Meals On Wheels – Ace Heartware Stories

In this Heartware Story we hear how Ginny from Gil’s Ace helps address senior hunger and isolation by bringing Meals on Wheels in her community.

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My name's Jenny Williams and I'm this Business along with my sister and my Brother [Music] My mom and dad started out in the Grocery business in 1953 and we probably Had a little bit of Hardware in the Grocery store because I remember cutting Keys my dad was a big do-it-yourselfer And our parents started the business in 1975 and we've been in a store since 1984. my dad was real active in the Community as was my mom and every year He would give away turkeys you know of Course we sponsored a lot of baseball Teams and helped support the schools in Any activities they were doing I know She helps with the Red Cross and I know She's helping the library food bank if There's a Boy Scout that comes in here It needs materials for his project she's There donating materials for that and it Just goes on and on and on all the People that she's helped in this Community I'm a member of the Smyrna Rotary Club And so one of the things that my rotary Club does is Meals on Wheels the program Is for people that are 60 or over and if They don't have somebody prepare a meal For them and they can't do it themselves And they're on a fixed income a lot of Them that's the only meal they'll have All day and it's a program that's very

Much needed for the people Jenny's has Been helping us for probably 10 12 years And she comes and delivers the meals to The clients a lot of them that's the Only person they'll see all day and so It's really it's more than a meal it's a Visit with them to a like a welfare Biscuit to make sure everything's okay [Music] I really enjoy doing it and the people That receive the meals there's just so Thankful and so so God bless you and Just very special people and a lot of These recipients they'll be an old Hardware customer and oh grocery store Customer [Music] She's always very friendly very outgoing And nice to everybody and you know you Can tell that when you go to the store That she's there to help you in any way She can she's a volunteer from the word Go From all that she does in our community And has done in our community for many Many years you call life you call Jenny They're going to come through some way Or another and Hip-Hop they give to our Community they support it and that's the Reason I'm going to be a supporter of Them the more you give the more you get It doesn't seem like I'm giving it's Just something I like to do and I like To help people you know Aces a helpful

Place and you just cannot beat the Feeling of you know helping somebody [Music] Thank you [Music]

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