Milwaukee has a PROBLEM. But someone is determined to FIX IT.

Buying a Chisel – Pros and Cons of the Major Chisel Brands (Part 3)

So far we have looked at two different brands of bevel edged chisels, one American and one English. Now we need to consider the Japanese.

How to Get Glue Off Cramps – Woodworking Advice

I was amazed when I looked recently at “the most frequently asked woodworking question” on Yahoo. That was, “How I get glue off cramps”? The answer is that once the glue is on there and dried, the only way I know to clean it is the hard way. That is to chip it of slowly and painfully with something like a blunt chisel.

Lawn Mower Parts – Fix Up Your Mower

There are quite a few lawn mower parts. When a lawn mower is being sold two of the biggest selling points is the size of the motor and the cutting base. Each of these parts is integral and usually determines the cost.

Portable Generators – Top 3 For Tailgating

Mike’s pick for 2010 portable generators for tailgating. The days of warm beer cans and McDonald’s are over.

Getting to Know the Functions of a Mitre Saw

Miter saws can do all sorts of precision cutting on wood. Find the right miter saw for your next construction project.

24v Cordless Drill – Seven Super Safety Tips

Accidents happen even to the most experienced worker, so it can do no harm to spend a minute reviewing these safety tips. These tips have been written specifically for the high-powered 24v cordless drill, but are also relevant for other drills.

Buying a Chisel? – Pro’s and Con’s of the Major Chisel Brands – Part 2

Another favourite brand of chisel in the workshop are the blades made by Robert Sorby. These blades are made in Sheffield on the traditional European pattern. They offer a choice of either London pattern handle or the carvers handle both in Boxwood.

Buying a Chisel? – Pro’s and Con’s of the Major Chisel Brands – Part 1

Not all tool manufacturers do a good job of applying a bevel down the top of a chisel. Some like Lie Nielsen do a beautiful job taking that almost right down to the back of the blade, and others like Crown put a little chamber on the top of the blade and call that a bevel.

The Comfort and Convenience of Fireplace Log Holders

Having a fireplace burning with a nice and warm fire is one luxury we have been for centuries. Indeed, there are few things in life that can compare to the comfort, warmth and the seemingly hypnotic sight of a burning fire during a cold night. In order to accommodate this habit of ours, fireplaces have evolved over the many years in order to provide us with the experience of having a fire in our home, but with a degree of safety and convenience that were not present those many years ago.

Choosing the Perfect Fireplace Log Rack

During the cold winter months, there is nothing better than getting to stay in at home and enjoying a warm cup of chocolate – in front of a crackling, merry fireplace. Fireplaces have been a staple in Western houses for centuries, and they prevail for good reason – a fire slowly warms up the house and creates a warm atmosphere during the freezing winter season.

Impact Wrenches – A Handyman’s Guide

For any home handyman, an impact wrench is an incredibly useful tool. Impact wrenches are basically wrenches that deliver bursts of high torque. They are indispensable for any light mechanical work such as changing tires, or other home construction tasks…

Why Firewood Storage Racks Are the Best Way to Store Firewood

Keeping a fire burning in the fireplace is one of the most important thing to do during winter. No one can control the freezing weather outside, but you can make sure that your home is warm and cozy. Not only will a fireplace warm everyone at home, it can also save you much money because you can turn off your heating system while the fireplace is blazing.

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