EGO Power+ Multi-System Power Head Product Overviews – Ace Hardware

Watch as Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, heads to EGO’s headquarters to learn about the new EGO power head. Hear the features and benefits from product expert, Barnaby.

Lum man frini Asus home expert here at The Eagle headquarters with Barnaby the Director of excitement I'm hoping you're Going to be vice president someday one Day I'll be king of excitement king of Excitement um I'm excited about this Because in the uh Building Trades and in The industry one of the um uh the Biggest materials that are getting used More and more is carbon fiber MH because Of its strength it's lightweight and It's just durable you guys took that to The next level with your power head yeah Lifetime warranty that's how much Confidence we have in the carbon fiber Shafts across this line right here but To your point what we had originally With the power head was going to be it Was a aluminum shaft right but it did Not have the ability to transmit an Electrical current to the end of the String trimmer attachment now why is That important because this is like the Best button you'll ever push ever this Is the power load automatic Ally winds Line at the touch of a button and so now With the carbon fiber shaft power head And this now suddenly you get the power Load feature but just to uh put the mind Of ease of all the people that have the Previous iteration with the aluminum Shaft that will run all of the tools Just not the string trimmer if you want The power load right and so you know as

A uh for people that maybe are seeing This for the first time the idea behind The power head is the fact that all These different attachments can go on There So it it it it really is like this is The motor your battery Opera the 56v uh Battery powered motor super strong that Can run all these different attachments Yeah it just makes perfect sense if You're going to go across the line with The multi-head attachments I mean now Suddenly instead of all tools that You're paying extra for to have a motor And a battery now suddenly one will run All of them gives you good versatility And I mean the you know it's obviously Hard to tell uh on a video but this Shaft it hard hardly weighs anything Whatsoever and it's just so strong right Uh which is just amazing really good Stuff yeah and great tools across the Line we've got the articulated hedge Trimmer right here it's going to be 1in Cut capacity going to 12 different Positions the edger if you've never Edge Before it's like wax in the hub caps After you wash your car you got to do it To make the lawn look good and then We've got the brush cutter man if you've Got some serious clearing to do this Will do that as mentioned before we've Got the uh string with the power load And then most dangerous tool in the line

But most effective when you're trying to Get some sort of limb cutting going on This is going to be the 10-in pole saw Goes up 30 plus Ines so high in the sky And to your point lighter so when you're Up there it's easier to manage that's uh The the lightness of the carbon fiber on On a tool like this is really important Because it gives you better control Really good stuff thanks bar and the Lifetime warranty yeah go want to learn More about it just go to [Music]

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