DEWALT XTREME 12-Volt 5-3/8″ Brushless Circular Saw Review DCS512B Sub-Compact Size With Quality

Woodcutting Made Easier With RIDGID Table Saws

The table saw is, without a doubt, the most flexible tool in any woodworker’s shop. It is a tool that is used to rip, miter, square, join, groove, and shape wood pieces and should be the first equipment that is purchased. Any woodworking project will be a breeze with the aid of this tool. RIDGID table saws are perfect examples of this high quality instrument.

Guide to Buying the Right Log Splitter

Log splitters are the perfect solution to chopping wood and logs. These machines are easy to use and save the time and energy it would take to manually chop it yourself. Some people will want the machine because of their physical condition. Regardless of why you need a log splitter, you still need to figure out which one to buy.

The Benefits Of Electric Wood Splitters

With more homeowners heating with wood than ever before, it seems only natural that a large number of them would decide to save money and cut and split their own wood. This means they need the right tools to get the job done. While chainsaws are most often used to fell trees and cut them into log sections these large logs then need to be split in order to fit and burn properly in a fireplace. This means that the person splitting the wood either needs to do this task by hand using an axe or by using a gas or electric wood splitter.

Things To Know About A Pocket Sized Flashlight

How much do you know about a pocket sized flashlight? What you need to understand is that…

Essential Items for Your Toolbox

All households should have a fully stocked toolbox for in-house DIY projects such as basic plumbing and woodwork jobs. Here I will outline the essential items that should be in every household’s toolbox.

Buying Your First Tool Chest: What NOT To Do

As your collection of tools begins to grow, that old plastic toolbox may not cut it anymore. It served you well to hold your one hammer and screwdriver in college, and maybe even into your 20s. But for the average homeowner or small shop operator, you’re getting more serious about your tool collection and need a storage unit that’s going to keep everything safe and well-maintained. Enter the tool chest. It’s a larger, better-built storage container for your tools, and the good ones are built to last. There are a few concerns you need to address when buying your first tool chest, however.

The Perfect Fastener for Drywall

Over the past decades, the innovation of drywall has replaced the use of traditional brick and mortar in many constructions of office buildings and houses. Drywall is sturdy panels made of paper and plaster that are commonly used to create walls and ceilings.

In Review: Dewalt’s DCS391L1 20V MAX Lithium Ion Circular Saw Kit

Professional crafters and homeowners alike are clambering for a better look at Dewalt’s new 20V MAX circular saw, the 6-1/2″ DCS391L1. Find out what’s so exciting about this power tool and how it can enhance both the way you work and the way you craft.

In Review: Dewalt’s DCS380L1 20V MAX Lithium Ion Reciprocating Saw Kit

Dewalt has just released a new line of sleek and remastered 20V MAX cordless power tools. This platform is designed to perfectly combine compact convenience with industrial, heavy-duty power and, truthfully, it does just that. These 20V MAX power tools are surprisingly compact while also packing some considerably awesome power. Among the new tools released with this platform is Dewalt’s DCS380L1, a lithium ion reciprocating saw to tell your friends about.

Routers – How to Use Them Safely

The router may be thought of as the ultimate portable power tool. Without this amazing tool many tasks and jobs would be extremely difficult for the non-professional. The router may be thought of as the ultimate portable power tool. Without this amazing tool many tasks and jobs would be extremely difficult for the non-professional. The power router is both beautifully simple and outstandingly versatile. As on all power tools, it heart is an electric motor which turns a spindle. It’s most important feature, however, is the motor’s very high speed – between 18,000 and 27,000 rpm, compared with the maximum of 4000 rpm given by power drills. This is what allows it to handle such an enormous variety of grooving, rebating, shaping and other cutting jobs in wood, plastic and even soft metals.

Busting the Moisture Meters and Termites Myth

There seems to be a new urban legend circulating about, of all things, moisture meters. No, they don’t prowl the streets at night, seeking unsuspecting teenagers. Supposedly, wood moisture meters can identify the presence of termites.

How to Evolve and Survive Using Gerber Tools

Humans have been using tools to survive and make life easier. Some of these are Gerber tools, which range in function, versatility, and portability and can be used in a variety of situations.

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