GUCCI EDC Thrower and Most Comfortable Square EDC With Laser From Olight

A Little Tid Bit About the History of Drills

Drills have been around for thousands of years and the electric drill for a few hundred years. Drills today have evolved to make human life much more easy and will continue to improve our quality of lives for some time to come.

What You Need to Know About Rock Polishing Equipment

Rock polishing equipment for the lapidary is as necessary to him as a wrench is to a mechanic. A good lapidary can fix and repair jewelry, customize silver and gold, and polish and do ring sizing. For the rocks, though, you need the proper tools for getting them into shape. Tools like rock saws, cabbing stones, and geode cutters.

Woodworking Jigs – Accuracy and Safety in the Shop

Your cuts are not true, your holes are not centered and when you go to put the whole project together, nothing lines up right! Oh the magic and gift of woodworking jigs.

What Tools You Need For Woodworking

It is very easy to get confused by the massive amounts of different tools there are for woodworking needs. If you are new to woodworking and are need of some tools, it’s best to know first which tools you will need and which brands to buy.

Common Power Tools For Common Household Repairs

A screwdriver and hammer do not constitute a proper and effective toolkit. To perform common household repair, you’ll need a few essential power tools to get the job done.

Use Tools With Caution

Power tools of today are very high tech pieces of equipment that if not handled properly can injure, maim, or even kill the unprepared. So before you grab that ax, chain saw, or power drill, be sure to read through some of these guidelines to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Purchasing a Sturdy Chainsaw For Your Next Project

If you work in carpentry, the logging industry or simply have some wood to saw, the chainsaw is an essential companion. There are 2 chief types of chainsaw – gasoline and electric.

How to Handle a Power Drill

Power drills are great tools and can be used for various jobs besides just drilling holes. You can also use them install screws, strip paint, and even use them as sanders and polishers. The power drill is very versatile but can also be dangerous if used wrong. Here is a brief run through on how to properly use a power drill.

Choosing a Socket and Ratchet Set For Your Home Improvement Tool Chest

If you have a home improvement tool chest in your garage, then you’re going to need a ratchet set with both metric and standard sockets. Now then, before you go out and shop the latest sales ads at the local Home Depot or Lowe’s store, I want you to think about the quality of the tools that you’re buying, because not all ratchet and socket sets are made equally and there is a big difference in the durability and quality of these tools.

How to Use a Drill

For people who have never used, held, or have even seen a real power drill, using one can be a quite an experience. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before using a drill.

Carbon Fiber Handled Hammers Considered

If you are considering doing some serious home-improvement around your house, and you’re going to try to do most of the work yourself in order to save money, then you are going to need some solid tools and one of the most important items is a good hammer. If you are getting up there in age you may not want to get an old-style hammer that has a steel, or stainless steel handle. This makes them very heavy and you will get tired very quickly, especially if you’re not conditioned for rigorous handyman work.

Being Safe on Riding Lawn Mowers When Landscaping

Riding lawn mowers provide ease and comfort to the homeowners and other ground keepers to mow their lawns. However the fun and ease can turn into a tragedy if the rider does not pay undivided attention to safe operation of the machine.

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