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Makita 5012B – A Good Electric Chainsaw

Gas powered chainsaws are good. They are powerful enough to make sawing a lot easier for many of us. However, like many other things out there, gas powered chainsaws are also things that could use a little improvement in every aspect. Each one of them also has its own disadvantages. The following are just the most common.

Do You Have Unused Containers Lying Around? You Could Re-Use Them by Turning Them Into Spill Kits

You can use almost any unused container that is lying around your facility to house spill supplies and turn it into a spill kit. Typical containers that are used are empty wheeled bins, salt bins and drums.

Tile Saws – Selecting the Right Saw For Your Cutting Job

This article examines the most popular types of tile saws on the market today. It seeks to aid saw buyers in selecting the proper saw for their budget, job size and material size.

Borescope Viewer W-Light 18″, 36″

The Borescope Viewer w/Light can help locate objects, illuminate dark spaces and provide an efficient way to complete a variety of tasks without any demolition or disassembly. Using fiber optic technology, the flexible Borescope Viewer can help you look behind walls, into drains, engines or vents, and any other place that would ordinarily require a lot of labor or demolition to examine.

The Benefits of Blue Tarps

Blue tarps are taken out every time a hurricane or storm approaches. But why this tarp and not any other for post-storm repairs?

Why Are Utility Knives So Good?

It doesn’t matter what trade you are, most people carry a utility knife around in their toolbox. They have to be one of the most common tools that you see around, and for good reason.

Diamond Core Bits and Blades – What Makes Them Cut Faster and Last Longer?

Selecting the right type of Diamond core bits/blades is essential to achieving perfection. Depending on the nature of your work, requirement and convenience; you must select the Diamond blades and core drill bits. In this article, we have discussed various factors affecting the performance of the Diamond Core Bits and Blades: types and cost of the bits and blades, types and size of the aggregate and operating speed to obtain desired diamond drilling results.

What Do Air Knives Do?

In keeping the highest standards of manufacturers and factories, air knives are used to blow off the smallest particles of water and dirt to keep the surface of the final product in good condition. These air clean and dry the products using a compressed air and remove debris and excess moisture.

Handyman – Tools Which Every Handyman Needs

If you’re considering entering into the lucrative business of being a handyman, chances are you’ve already acquired a fair number of tools to help get you started. Here, we have created a list of essential tools every handyman should own.

The Benefits of Using Electro Osmosis Damp Proofing

There are many benefits associated with using electro osmosis damp proofing system in your home. It’s the clean and efficient way to keep moisture out of your basement.

Ladder Levelers – An Indispensable Accessory For Ladders

If you have ever found yourself unable to use a ladder because you are going to use it on an uneven surface, then you will surely appreciate this useful accessory called a ladder leveler. It is inevitable that we may need to use a ladder in some areas of our home or work place with uneven surfaces such as roof slopes, stairs and others.

The 60 Gallon Air Compressor – Make the Right Choice

Before you buy that 60 gallon air compressor there is one very important point to consider no matter what the size of the air compressor and that is the duty cycle. After you have put together the information noted above your air compressor pump should not be running any more than 5 minutes out of ten, in other words 50% of the time.

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