Makita’s Ingenious Lightsabers: The Next Best Thing!

This is probably as close as you will ever get to a Makita LightSaber. The new Makita 40v ML012G
and 18v DML818 are a pair of very cool and versatile lights, and you can play lightsabers with them!

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00:00 Makita Strikes back!
09:05 Natural Habitat of the Light
10:20 LightSaber Battle
10:44 They’s Long!
12:00 Runtime
12:59 Hook Stand Thingy
15:27 Wrap it up

M great legs [Music] [Music] There good day everyone and thanks for Joining me for another Makita review This week well as you can see we are Looking at Lights is that one light two lights What's going on in that shot tools it Looks a bit odd yeah well these are Slightly odd looking lights uh there is Two of them here the one on the left but Also the right is the 18vt and the one On the right but also the left is the 40 Volt basically exactly the same units Just if you're running 18 volt you will Of course get the 18 volt one and if You're running 40 volt you'll get the Xgt one on the right which is also on The left why do I mean that well because They're crossing over each other as you Can see here the xgt one is the ml01 12g And the 18vt lxt is the DML 818 and they Are not permanently shaped like they are Here let's um take a look at one of them Closely now I don't have any other Lights going in here at the moment I'm Just lighting it with these and I'm also Going to end up knocking them all over Because these straps what going on here We're tangled up so they're lighting Everything in this video at the moment Now these are on the their full setting Which is 1,700 lumens and two of them

Together you can make quite cool things Like a giant M or something there at the Moment I need to make a t and an S but I Don't know how I'm going to make an S Out of this if I take a look at the xgt One here and we move this up man that Makes my arms look super Hairy Wow anyway if we clip it in full Position it is yes you guessed it a Lightsand [Music] This is the lower setting 400 lumens This is the off setting zero lumens this Is the highest setting 1,700 lumens Slowly coming in there 800 in the middle Back to the 400 so the 400 looks the Nicest on the camera because it's not Blurring anything up and it's also the Nicest on my eyes which is good now if We go like this don't have to pull any Button or anything you just give it a Yank you click it around wait for it to Click in there's a certain little Mechanism in here that clicks in now Have a light on both Sid so more like a Traditional Lantern there is 42 LEDs in Total on this thing 24 on this long Bottom side and 18 on this top side and If you really want to know if you want To know the Calvin number they're 5,000k and that is daylight white now as You can see you can stand it in some Interesting ways you can of course stand

It on its battery although would the end Sticking out like it is oh it is going To stand that's good it's got to be Careful that it's not going to topple Over depending on where you have This now in its full extension like so You can also do This so as you can see you can have Either all going or both of them going So if you were to use it in the folded Up position underneath the house or Something you don't need a huge amount Of light you can just turn one of these Off so that it's not blinding you and so There we go so I've only just got the Low one on so that I can see what I'm Doing underneath find whatever I need to Find on the ground without this side Blinding me that sort of thing or I can Point that up to the ceiling which of Course is not actually visible in the Video but right now just a bit of pale Light up on the ceiling so Quite versatile not only that let's put A bit more light back on the situation Shall We we just noticed then it turns on at Full brightness the 1700 lumens but it Remembers what mode you're in so if you Only had one or one or the other of Those sections going it will always stay Like that so let's just turn one off Just to show you what I mean boom boom Boom off so this one will only turn back

On when I turn on the power again but it Will start on the brighter setting now As well as folding and bending like that I need to change the brightness here Again I'm blinding myself that's better You can also rotate it through 270° through seven different clicks There doesn't go all the way around you Have to come back uh I don't really know Why you need that cuz I don't know why You couldn't just sort of just swivel The base But I guess if you want to hold it the Same way not have to twist your hand You're walking along then you can of Course just go like that and go up and Down a wall without having to do that in Your Hand not a biggie not a huge feature That one now when I use just one section The 18 lights I get this flickering Motion on my camera but I get the Frequency right when I turn on both of Them and it stops get rid of that Rolling flicking anyhoo let's now just Take a look at where the buttons are in Case you see them so we've got the Button on the main handle here which Turns the tool on to full Luminosity and then medium and then low And then off again and to change whether You want one bar lit up or two bars lit Up we have a mode button on the bottom So when the Tool is

On like so you probably won't see this But that's now one half the other half And back to full again so that's the Control RS now let's have a look at all The hooky hangy features because this Light doesn't just come as a light it Comes with something else as well which I may have to um Zoom the camera out for And uh maybe even go outside so let's Take a look at the hooks on this thing Right I have put some normal Lighting on Just to make my life a bit easier and Make this video well look a bit better I Guess hopefully now if you're wondering Where the 1,700 hum is very bright if You've got one of these and you know how Bright this thing is this is 1,250 and This thing is a beast so imagine a bit More than that and you got one of these It looks quite different though because This is in a Long spread out fashion Rather than just four very bright Scentered lights on this thing if you Want to see a video about this thing This is the ml 007 G I do have a video On that which I'll bung up there and Down in the description if I remember Now I was going to show you the hooks on This thing you will have already noticed That it has a strap so the strap which You can see here on this one doesn't Work very well does it if it's folded Over like that now your strap's in a Kind of weird place you can just unhook

It off here so unhooks easily off there And you have another area here where you Can hook it so if you want to have it Awfully awkward of course on a video for YouTube but there we go so now we can Have it hanging like so adjustable strap Of course so that comes standard with it At least in this part of the world I'm Not sure all the things I'm going to Show you in a moment come with this Particular tool in every part of the World I have to turn that light off Because it's blinding my shot here Oops right there we go let's now zoom in On the end of this thing oh there's a Sneaky little battery in the background There isn't there get that out of shot We don't want people seeing that next Video okay so we have a hook here on the End or the top which just folds out like So slides down and locks in place you Can now hang the thing up like so and Then you can swivel it as well the hook Swivels so it swivels real nice so you Can spin it around put it on whatever Angle you want and have it hanging Wherever you've got something to hook it On you can also of course hang it by the Strap I could hang them up here too and Use them as my lighting here above my Workbench but as well as hanging it like This there is another very cool way you Can hang it and this is the method that I'm not sure will come with your tool or

Not depending on where you live in the World you may not get this it may be an Optional accessory but as far as I'm Aware in New Zealand you will get this With your light and what is this well Let's see if we can put it on the bench Here here it's pretty big but here it is H is a bit long for my bench and doesn't Look all that exciting on the bench Either does it let's see it in its Natural habitat oh wait on it's a bit Dark to fil out here oh hang on a Second oh look at that man look at that That's Awesome let's going for a closer look so That lights up the engine bay awesome so I can like do some repairs here ding Ding ding yeah all running good yeah Sweet a now if the light is not quite in The position you want there is a small Amount of movement you can do with it so I can slide it along a bit there get it A bit more Central and that is a perfect Amount of lighting and it's not throwing Much of a shadow anywhere it's pretty Good yeah that that's good that's that's Real good I like that I wish I had one Of these when I had my van on the back Door of a van absolutely perfect for Loading things in and out at night and Stuff like that you can even hook one up On a pretty permanent basis with the Hook somewhere now to get it out of the Telescopic hook handle stand thingy

There's a little lever release on each Of these two brackets just pop them off And then push it out click it out like So and now you know what you have now Right might have to get a couple of These oh wait them I need a friend now How to play lightsabers with if you want To come and play lightsabers with tools Leave your name in the comment section Below and maybe you can cover our what Day and we can play [Music] Lightsabers they're so tall they're hard To actually get in shot how tall are They well they're 972 mm long without a Battery so with a battery on them They're just over a meter long and as For the extendable stand that goes from Between, and3 m mm to 1900 mm speaking Of that telescopic stand hook thing Let's take a closer look at That now that I've turned those lights Off it's kind of doesn't seem as bright In here anymore as it used to be my eyes Are sort of bit burnt out anywh who Let's take a look at the stand now the Stand is according to Makita 1 and A2 Kgs but it sort of doesn't even feel That heavy to me feels pretty light uh The lights themselves 1.1 kgs without a Battery so you're looking at what's that 2.6 with a battery about 3.2 for a 18 Volt and then it'll vary starting at 3.2 And going up to about

4.4 I think with the xgt if you had an 8 Amp battery on it uh you don't really Need an 8 amp battery though unless of Course you want it to run for a very Very long time because if we rattle off The numbers here before we look at the Standard I'll give you the give you the Run time so the runtime on high for the Xgt is on a 2 a hour battery you're Looking at 3 and 1/2 hours on the lowest Setting 16 hours 2 and 1/2 amp hour Battery 4.5 hours and 20 hours a 4 a 7 Hours and 32 hours a 5 a battery 8 1/2 Hours and 40 hours and for an 8 a hour Battery you're looking at 14 hours on High and 65 hours on the lowest setting And on the mid settings just take Halfway points between all those numbers I just told you cuz I don't want to read Out everything you know come on and on The 18vt I'm not going to Rattle out Every single number for you but on the Highest battery the highest current Current 6 a 18vt battery who knows it Might be a bigger one one0 but at the Moment the highest 6 and power you're Looking at about 5 hours on high 11 on The medium setting and 23 hours on the Low setting anyway now back to the hook Stand thingy so it's anodized aluminium It looks very nice it's very well done Makita label on the here is very nice And these aren't metal like they might Look these are over molded so they

They're rubbery so that they don't Damage the car or whatever else you Happen to be clipping them on to I've Used them on the floor joists that are Above my head just pushing on here and They hold really well so it's it's Pretty good so it's spring-loaded tell Us scoping but spring loaded on both Ends so both ends are same like that to Like I said 1,00 mm maximum width which Is pretty damn good and then these clip In make sure they clip in the right Place you want to clip it around this Area that's now visible on screen this Bit here at the top and bottom of each Light clips into these like so just clip It around it's quite tight to pull back Out but yet they just clip in nicely and Then you can swivel it to whatever angle You want so yeah this is a very nice Lightweight but rugged feeling little Unit and not just good for putting Underneath the Bonnet of cars or the Back door of your van but also like I Say hooked it on the floor joist plenty Of pressure there this is nice and wide Looking at what probably about 125 mm About 5 in wide there so you can hook it On rafters and all sorts of things you Could hang it from this if you really Wanted to from one end even though of Course you can hang the light as it is From a hook but if you want to just hook It over a chunk of wood then that's

Perfect to just hook up over the top or Something and if you hook these between A couple of Rafters above your head when You're building a house that sort of Thing you've basically got nice strip Lining there it's like a um it's like The Lights I've got above me here above The bench the nice long LEDs or like a Fluo light so yeah it's a pretty cool Unit and like I say this comes standard In New Zealand but judging from what I've seen it may not come standard Everywhere else it may be an optional Accessory in some parts of the world and And having it standard will mean this Will be a lot more expensive here than In other parts of the world I guess and There may be some people who don't want The stand and only want the the light so They can play lightsabers with their Mates but as far as I'm aware they're Going to all come with one of these so But I may be wrong things may change so I think I have told you all the features Of these things and showing you all the Different things so what do I actually Think of it though well I like it it's pretty damn cool I'm just Going to zoom out a bit here so they're They're nice and bright they're for a Makita product they're they're brighter Than I thought they might have been um One thing I would what do I do there Just knocked it off one thing I would

Change or would like to see when you Have it folded out like this it's Pointing up okay it's so hard to get This in shot I'm going to have to move My camera position again so like this It's great if you it pointing up all the Lights going up but it would be cool if It had lights on this side so you could Stand it like that and it would Point Down although as you can see it doesn't Want to stand which is one of my other Little complaints it's okay when it's in Dead vertical position then the XG T1 Stands no problem and depending on what Battery you've got on there it will be Different um but when it's like that see That's about the Tipping Point just on That angle there and with the 18vt one Very hard to get it to stand up you got To be careful it will want to topple Over quite easily so basically designed To be used in this thing or of course Handheld you if you are going to be Using the standing up better off in the Folded over position certainly for the Xgt one and the lxt one as well there so That's about my only two complaints it's A little bit wobbly potentially and it Would be cool to have it so the light Came down there and out that way as well As the other way we can somehow swivel That flip it the other direction that Would be really cool but unless I'm Really missing something you can't flip

It that way but it is good if you want To point a light up at a ceiling as long As you've got something to stop it from Toppling over but you can also just walk Along if you're looking at a ceiling Which once again is really hard to film Let's say we Let's Pretend This wall at The back here is a ceiling and you're Walking along underneath you know you Can just light something up look for Imperfections or whatever you happen to Be doing quite good also for detailing On a car maybe you could do that so yeah It's a nice light I like it feels well Made and cool little tool and a nice Addition to the Mak lighting setup what Else do we need from the xgt line do we Still need tower lights anyway if you Want to see more Makita lights I do have A few more videos which I will Chuck up In that top corner and down in the Description such as this and the other Work lights and the big wobble lights And yeah stuff like that oh and I almost Forgot it does come with makita's xpt Technology which is something about dust Protection and water and all that sort Of stuff so you know this is pretty well Sealed against dust and a bit of bit of Rain don't leave it sitting down in the Rain obviously don't drop it in a bucket Of water or anything like that either Another thing that makes it an all round Good little tool so thank you again for

Watching and I will see you all on Another Makita review real soon it'll be This time next week no it won't it'll Actually be even sooner than this time Next week so thanks for watching and I'll see you then cheers Oh

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