobs need more physical involvement than can be done with a simple sponge and bucket of water. It is in these moments when a power washer will come in handy.

AR Blue Clean AR118 Review

When a person intends to clean items around the house, it can involve a lot of elbow grease. However there is equipment available to make the job easier. Grime on sidewalks, siding, and patio furniture will be a thing of the past when using a power washer.

Kidde Nighthawk KN-COSM-B Alarm Review

Review of the Kidde Nighthawk KN-COSM-B alarm. Includes helpful information of the stand-alone battery-powered combination alarm that incorporates a carbon monoxide sensor and a fire detector.

The Modern Compact Tool Shed

Not everyone can afford or have the space for an extensive workshop, and this is apparent in smaller homes and condominiums. In this short article, I have enumerated some of the most essential tools and implements that you need in order to have a functional tool shed that doesn’t need lots of room to accommodate.

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