Ryobi 18v Framing Nailer Review. Can it Punch as Hard as Other Nailers?

Is this the ultimate DIY tool from Ryobi? The 18v Ryobi Framing Nailer is now available and it sinks nails deep.

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Ryobi Framing Nailer

This Tool was supplied to me by @ryobinewzealand for purposes of Review.

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G'day everyone today we are looking at Another Ryobi tool and it's my favorite Kind of tool well one of my favorite Kind of tools who doesn't love a nail Gun [Music] And even better who doesn't love a free Nail gun that's right Ryobi said to me One day hey tools would you like a free Framing nailer and what am I going to Say to that who doesn't want a free nail Gun and I've been interested to put this Up against my other nail guns to see Just how it copes ever since I first Heard it advertised Now In the background there will be Something going on I'm also using the background to Well print something with a 3D printer Yes so it might get a bit loud and a bit Annoying otherwise you know I just Thought it'd be cool to have something Being built in the background I gotta Just remember not to keep knocking the Thing because it'll stuff things up I'll Let you know a bit more about that in a Moment I've also got another little toy Here that I've just stuck on my phone so I can see how hot this actual thing is Getting sorry we'll get back to the Nailer in a moment But It's cool all the tech you can do with

Your phone these days so this is a Little camera that you plug in the Bottom of your phone and you can change It to look like all sorts of different Colors depending on what suits you the Best Um I tend to like that one because Everything's black and white sort of if It's coldish and it goes yellow to Red At the top which makes sense to me So Yeah I can see just how hot the Filament coming out of this thing is and How hot the bed is and stuff so the Coolest part of this shot right now is The back wall at about 17 and a half Degrees The um Filament head here we're looking at like 140ish And We're looking at About 53 degrees for the base it's meant To be heated to 60 so we're about that 60 measurements taken from I don't know So yeah if you're interested in that I'll put a little link down in the Description it's called uh what's it Called an infrared So yeah that's quite cool I'll be using That from time to time throughout this Video potentially Anyway back to the nail gun oh and if

You're interested in that because it is Pretty cool and it is quick but I think I might speed it up Just whack the speed up a bit here there We go it's pretty fast for a 3D printer not that I've had a lot of Experience with 3D printers but they Tell me it's fast and I printed this The other day and it took 39 minutes Which I thought was pretty good Um because everybody said yeah our 3D Printers you've got to leave them Running overnight but but yeah I thought 39 minutes for that and I had it running On just the standard seating I could Have ramped it up probably pumped it out In about 25 minutes back to the nail gun That's why you're here right first Impressions of this thing it's pretty Heavy but if you've ever used any Cordless nailer you'll know they're all Pretty heavy this one clocking in at Four and a half kgs without a battery I Haven't done a lot with it yet but I Plan to build a fence with it in a few Days weather permitting but it's not Looking too flash at the moment Unfortunately I've used it a little bit And I've done some tests and I've done Some deck framing with it but I haven't Really done a lot of filming with it yet But I'll just tell you some of the Features and then hopefully I'll go Build something first up builds quality

Wise pretty good for a Ryobi you know I Mean it feels really tough and solid It's got a lot more over molding than You'd normally see on a framing nailer I Can't recall all my other ones having so Much of this sort of tpe overmolding This is maybe because this is more of a DIY tool rather than a construction sort Of tool not too many guys building Houses and are gonna pick the Ryobi Nail this is more for DIY guys guys that Want to build their fence at home build A deck build a shed build a pergola Whatever that sort of stuff aren't going To thrash it aren't going to use it Every day and because you're not using Every day that weight although heavy If you're not using it for long periods Of time it's not that bad but it looks And feels at first glance very good for A Ryobi tool or Ryobi if you're so Inclined This is all metal look at this man it's Nicer than the Milwaukee and the haikoki Which I'm pretty sure they're plastic So this not only looks nicer it feels Nicer it it screams quality more than Those brands do which is bizarre you Know and the way that the hierarchy of These tools that shouldn't be but hey Maybe this isn't as strong as the Plastic but I was playing with my hikoki One just before the other day and I was Flexing the plastic and it was quite

Easy to move compared to this which is Not I prefer this if you whack it and You ding it you might end up harder to Move things than the plastic I don't Know is it cheaper to make it out of the Middle in the plastic I wouldn't have Thought so Now this is a 34 degree nailer in the States you might get a 20 21 22 Something in that region rather than a 34 34s are the most common in this Country but in other parts of the world The shallower angle is more common and That angle refers to the angle of your Nails so There's the 34 degree there So if you're 22 degrees or 20 degrees There'd be less of an angle there it Would be straighter pros and cons to Both ways The 20 degree ones tend to have longer Magazines usually so you can fit more Nails in 34 degree ones you can get in On slightly tighter angles now this Nailer will take 51 millimeter to 90 Millimeter two inches to three and a Half inches front nose area looks pretty Good they've gone with a fairly round Tip here it does also come with a no Mar Tip that you stick over the front sort Of spring-loaded bit of plastic there That's to stop these teeth damaging your Timber depending on what job you were Doing because framing nailers make a bit

Of a mess because they're designed to be Fired in places that aren't usually seen Like inside walls under decks that sort Of stuff but we're all metal Construction here it's got a plastic Dial for your dipped gauge Pretty basic standard stuff like most Nailers it is a brushless HP Ryobi tool So this is you know the top Ryobi tools It's got something here that I haven't Seen on any of the other nailers I've Got and that's Have a very large shock absorber built Into the it's even got shock absorber at Night built into the battery Mount there Moves quite a lot We've got a belt hook We've also got a rafter hook rough hooks Plastic the belt Hook is metal I haven't Looked into topping it up but it looks Like you can top up the cylinder Yourself if it goes a bit flat wacky Tire inflator on there Pump It Up to Probably around 125 psi I am guessing I Have not looked that up yet I'm afraid But if it's anything like the AEG pump It up and you should be back to full Depth shooting again in the background Here there's a bug flying around my face In the background I've got this bug Zapper as well also from Ryobi and that Thing there very cool for zapping Mosquitoes and sand flies and tiny Little Annoying bugs

So if you hear anything go flash a light That's what it was how's our printing Going in the background here oh we've Got four little plinths And it's going to be a while now my Favorite part of using this nailer is The trigger feature Because If you use certain brands I won't name And shame but you know which ones they Are you turn them on here or you turn Them on down here and then they might Time out you go to pull the trigger and Ah you've got it up against oh and it's Not working because the things turned Itself off you don't have that problem With this nailer because there is no on Button nothing to turn it on and off so How does that work just here There is a tiny little trigger just Behind the main trigger so when you pick It up your finger automatically pushes Against that And that activates the tool then you can Depress the tip pull the trigger and Fire your nail Very very cool pretty similar to the AEG One and it's my favorite way of doing it I much prefer it over other tool Brands Nailers because it's just so easy you Don't have to think about it and if You're not using it constantly if you're Just doing a nail every now and again You're working by yourself you're lining

Things up you don't want the tool Turning off on you all the time you just Want to be able to pick it up bang bang Fire a couple of nails move something Else adjust something bang bang another Couple of nails go cut another bit of Wood Etc come back Bang Bang So easy not having to have that damn Button timing out on you I know it seems Like a small thing but it's it's hugely Good and I wish all nailers did this now In this part of the world this is not Bump fire okay so it's full sequential Mode you have to push that down pull the Trigger every time push it down pull the Trigger push it down pull the trigger You can't just go hold the trigger down Bang bang bang bang bang bang But If you're in the states full sequential And contact mode so bump fire so normal And Rapid lots of different names for These things makes things confusing There'll be a switch just here I do Believe so you can flick it between the Two different modes the model number for This one and this part of the world the Rfn Ryobi framing nailer 1830x in the states if you want the 30 Degree one with the bump fire it is Pbl350b I'll put links to these down in The description for different countries Australia New Zealand UK us wherever I Can find so there'll be slightly

Different models slightly different Angles on the nails and may or may not Have the bump fire but take a look at The links down there see what suits you And notice there's a 30 degree us one And this one says 34 30 to 34 degrees When you're buying the nails don't panic I mean a lot of the nails they'll say 33 Degrees season of your guns is 34 don't Worry it'll still work they'll still go Through fine a few degrees doesn't Matter so anywhere between 30 and 34 all The same Nails you don't have to buy Different nails for every different Degree but you do have to buy different Ones if you're going 30 down to 21 for Instance 21 degrees that's too much of a Difference change the nail how are Things progressing in the background Oh coming along Can anyone work out what it is probably Pretty easy already working early right You're probably sick to death of me Talking already I'll go use this thing For a bit [Music] So this is a shitty old fence and this Is the posts and railings Putting up for the new fence And there's the first couple of palings On there now and I'll show you what I'm Putting them on with I'm using these Pass load 65 millimeter annular grooved Full round head if it focuses nails and

They're galvanized obviously and of Course we are using the Ryobi framing Nailer so I better take those framing Nails out of it that I've been using to Put up the rails and um let's go paling Now it's all going good so far but I Feel it's leaving a few too many marks From the tip here so I'm just going to Go grab the MoMA tip whack that on give It a crack with that make sure you take The battery off when you're doing such a Task and with that on make sure you Increase the depth so that your nails go All the way in because this adds a Couple of millimeters Now you may also notice that I'm angling The tool if you angle the nails inward Or outward just by a few degrees it Gives you a lot more hold with your nail If you go straight in with them all then The whole peeling can just pop off but If one's going that way one's going that Way then it can't pull off very easily Can't pull straight out because it's Pulling against the timber too much Whereas straight in straight out Cool Every now and again remember to just Whack the level on make sure you're Going straight and she is all good Time to change the nails [Applause] [Music] Well that was quick

Um I need to knock down some more fence And put in some more railings before I Can carry on using the good Thank you I'm gonna have to leave that there for Today because I've run out of palings I'm gonna be a few short so I'm gonna Stop where I am now and then I'll have To finish this off I want to grab some More palings and painted them it's a bit Of a bugger so how did the nailer go Well she's done the job There is a few that didn't go in too Well but I was putting them on angles And stuff so it's a bit hard to know Whether I'll put them on a bit of a bung Angle and the timber was a bit different And yada it did the job and it's still On full charge on the battery all four Bars showing on a six amp hour battery So how many palings how many nails have I shot here so just counted I've done 38 Palings so far six nails per paling what What is that 220 something so not a huge Amount of nails yet but hasn't gone down A bar so the battery should do over a Thousand I would say okay let's now look At penetration I have some password Framing nails in here this is the Biggest Nails you can get for this gun So let's see how well she goes That's also a good test to show you just How quick you can fire with this thing It's it's pretty good it's not the

Quickest framing nail around but for Most people using this gun I think that Would be plenty quick enough and looking At the penetration you can see that it Is well in there I mean we are up to Five millimeters down I reckon on that One certainly a good three millimeters On most of them so plenty of depth Penetration we are going into a stack of Dry it's been kicking around for a while This chunk of wood so this is dry Treated pine now I'm just going to do a Few angle shots and see how good the Penetration is on an angle Like this [Applause] [Applause] We've got a red light come on And you see the red light Why has the red light come on back to Green now Must have gotten a bit carried away Foreign [Applause] So into this Timber on those angles as You can see the penetration not too bad Pretty good actually but what about Going through some LVL now most people Using this Ryobi framing nailer are Probably not going to be using lvls If We're honest but in case you are let's Take a look at that although I don't Actually have any LVL offcuts kicking Around and it's quite expensive to buy

Just to chop up and fire Nails into for Tests on YouTube so I think I'll make my own LVL They haven't released the Ryobi plant Store in this part of the world yet so If you're keen on one of those get on And harass Bunnings harass Ryobi New Zealand Ryobi Australia and yeah get Onto them tell them you want it you need A lot of people to make these things Happen if Ryobi are a bit dubious about Doing it they hear a few voices they Might listen So what is an LVL and what makes it Different firing a nail through an LVL Compared to standard solid Timber well If you know what plywood is you know What a sheet of plywood is think of an LVL as a sheet of plywood that's thicker And narrower basically just used for Beams and structural members and so That's what I've made here with my ply Off Cuts rather than go out and waste Money on a new LVL just to destroy it LVL stands for laminated veneer Lumber What they do they peel off veneers of Pine in this case and they then layer Them on top of each other often in 90 Degree orientations to get the grain Going in different directions to make Them stronger Combined with glue but also with other Things such as fibers here you can see This fiber that is within the apply

See it breaks but you can actually pull It apart because there is strings and Fibers inside Lots of different things like that make The nails much harder to go through when The substrate is changing density over And over again the poor old male doesn't Know what to do so it's going through a Piece of ply going that way a piece of Ply going that way string blue all sorts Much harder than just going into one Piece of Timber Which is less likely to Have so many differences in density so I've got my homemade LVL on the back There some people will probably get Their knickers in a Twist that I didn't Use a proper one but anywho trying to Save the planet here people it's nearly 100 millimeters thick so we've got Plenty of room there to fire Nails into So I'll fire them full depth with the Ryobi here 90 mil nails Yeah Well you can't complain of that holy Moly they are well and truly in there Not much difference at all In fact pretty much identical to just Firing it into Standard Lumber Lumber I never use the word Lumber Timber What bloody country is That's pretty darn good There's a lot of nail guns believe it or Not that aren't too good through the old

LVL Foreign Into LVL For a framing nailer I got no problem with that no more tip As soon as you start going on angles With the Nomar tip you do get a bit too Far away from the Timber and you will Get a few raised heads Nothing to worry about and when you're Using the Nomad tip you're a little less Likely to be going on an angle anyway It's usually for wanting to do nice Flush shots how about I stick a fresh Clip of Nails in this and we just see How many we can fire before it shuts out Or whether it runs a whole strip through Without overloading it Anyway full clip Speed test into LVL let's go Foreign Overload light Back to green And we are done full clip so I did about 30 odd Nails I think before it did that Red overload and if we take a look Closely We'll see they're all fairly consistent There's nothing standing out as being You know there's that one there and that One there maybe uh in quite as deep but They're they're all well well below the Surface Um actually really impressed by that Um I'm gonna have to get some other

Nailers now and test it against this Ryobi just to see how good this Ryobi Really is whether this is a tough task Or whether this Ryobi is absolutely Smashing it so let's see how the Ryobi Goes when we put it up against some of The other brands of battery nailers Sorry what Sorry but it appears we have run out of Time for this particular episode so I'll Just give you a quick summary of the Ryobi and then we'll put it up against Some of these other nailers in the next Video if you are a DIY and you want to Build a deck you want to build a fence You want to build a shed that sort of Stuff around your house and you don't Have a nail gun you've never used a nail Gun this is a great nail gun to start on It is a bit chunky a bit heavy if you're Using it all day as a professional Building houses might be a little bit on The on the chunky heavy side and maybe Not quite as good on getting the nails In on angles but we'll have to wait till The next video for that one really to Know if that is the case also that Little red light coming on had it do it To me a few times in awkward positions I'm going to download doing a deck the Other day and it was annoying Um if you're a diyer probably not too Big of an issue but if you were using it Professionally it is probably gonna get

On your nerves of it I'm not 100 sure Why it does it according to the legend Here for the lights it is because it has Low battery or needs maintenance well it Doesn't seem to be either of those Things every now and again it just wants A five second rest and so it Just turns on the little red light Have a little bit of a break And then it goes back to green and I Totally understand you know I feel like That a lot of the time at the moment I Haven't had it jammed so I haven't seen The red light flash yet it's good that You can fill it back up with air Yourself it's great that you don't need To turn the thing on every time you pick It up I love that I like the magazine All this area it all seems nice it's a Good tool I like it I'm not a fan of This little this little bit here there's A little Ridge before the little Secondary switch there to make sure you Put your finger where they want you to Put it and it's not too bad but it just Sort of rubs a little bit on that finger Depending on how big your hand is but Yeah to me it doesn't need to be there It's not on the AEG one but we'll get Into that in the next video so thanks For watching guys it is a good nailer Ryobi are really stepping up their game Recently with their tools and it's a Pity some other brands haven't managed

To put out a decent framing nailer yet But it looks like Ryobi have cheers guys Thanks for watching and I'll see you on A comparison of these other ones very Soon Foreign

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