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Watch as Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, checks out the latest snow thrower options from EGO. Hear from product expert, Barnaby, on what makes these the must have for the season.

Products Featured:

EGO Snow Shovel

EGO Single Stage Snow Throwers

Hi Lou manfredini Aces Home expert and I'm here with Barnaby from ego all right We're going to talk about snow and Clearing snow I want to start with this Power head and the attachment that's on The end right so it's part of the power Head system so you have nine different Attachments so we'll go in here but if You're just moving snow this is great For a four-car driveway patio sidewalk You name it it's going to throw snow About 25 feet and clear a four car Driveway but here's the Innovation right Here the ability to direct where the Snow goes nobody else has that yeah so It's great most other ones just go Straight ahead and this way then you got To do it again right right really neat Okay now you guys have had the single Stage snow throwers for a while here They've been very successful but you're Not just resting on your laurels you're Increasing the technology making it Easier to use and doing a better job Yeah you know because again it's all About listening to what the consumer Wants and so we have a rubber paddle Kind of auger assisted Movement so the rubber paddles are going To grab the ground just a little bit and Pull you along it's going to get you up Over the seams in the sidewalk right It's going to throw snow 45 feet and Very nicely constructed I like that

Handle right here if you look at the Competition it's these little weak Things here this is like you know where It's going to go and it's uh got heated Hand grips as well oh wow it's just a Beautiful machine and how uh how big of A driveway are we clearing on a full Charge about 16 car driveway wow yeah That's a lot that's a lot of snow if you Like more information just go to Ace Hardware.com coming up next a way to Utilize the ego battery for power when You need it

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