Have a Battery Inflator Yet? Here Is A Greenworks 24V With 12-Volt Cable Inside!

Buying Guide For Compound Miter Saws

If you own a workshop, then you definitely know that a workshop without a sliding compound miter saw is not workshop. So if you don’t have one – you should really buy it. In this article, I’ll try to gather few important features that every compound miter saw should have and combine that information into this article.

New: Dewalt’s DCL510 Compact LED Worklight

Having a good worklight in your tool arsenal is becoming as important as a good drill or circular saw. In fact, the worklight is somewhat indispensable, and with the introduction of Dewalt’s new 12v compact worklight, having a perfectly awesome one is now a little bit easier. Find out why you won’t want to go to work without one.

Benefits of Floor Burnishing Machines

If one is asked what is the most expensive cleaning tasks at their respective operation, the most common question would be maintaining and bringing out the beauty of floors. When floors are not buffed properly, often floors begin to look dull, and the business image is at risk. Anything that can be done to keep sparklingly clean floors in a cost-effective manner goes a long way for customers. A professionally clean floor attracts visitors and customers like no other, therefore, it is essential to make the surface polished and attractive.

Different Kinds of Metal Cutting Hand Saws

The process of metal cutting could be quite easier if you have chosen a right kind of hand saws for this purpose. Hand saws are primarily used for cutting metal whether it is a soft metal or is a thin sheet. These hand tools are majorly used by jewelers, roofers and plumbers for various cutting purposes.

Pink Power Tools – Buying for Breast Cancer Research

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and even if you’re not a “girly” girl, you probably do what you can to support breast cancer research. Let’s face it, if you’re female, you have a couple of “girls” of your own to protect! So what does this have to do with power tools? Power tools come in pink!

Stanley Mechanics Tool Set

When you are considering tools, absolutely nothing beats Stanley Palm Tools for their sturdiness and anatomically friendly design and style. The particular top quality Stanley Mechanics Tool Set is actually ever well-known because of its high quality and superiority therefore regardless if you are in the hardware business searching for wonderful tools which could last for a long time or perhaps if you are just an end user who enjoys rectifying things, then you definitely go for a Stanley.

Poulan PP4218 Makes Sawing Easy

Chainsaws are often thought of as the lumberjack’s handiest pieces of equipment available. More often than not, these workers need their machines to be powerful and sturdy, yet efficient at the same time. As a leading contender in the chainsaw industry, Poulan has introduced many chainsaws into the market, with many customers touting them as the one of the best makers in existence.

Akuzuki Floor Nailer

Will you fancy bamboo or wood made flooring for your house? You know it’s true whenever you hear people say that bamboo or solid wood floors tend to be more pleasantly looking than that basic ceramic floor tiling which has existed for centuries.

ESAB Plasma Cutter

ESAB plasma cutters are quite popular in the metal work industry. Learn more about them in this article.

Necessary Tools in a PEX Tool Kit

Making a PEX water supply structure is not related with exploiting solvent, cement or any sort of heat infusion methodology. For this it is important to have a PEX tool kit as all fittings and connections made are mechanical. Different type of tools which make a kit complete must be known to have entire knowledge about an effective tool kit.

Which Ridgid Table Saw Will Meet Your Needs?

The Ridgid table saw has two main types – the granite table saw category and the portable saw category. Both types have their own unique uses and advantages over each other. Your choice of which type to buy will solely depend on what you want to use it and how you plan to use.

Reasons Why You Should Use A Rectractable Extension Cord

Whether you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast or not, get yourself a retractable extension cord. Even if you think you will not use it. You may just be wrong! Have you ever had the frustration of wishing an electric outlet was just nearby? Or felt like going outdoors and play music from your portable radio but could not because there was no power supply outside? Think extension cord!

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