Milwaukee M18 1/2″ Router Review with ALL Accessories
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Thanks to @MilwaukeeToolsNZ for supplying the 1/2″ Router used in this video.

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Good day everyone I have a myriad of Things here on the table to show you Hopefully I won't waffle on too much in This video so that we can get through Them all as quickly as possible but if You've seen me before you know I do like To Waffle on occasionally anywh who this Is a video about this by itself like That doesn't look much really does it But this is the new Milwaukee half in Round on the M18 platform that's right An 18V half in router is that the first Of its kind I do believe it is is Anybody else made an 18vt halfin router It's one of the very few cordless halfin Routers around anyway that's for sure This is the only other halfin cordless Router that I have and we will get to That later in the video hopefully maybe We won't we'll see how we go anyway I'll Go through what you get with your tool When you buy it so this is the main body Of the router So when you buy it it will Come with this let's get that one out of The way for the moment it will come with This fixed Base so you get that that drops in there Like so we just make sure it's open up Here and what do we do we that button And she goes right ready to go so that Is the fixed base it comes with lock it In the lock is pretty damn tight it Comes with five collets which is really Good I've never seen a router come with

Quite so many all the other ones I've Got usually have something missing that I want anyway we've got a 6 mil a quter In an 8 mil a 12 mil and a/ in I tend to Mostly use the/ quarter and the half but From time to time I do need the six uh I've never used a 12 occasionally I use An eight and occasionally I use a 10 or A 9.5 mm or 38 of an inch but this is a Very good selection of collets these Collets can also be removed from the Nuts and you can put other collets back In there if they get damaged or anything Like that you need to change out collets For something else it comes with two Bases so we've got this standard base Here with a fairly large hole in the Bottom then we have this secondary base Better for putting in template guides Also has a whole lot of holes around the Edge pretty similar to one I made a few Years back um so good for connecting With the dust Port here to suck up the Dust I'll show you more about that Shortly couple of Spanners these three parts go together To give you a guide to run along the Edge of your material that slots in There those slot into there we've got a Dust port for to go onto your Vac and and one of these this also comes With a couple of screws and it goes in Here get your dust Port thingy shove it In there this goes through the holes in

It like so and it's now locked in place Well it's not locked in place cuz I Haven't put the two little nuts in here So you need a couple little thumb screws To go in there and that holds your thing I think that's quite a good system Because a lot of other systems I've used Yeah not that great with just one little Screw in there and they sort of flop Around they snap off easily whereas that Is a good solid fix m in There now that is the standard base put It to the side for a moment a lot of you Are going to want a plunge base that's Where this comes into let's let's put The camera down here for a moment just Change the angles a bit here right That's better so this is the plunge base Now this is a separate accessory and it Is a really nice accessory they have Done super well on this done well on on The other base as well but the the Casting is so nice Like there's no rough patches it's Beautifully painted it is a really nice Looking base it's it's it's really good And the handles are super nice they They're are better um tpe type over Molding than even this one has um Slightly different sort of rubbery feel To it this this one's really good and It's got a square not round a square Guide here for setting your depth we've Got a micro adjust on the end here which

Is very nice and we've got like a five Step 5 1 2 3 4 five six steps I think Those go up in about an eighth of an Inch 3 mm 3.2 mm somewhere like that Which is sort of the maximum depth if You're doing big plunge Cuts you can Just do it pass by pass with that and Know that you're not going to be going Too deep and putting too much strain on The machine or damaging your material so That like I said is a separate accessory And it comes once again with another one Of these and another dust Port so you're All set plenty of dust ports if you buy That separately you're all good to go And the tool just loosen that off drop It in you don't need this for the plunge Base so it basically just drops into a Hole in the back here as you can see Doesn't connect to anything just drops In lock it in place Very tight lock on it and the plunge Mechanism is very nice you just give This a tap and as soon as you let go it Locks again so boom plunge let go it's Locked hopefully that lasts and doesn't Start Slipping but as it is very nice and easy To use So so far so good what else have we got On the Bench well here is the track adapter That's right you can put it on a guide Rail like we've got in the back of the

Shot here not quite as in back of the Shot as it was a moment ago before I Tilted everything let's go down another Level like so right so we've got a track In the back here this runs on the track Just like your track saw would so this Helps you want repeated straight cuts With your router this is going to be the Way to do it and I'm looking forward to Using that more than anything else with This tool um once again we've got all Sorts of measurements on it here for Getting the right distance out from Your your track we've got a guide here To set it so that you for different size Bits um this all comes sort of kit set You put it all together uh we've got Adjustments on the the track base here And I looked at the manual because I Couldn't quite work out what the point Of this is cuz they kind of look like Tilt Stoppers stop your thing from Tipping off the track not that I think It ever would because it's not like a Plunga where you're going to have it on An angle and it's going to be putting All the pressure the wrong way this is Dead heavy and it's going to be pushing Straight down and this is pushing Straight down so I don't know why They're necessary but in the manual it Does have knobs here that release these As an anti-tip mechanism but it looks Here like they've just screwed them down

Tight onto the thing and removed the Knob So and yeah I don't I don't think you Would need it so that's that but this Also with the aid of this and an allen Key in a different screw will attach if You happen to have the 1/ quarter inch You can also just take this off remove That thumb screw there this has a little Bit so it slots on there like so screw It on there and then boom you can attach This To your track as well so that's pretty Cool multi-purpose so if you got both of Those you are completely set with quite A good system now I'll give it a quick Compare to this some point in this video We'll compare this and this in fact Maybe we'll do it right now I'll put the Fixed base on here we've already got a Fixed base on this as you can see Chuck A/ quar in router bit in each one and We'll just do some round over type bits Which is what I normally would use one Of these laminate trimmers for and we'll Just see Comfort wise how this goes and Powerwise whether we can get it a lot Quicker than we can do it with that one Uh one thing I'd like to complain about On this we haven't actually talked about The features of the the tool itself um We've got six on the speed dial here Goes up to six speed dial feels let's Just remove it again from here pops out

Like so according to the tool 12,000 up To 25,000 RPM but I do have a complaint Here Milwaukee this is New Zealand come On man what's going on here 116th of an Inch increments on the dial Dial's Actually got a bit of TP over molding Out there too actually that's quite nice As you can see that dials through this Is for just adjusting it within the Fixed base not the plunge base but Disappointing that that is in inches now In this part of the world this is the M18 F12 rba1 is this attachment RBA 2 is This attachment and I have no idea what The track number is called but I'm sure If you say to your local Milwaukee Rep I Need one of them pretty rare tracks They'll know what you're talking about Unless of course you're in the US where You only get the silver ones sorry guys So I'm going to use this size bit this Is what's known as a thumb radius as you Can see boom and I'm going to use a Standard 5 amp power battery on both of These for this test and we'll ramp up to The bigger batteries later on your hand Slips into a strap on the side here Quite nicely so we've basically now got A giant one-handed trim router let's see How she [Music] Goes now even though the half in was Quicker doing that sort of cut if I was Doing a little round over job like that

All day I would stick with the quinch Laminate trimmer over the/ in just Because it's much lighter much easier in The hand less fatigue on your arm and Stuff and all those things do count over Time this of course will be used for Bigger things doing stuff like this that This little one can't do because Something like this I it's almost the Size of the tool so this of course not a Hope in Hell of running that whereas This in theory we'll get to that later In the video hopefully if we have time When I um was undoing this after I've Been using this big one just the collet Size look at the difference look at the Size difference there absolutely massive Now the collets um on both tools push a Button push a button have a Sneeze bloody hell after you've had your Sneeze too much dust up my nose um so You can hold that and then get your Spanner and Away you go Doof Doof Doof If you can't get it undone like that you Can put a spanner on the top and a Spanner on the bottom and Away you go Like that so they're nice thick Spinners That come with it too some of them that Come with routers they're awfully Awfully thin and they can um they can Bend they're that thin but the ones for Both the qu inch and the/ in nice and Thick although they could do it being a Little bit longer battery us usage wise

I'm still not sure which one's better For doing something like a round over Bit like that this won't have to work as Hard as this one will but this one not Draining as much power to make the motor Spin as this one so I'm not sure time Will tell there's more testing needed to Be done and I may not have time to do That in this video in those first shots You saw both the tools were on full Whack number six but in this test we Will be going through the different ones I'll I'll start off at 1 and I'll ramp It up depending on what what I need to Do so let's [Music] Go right now a couple of things when Using the track adapter it has to go This way around with the router on the Opposite side to the side you would Normally use when you're using a plung Saww and it has two screws thumb screws That are in here that you can sort of Drop on the ground and then after you've Picked them up you can use that to Attach it to your Router so once you've done your Cuts Pays to take those out put them back Into this base so you don't lose Them it's nice that they came with that And is also a set that came with this Base and a set that came with a plunge Base so I've got three sets of these Screws so hopefully you know I can lose

Up to four of them and I'll still be all Right Theory so once you've got that done Up we can start doing some grooves but I've got another small issue in that When I just ripped that piece off to Straighten up this board I used this Square here from stealth mounts and it's Now going to be in the way cuz I need to Start off the edge and go all the way Through so I won't be able to use that To keep it Square unfortunately have to Do it the old school way if you want to Know about those take a look down in the Description now this is a 32 mm Di am a Cove bit got it set to about 1/4 of an Inch or 6 Mish deep we're going to Cheuck on this 6 amp high output battery And have a bit of a play see how we go See how it feels try a few different Depths different speeds that sort of Thing okay we're going to start on speed One it's Lock and [Applause] [Music] Load Just adjusting the um the track here so That we have movement but we're not Sloppy okay let's [Music] Go oh Unfortunately my track moved but the cut Itself was easy pretty smooth too Actually for ply it's pretty good I'm

Going to ramp up the speed a little bit Now I've lowered it a bit more we're Down to about half the depth of this About 9 or 10 mm about 38 of an inch Ramping it up to speed [Music] Three I did it again I tried to go a bit fast Just to see if it would stall and it Ended up just making my track move it's Not enough sort of direct weight Directly above the track it could be a Bit because this bit of ply is not dead Flat it's a bit a little bit warped Um it also could mean that I should Really put clamps underneath the track But hey that's the fun of learning and Playing around with tools a on scrap Timber right it is now time to abuse This thing now normally the bigger the Bit you put in here the bigger the Diameter the slower you would sort of go But and the deeper you go the slower you Might want to go but we're going to Crank this up to six so we're on full Whack I've got this bit down as low as It will go um comfortably so it's sort Of just about all the way through this 19 mm ply and P is a pretty tricky thing To cut as it is cuz his grains going in All different directions there's glue in There structural ply so there's fibers Anyway I'm going to see if we can stall It this is for you guys to see just how

Powerful this thing is or isn't I hate Doing this to new tools but it's got to Be done let's [Applause] Go [Applause] [Music] [Music] Took a Bit but she finally stalled battery is Flashing it's not happy but that was one Deep Groove and as you might have seen This vibrated loose I can't have done That up enough I don't think it's too Busy talking when I was putting it in Didn't do it right forgot to nib it up Tight anyway it's not something anyone Would recommend this 6 amp battery which Was freshly charged it's got one Flashing light at the moment I don't Think that is because the battery is Flat I think it is because it is Overloaded it'll just need a few minutes To just relax and come back down to Earth after some quiet time the 6 a high Output has got a couple of bars back um But I think I'll put that on charge Before I do any more testing I'm now Going to put these two up against each Other I'll stick the 12 on this I'm Going to stick the biggest batteries That each company makes so the 12 a on Here and the 4 a 36v which is the Equivalent of an 8 a 18vt I don't have 8

A Milwaukee and I want to see how it Feels with this big one on so that's the Way we're going if you don't like that Comparison well you can cry about it Down below now we're going to once the Battery is freshly charged for this one We've got a 32 mm or 1 and 1/4 in flat Bottomed trenching sort of thing that I'm going to do so I'm just going to Yeah do a couple of runs with that with Each one see if there's any major Difference between the two we will run Them does this one go up to six does too Look at that so just to be as as mean as Possible we'll run them both on six and I'll probably cut depth of cut wise will Go what should we do should we be really Mean or should we just be more normal Use let's go normal use I'll put it down To 5 mm and see how we go before we do Though if you want to just see the Differences between these this is a Plunge router all the time most routers In this part of the world seem to be More plunge routery than the American Sort of style of having the fixed base And the plunge separate um yeah it's a Personal preference sort of thing like Whether you want a barrel grip or a Dandle jigsa and that sort of thing um This having the plunge built in means You never have to change bases which is Nice of course uh not quite as Comfortable to hold one one handed as

The Milwaukee because yeah you haven't Got that sort of wraparound base that The Milwaukee's got um can't wrap your Hand around at the same but it is still Light enough that you can use it as a Trim router type Tool um 36 18V we've got trigger controls here to Turn it on rather on the handle rather Than on the tool like this one because This is a separate unit as you already Know so yeah I just want to see the Power let's just go do this place your Bits down okay both batteries are Charged ready to go 32 mil bit 5 mil [Music] [Applause] Deep [Applause] So did you notice something a bit Different there the high Ki goes along Like that so your hands are moving Forward with your piece of Timber and Your tool whereas the Milwaukee they're On the side they're not around like that Ideally I'd rather it was like that but That's not the way this thing is set up Unfortunately you have to go Sideways so means you can push hard that Way I think I prefer that for that Orientation of work unfortunately it is The same on the fixed base as well so H Not as good with the fence perhaps as This one so the green one is using twice

As many volts as the red one but the red One does admirably well but that does Come at a bit of a cost when it comes to Weight the red one pretty heavy let's Just have a quick way of them both here So with a bit in but no other Accessories no battery the high kokey Comes in at just over 3 kgs 385 G whereas the milwauke same setup one Bit in it no batteries or anything 4,200 right on 4.2 kgs now by the time You put this battery on you're looking At another over 1 and2 kgs isn't it yep So 5.7 over 5.7 basically 5.75 kgs it's quite a bit of weight in The fixed base significantly lighter That plunge base is pretty heavy 1.1 kgs Heavier than this base so with a fairly Light battery so chucked a 5 amp on There and yes these are genuine Batteries if you live in America this is What they look like everywhere else okay Stop telling me they're fake 3.77 so almost 3.8 kgs in that Configuration which isn't too bad that Puts it more in line with the high kokei Which with one of the light batteries This battery is exactly the same as the 5 a power in regards to this is a 5 a 18vt or a 2.5 for uh 36 volt and yeah so They're basically the same weight Batteries 3778 oh wow 3.7 8 isn't that exactly What they

Was where am I 3778 wow that is amazing those two there In those configurations weigh exactly The same that's a first but put the Plunge base on and add the track adapter And stuff you're getting right up there When it comes to weight time to do a bit Of a dust extractor Test [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] Well I don't normally have much luck With dust extraction on routers but that Was Brilliant another little torture test Now I'm just going to plunge this Straight into this slab of macro carer There it's um 32 mm diameter bit let's Go see how she Copes full [Applause] Speed [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh Well that was pretty Impressive so there we have it that is The Milwaukee M18 half in router with

Fixed base with plunge base With track guide oh I just remembered What happened to the Um there it is stuck it under my shelf There sorry bumping everything the Router actually came with a bag as well Well so that you can put your router in There check a few bits in there as well You'll only you won't get all the Different parts in there you won't get Both of those bases in there by the Looks but it came with this and this all These pieces together make up a nice System dust extraction I found well the Best of any router I've actually ever Used plunge base is great although a bit Heavy and make sure you never open these Up because it'll probably take your head Off when using the fixed base make sure You open this up when you're adjusting Your depth Al if you turn this dial Before you open that when you do open This you're going to end up with it Dropping and yeah not being as accurate As you want it to be so loosen that off First dial lock it back up again uh Never got to do all the tests I wanted To do because I want to get this video Out before Christmas for you guys and so That I can get all these things out of My head so I can have a break over Christmas and not think about tools too Much although no doubt I'll be building Things and I will still be recording

Snippets to put in later videos because Yeah once you become addicted to this that's what happens anyway thanks For watching if you haven't already Please hit the like button the Subscribe Thing hit the notification when you do The subscribe so that you get the Notification so you know what's going on You know when something's new and this Is my last Milwaukee review for the year But I still have three more videos that Are going to go up before the end of the Year so keep a lookout for those and I Will see you all on another one next Year going to have a few more milie ones Coming up in the first quarter of next Year and looking forward to trying out Some of these sort of tools with the new Forge battery so the forge battery on This and the plunge saw and some of the Other higher grunt machines I have I'm Looking forward to trying out the forge Batteries on those and a special thanks To Milwaukee for supplying me with some Of the gear that's in this video and Until then have a good Christmas and New Year and I'll see you all later tools Out For

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