Makita 40v Sub-Compact Rotary Hammer Drill VS Makita 18v Sub-Compact Rotary Hammer + Dust Extractor

3 Models of Rotary Hammer Drill compared in this one. As well as taking a look at the nifty little Sub-Compact Dust Extractor.
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Get a Makita loyalists I've got a cute Little new tool on the bench today it's The Hr010g rotary hammer and look at it look How small it is people who said that Photo was false advertising with the Picture of the hand it wasn't look it's A right little cutie Being smaller of course it won't drill As big a holes as some of the original Xgt rotary hammers but for a lot of us This will do the job really this is Probably all I would ever need because I Don't normally drill holes larger than 20 millimeters in diameter and that's What this is rated for even though it's So small 20 millimeters in diameter I'm Not doing holes bigger than that in fact I haven't even got a 20 mil bit to test This with usually I don't do anything Over 16 millimeters so do I really need This 28 millimeter rated Hr001g does have a few more features of Course that you can't get on a little One this one doesn't have a variable Speed dial and it doesn't have big Hooks And stuff but it's still got AWS it's Still got a light on the front it's Still amazingly enough has Hammer Functions only so you can use this just To Chisel which is very cool on a tool They're sized so am I going to be able To swap this out can I get rid of this For this well time will tell hopefully

I'll know that by the end of this video But not only Are we looking at the Hr010g but I also have for your perusal The Dhr183 that's right Makita have released These at pretty much the same time the 18 volt one did come out a little bit Earlier this is the 18 volt lxt version And the 40 volt xgt version so what's The difference well if you have a quick Look at the front here you may have Already seen The chipping or Hammer function I just Spoke about as Hammer only doesn't exist On the 18 volt so the 18 volt maybe Doesn't quite have the beans to pull That off so it's just drilling with Hammer so for drilling into concrete and Plain drilling mode whereas this one has The drilling mode the drilling with the Hammer that dot there is for turning Your chisel to get it on the right angle It basically just unlocks the inside of The Chuck so you can get on the right Angle before you then lock it in place And do your hammering so that is Probably the biggest difference between The 40 volt and the 18 volt it is also Slightly bigger the 40 volt you can just See it's a little bit bigger here it's a Little bit longer here slopes and stuff It's just a little bit different a Little bit heavier but not a lot this is

A very thin tool look at that she's a Cute little rotary and yeah just a Little bit smaller than the 40 volt now They both come with a side handle of Course with a depth gauge but more Interesting they both are capable of Using this now this is a little dust Extractor that hooks onto the front of The tool and is powered by the fans Within the tool is a seal on the bottom Here this slots onto either tool very Easily just put it in like so bang done Ready to go and that little spindle you Saw in the bottom Powers this just with The battery and everything running off The drill so it's sucking up all your Dust no need for an external vac no need For a big annoying hoses very very cool I hope it works nicely so look at that She's spring-loaded oh yeah so this will Automatically with the spring keep this Up against the area where your drill in Your hole is so that it hopefully Catches the dust right there sucks it Down here into the unit at the bottom Has a manual Thumper on the bottom for Cleaning the filter If you've got a in-class vac for Instance that will have an automatic one Of those in there every now and again it Goes and vibrates everything to knock The dust off the filters well this one You just give it a little tweak I'll show you some more about that later

I'll I'll empty it out pulls off easy But I'll show you all that once we have Done some drilling because I've got a Job to do outside right now and it's a Beautiful sunny day which has been Pretty rare this year and I want to get The damn thing done but I'll give you The model number of this the dx16 and it Fits easily as I said on both tools Which is pretty cool right I don't know About you Jokers but I'm gonna go drill Some Dam holes so I'm going to be Putting these 12 millimeter or half inch 190 millimeter long 190 I think so Um into my concrete block wall behind me And so I'm going to need to drill holes About 160 to 170 and then it goes Through the Timber and then into the Wall also be checking on some of those Now using bolts that long is going to be A little bit of a problem with this dust Extractor because it looks like we're Only going to get about 100 millimeters Of plunge into our cook with this on it It's so I need to go probably 50 mil More than that it's not going to be Super effective for these holes Unfortunately But we'll see how we go I'm going to Start with the 18 5 amp power battery And we'll do 40 with a 2.5 Foreign [Music] [Music]

Struggled a bit but she didn't cut out And yes it is a freshly fully charged Battery so that was actually a fairly Good test of the Dust extraction because As you saw at the beginning there when I Started drilling it wasn't in contact All the dust was pouring down then once This was in contact I didn't see the Dust falling down anymore so let's take A look how much is in here comes off so Easy and we just pop this off And if we flick this off we will see Foreign so that was empty when I started So that's the dust collected from one Hole well half a hole because at the Beginning it wasn't even collecting it's A it's collected a lot of So it seems to be working quite well We'll certainly make your lungs and the Atmosphere you're working in much more Pleasant [Music] Wow that was easy Foreign [Applause] Foreign The dust out of this thing now I've just Done three holes with the xgt so we'll Just see how that goes so it was up to About there three holes So I've just realized I've done the last Eight holes with the xgt I better do Some more with the 18 volt but let's Just have a look at the battery after

Doing eight holes so I've got the 2.5 Amp power battery on it and we are at Least halfway depleted So might not get two more than about What 14 to 16 out of it that's on a 2.5 Which is of course a very small battery But it basically has the same cells as This 18 volt one the 18 volt is just so Light I figure I'll just gonna have a Couple of goes with it without the dust Extractor just because it just feels so Nice and light to use and then I'll see How much dust it makes [Music] Foreign [Music] And that there is why I've been using The xgt one over the lxt one still Showing four bars out [Music] Thank you [Applause] [Music] Well it does came out the back of that Because there's a bit of a gap there It's not sucking up the thing it's just Pulling out the gap before it gets to The to the sucky thing Let's go again with the xgt Just pushing as hard as I could there Just to see if it would cut out [Music] Oh first time Still got battery

[Music] So both tools did that task fine but you Could definitely tell the 40 volt had a Bit more oomph it was far harder to slow It down or stall the 40 volt compared to The 18 but the 18 if you're doing you Know if you're an electrician or Something just that size the small the Weight size it's just brilliant and with This thing on the front this thing's Awesome trying to go right through Concrete blocks filled with concrete With a half inch bit is sort of even Though this is rated for 18 millimeters It's still a pretty big task this is Rated for 20 millimeters and if we also Look at the speeds this is 1100 RPM 5000 Impacts per minute this is 1350 so it's A little bit quicker 5000 impact still But faster drilling speed and yeah more Power But a bit lighter weight if you want Lightweight that's an awesome little Tool but how do they go against a bigger Rotary hammer in particular how does the 40 volt go against the very first 40 Volt so let's take a look at the 40 volt And we'll do some we'll do some um 16 Millimeter holes so there's a 16 Millimeter bit there I'll put it in all Three of them it's a third one being This monster the Hr001g 40 volt we'll see which one is Quicker because it'll be interesting

Because this is the slowest of the three Of them so this has an RPM of up to 980 All three of them have variable speed Triggers this one up to 980 like I just Said this one up to 13.50 so let's take A look and see if that can do it faster Than this with a 16 millimeter bit but Remember this one is rated all the way Up to 28 millimeters [Music] All right Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign [Music] Pretty cool it's a nice clean ring Right after that test let's just take a Look at some of the numbers of these Tools which will help reflect in why the Tools behave the way they do and perform The way they did so the Hr001g in the back here the big original Filler she's 28 millimeter capacity Right so designed to drill up to 28 Millimeter diameter holes it weighs 3.2 Kgs has 2.8 joules of impact Force seven Meters per second vibration for so that Is the lowest of the three tools it's Got a bit more mass to absorb the Vibration these things are a bit smaller They're going to fire it into you a bit More they've all got similar avt type Protection with the moving handles there

But yeah that one is the best followed By the 18 volt and the new 40 volt is The worst for vibration so the new Little 40 volt Hr010g is rated for 20 millimeters as We've already stated it has two joules Of energy it has 8.5 meters a second of Vibration and a 1 000 watt motor According to Makita New Zealand's Website but whether that's accurate or Not I'm not sure because they have the Rotation speed wrong for this and they Also have the weight completely wrong as Well if this is a thousand Watts that's 500 watts and according to the website This is only 620 so that's interesting Has the technology gotten so much better From this to this So on the website they State this as 2.9 Kgs beard tool well I've just weighed it With the handle it's only 2150 they also state that the 18 volt is 1.9 kgs but it's only 1.6 or about 1750 With the Handler now the 18 volt puts Out 1.7 joules of hitting force and as I've already said it's 18 millimeters in Diameter and 7.7 meters of vibration 500 Watts 1.6 kgs so if those wattage Numbers are correct then this is using Twice as much power as this one can and It's hitting with 0.3 joules more energy Than this one is and this one is giving You more vibration through your body and This one weighs around 500 grams more

Than this with the Dust Extractor attachment daily the dx16 this Thing weighs with half full of um dust Weighs about 940 grams so see let's say 900 grams so 900 grams put that on top Of this you've got a 3 Kg unit and if You connect it to this you're looking at About two and a half so what else is There to do well this one does have a Hammer function as we have a look the Old chisel function on the front there Hammer only no rotation it is a very Small tool not a lot of weight behind it Two joules of energy 2.8 on the big one In the back is it gonna be any good at Chipping stuff well I imagine it's Probably only really any good for taking Off some quick set some grout you're not Going to be smashing up a big slab with This thing where are you let's Um let's see if I can find some concrete I want to destroy [Music] [Applause] [Music] So there you go I stuck the 8 Amp Hour Battery on it for that test just to try It out just to give it the maximum Amount of oomph and um yeah she's a She's a big old Beast with that battery On it's basically doubled the weight of The tool the tool 2.15 kgs the battery Another 2 kgs basically on top of that But it did do a little bit of chipping

Um so yeah for small little jobs it Might be quite handy is this enough to Replace the bigger one well for a lot of People yeah it would be I would get away With using this tool probably over the Other one there's not too many times I Would need to drill holes over 20 Millimeters diameter And I love the little Um vacuum attachment thingy it's so Quick and easy and well designed Something that's not well designed Though is the handle now while the Handle is quite nice it's got some Rubbery tpe over molding there it's got Some vibration dampening there as you Can see but my keto why can't you make Handles that are decent for getting on And off it is just so clunky went on Better then than it has and the whole Time I've been using it It's just powerable and it clicks in a Few different places a few different odd Angles But getting it on and off sometimes Catches on the pull piece here of the Chuck And it's just a bit clunky the when they Change the 40 volt handles this is the Original one it's got TP over molding All the way over similar sort of system You turn the knob on the top here then You sort of push it down to release it And then you slide it off I guess the

New one Is slightly better than this piece of Junk They just don't like going on it just It's a it's a poor design the rest of The tools are great but that little Feature does let the Makita hammer Drills down somewhat I've got to say Something negative about them I can't it Can't all be positive so what is the Difference then between these three Tools What features do some have that the Others don't etc etc So the handles are all pretty rubbish on The three of them we've established that This one you can't do hammer function Like you can with these two it's only Hammer drilling not Hammer by itself so You ain't going to be chiseling anything These two have AWS this one does not This one has variable speed these two do Not they've got variable speed triggers But this one has a dial so you can set It low and then it'll always stay at That particular whatever you set it at Which is Handy if you're doing delicate Stuff trying to drill through odd things Like tiles and stones and weird if You're not just smashing away through Concrete all day then that is quite Handy but you can do it with these as Well if you can control your finger well Enough this one came with a big beefy

Hook although these two small ones have This thing on the side here that just Pops out so I'm assuming that's for a Hook I don't know it's a bit it's a Little bit odd looking never seen that On a rotary hammer maybe I just haven't Looked but they've both got that this One has a hook in the same place So presumably it's for a hook all three Of them have a standard SDS Plus Chuck And all three of them can have one of These dust extractor things stuck on the Front although this one is powered just By the fans within the tool whereas this One has actual power coming from the Battery that will run the vacuum Attachment Much chunkier though of course when we Clip this into here Look how quick and easy that is it's Just so good and then you put it next to The original 40 volt they are getting Close to the same size But once you put the extractor Attachment I need a bigger bench on this tool it's Coming down here and it's a massive Thing compared to this thing So this is a nice little compact unit Something else what have I not shown you About this Okay so we've got a see the Filter in there clogging up if we Give this a twist I don't know how much of it you can see

Vibrating up on the camera But I can see it all falling out of the Fins of the filter there so there's that They've got two depth settings here This one so that it'll stop At whatever depth you want it at you Know you want to go 50 mil bang perfect And then it's got one in the other Direction this one at this end So that one is so if you're only doing 50 mil for instance you only got a short Drill bit in there then you can set it To the end of your whatever the length Of your drill bit is and then go from There so that's cool you've got two Different settings Um and I've shown you how to empty and Everything so that's about that for that And that's about that for this video I'm Guessing let me know if you like these Little tiny baby rotaries compared to The big suckers but I think if you're an Electrician and you're just doing small Little screws all day into concrete you Know six millimeter diameter five Millimeter diameter 50 mil deep that Sort of thing this thing will just keep Punching away for you all day no effort At all nice lightweight tidy keeps the Job clean Um yeah great little tool I would of Course take the 40 volt over the 18 volt It's got that added feature of the Chipping it's got the AWS should you

Want to hook it up to a vac and it's Also just got that sustained power that Most of the 40 volt stuff has over the 18 volt stuff the 18 volt stuff you Usually get the job done for you but you Hear it struggling and you know it's Just a bit slow and it it struggles a Bit more whereas the 40 volt keeps that Power sustained without so much of the Drop off that cordless tools so often Have thanks for watching and I will see You all on another Makita review real Soon cheers guys

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