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Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, shows you a great first recipe on a Weber Searwood.

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Hey guys Chef Jason race Hardware Grilling expert today is our first cook Video on the Weber seawood pellet grill Very excited because we are going to be Rocking out some chicken drumsticks AKA Chicken legs so before we get our prep Done let's head outside and get that Grill started up then it's back into the Kitchen prep time we'll go ahead and add Some of those Weber sear wood pellets Today's flavor is going to be hickory Now we'll set our temperature today at 350° we'll hit ignite we are good to go Okay while the grill is heating up let's Talk a little bit about our ingredients Today we're going to start off with a Little bit of olive oil that's going to Act as our binder on these beautiful Chicken legs right here I have a dozen Of them because tonight feeding my Family of six plus you know leftovers Now I know we have a lot of different Rubs and sauces available at your local Ace but check it out more of our Ace Exclusive aha that's right we're going To use our aha rub today a little bit of Hot little bit of sweet but absolutely Delicious and then boom that's right a Little boom alaka today that's going to Be our Apple habanero barbecue sauce These guys are going to make amazing Flavors on these chicken legs so now Let's get in and show you how we get Them all prepped and ready for the

Seawood we've got our legs in the pan Let's go ahead and add just a little bit Of oil I always say just a little bit Because we want this to act as a binder We don't want to have a lot left over Now uh-huh that's right it's time to add A little bit of heat add a little bit of Sweet and we always say season as light Or as heavy as you want so we'll get a Nice little coating on the top and we'll Get in here and mix these up see what we Look like oh yeah we oh and the stuff Smells absolutely amazing so we've got It mixed uhhuh one more little topper And we are good to go we are right at 350° let's go ahead and open up the sear Wood time to add our chicken legs now I'm going to go ahead and go right up Here on the top rack I've got more than Enough room so we'll line these guys up Here and get them all set and then we'll Come back and add our probe plug our Probe in and then set our alarm on the We connect app to notify us when these Legs Hit 165° here we are right at 20 minutes We're sitting at 140° it is time now to Uh turn the sear wood up to 400° and get These uh nice and crispy and bronz ready To eat now that we're reached 150 Degrees guess what time for some of that Boom shakalaka sace so what I'm going to Do is uh hit a little bit over the top

Kind of let it start and then guess what We're g to come back here and base it Nicely so we'll take our brush we'll go Ahead and get that boom sauce on here Now the best part is we're going to let This sit until it reaches 165° that is when we're pulling these Legs and heading into the kitchen to Devour Them well look at that right after 35 Minutes TAA we are done so let's dig in Here and uh take these Beauties off and I will see you in the kitchen not bad For a first cook at all now if you want Uhhuh you can add a little bit more of That rub to the top kind of as a great Way to just get a little finish and then Little more drizzle of that sauce across The top and you guys we are good to go Talk about a flavorful first cook yeah That didn't disappoint at all now stay Tuned because coming up I have a video On my five favorite things on the Weber Sear wood but I think first I should Probably uh take a little I don't know First Bite

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