Cutting Open Makita Battery Cells to Prove they use Tabless Cells. I Went Too Far…

I show the difference between a Tabless Cell and a Tabbed Cell, with Explosive Results.
Kids don’t try this at home. Viewer Discretion is Advised.

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00:00 Introduction
03:19 Cutting Open A Tabless Cell
09:30 Unrolling
16:31 Tabbed Cell
17:27 Uh Oh…
24:08 Final Proof

[Music] This is the new Makita high output 4 amp Power F battery if your battery has an f On it got a bit more grunt than the Other ones now I say new but this was Actually released in about August last Year I did a video on this September Last year which at this point of making This video was about months ago but I Know a lot of you still don't have this Available where you live I'm sorry I Can't do anything about that I know a Lot of you think I can but contrary to Popular belief I don't have control over Makita anyway when I made that video I Said that the cells in this battery were Tabless the new tabless Sals that lots Of companies are using and a lot of People didn't believe me including a lot Of prominent YouTubers and those people That love to say I couldn't find it on The internet therefore doesn't exist if You think that everything on the Internet is everything that exists then Boy oh boy have you got a lot to learn About the world um the internet is a Very small fraction of the available Human knowledge and items Available um and even if it is on the Internet the chances of you finding it If it's something rare or new are pretty Slim so yeah don't trust Google okay if You're the sort of person that says I Don't believe you because I couldn't

Find it on Google you need to take a Long long hard look at yourself anyway Today I'm going to prove to you that These are tabless cells how am I going To do that I'm going to cut them open Okay so that we settle this debate once And for all even though I already know The answer a lot of you already know the Answer but a lot of people don't believe It and even though I know the answer I'd Still like to see inside these sales Anyway and compare them so shall we cut This open and compare it whoop compare It to an old school 4 amp hour battery As well we'll take sells out of one of Those sells out of this and we will see What they look like on the inside and Just like all good cooking shows I have One here in a state that is a bit closer To what we need so these are the cells That are inside your BL 440f they are vx40 cells made by murata All the information is written on the Battery just here Top Line there us 21700 their 21700 Sals vx40 made by Murata murata is essentially Sony and I'm going to cut one open we'll take a Look and I'll cut open one that I Previously took apart from another video That you've may or may not have already Seen where I took apart a standard 4 a Power battery now thankfully somebody's Done all the hard work of desoldering All these for me getting it all ready

All I have to do is the dangerous bit of Um cutting this thing open but I have Drained these cells I've marked a few of Them that I have drained right down down So that I um have less issues shall we Say uh yeah right what else is there to Do I guess maybe I will um just grab This off the wall just in caseing and I'll set up a few other things and I'll See you in a moment to take this thing [Music] Apart just heard it Mak a Noise like it was releasing pressure now From my understanding they do have a Pressure release system in here so that For safety reasons to try and release Pressure without Explosions as if you've ever watched Videos of batteries going up in flame Though you'll know that don't Necessarily work all that well if I cut Through it enough till it hanging in There a little Bit Voila now some of you may be saying That's a tab that's a single tab going To the end there yeah well we haven't Got into the into the actual Celler the Battery yet they will all have that no Matter what cell you're on so this is Like that pressure release sort of area That I was talking about so the tabs That we want to look at are underneath This black section here so I wanted to

Get that out of the way first and then Now we need to cut into the cell on each End and then do a fulllength cut to take The outer metal casing of this cell off Couple of close-ups here for those of You who are nerds and wish to see how This all works if you've never pulled One apart before and show if there's any Differences from other ones you're used To pulling apart I'll remove the green Wrapper next just so that it's easier For me to see when I have cut through The metal of the cell so the next cut we Will do on this area here where it's got Sort of a cap on it where they've sealed It once they've made the battery and Just here on the other end as well Nearly in this end I don't know if this Is a good way of opening up a battery Sell or not but it's the way on doing It if you if it turns out to be a good Way then yeah I'll put a link to this Down in the Description now I saw that come Loose So we now Have that end Off pretty basic on that end no pressure Release this was inside with the tab Through like so I'll protector to keep It off all the all the Tabby Areas annoying trying to do this on Camera a blue film there which is just Pushed over the edges of all the folded

Over tabs because as you should Hopefully see if we get this open a Tabless cell is kind of like a multi tab Cell if you saw my other video on this Battery Then you will have seen me explain how It all works and I did make a mockup of The inside of one of these batteries Sort of see what I think are all the Compressed ends basically the the short Little tabed bits on the end of these Well you'll see this better when I get It open hopefully but that's a first Look at the negative end here let's now Cut into the positive end now some of You have already no doubt thought and Said out loud isn't this a little bit Dangerous Mr tools should you really be Doing this I think the most dangerous Part is still yet to come most dangerous Part from my understanding of doing this Is the two different layers inside this Battery the anode and the cathode coming In contact with each other which could Easily happen with the way I'm cutting This if I puncture through the layers Then they could in theory ignite I have drained this battery Cell as much as possible so to Help eliminate some of the danger are we Through here she's a wiggling right so That's taken off that cap area let's Pull all this off right now is where it Starts getting scary of those layers all

Mixed Now's the Time to put on some Gloves I think take heat H it's letting Off an interesting smell this might be About to be a very different video get The um fire extinguisher ready move my Phone away keep the cameras rolling Tony And never know what might happen here Mate I have to cut it lengthways now now This is the bit I haven't actually Worked out how I'm going to do Yet might need something a little more Heavy Duty than this blade don't really want To get a Dremel type tool out though Don't want to cut through too far so Bear with me we'll get there eventually Oh through that Bit Oh [ __ ] don't cut through Mr Tools you should be doing this tiny a Bit of a bulge swelling up there Hopefully that's not a Reaction rather just the compressed Stuff trying to Unfold voila we are in In now each step sort of gets trickier And trickier now I've got to unroll this Without anything coming in contact with Anything so I can show you the different Layers we seem to have just a clear Plastic on the outside here just a Protective Layer what we need to do is find the Proper edges of these layers you see one

Of damaged here now the cathode and the Anode in this thing one of them is going To be copper as far as I'm aware and the Other one will be aluminium probably and Those are smeared shall we say in this Stuff here which is I've gone through a Few layers here better be careful um This is your lithium based compound so There's going to be all sorts of stuff In there I'm not 100% sure I should have Looked that up before I made this video But it's going to have graphite in there There'll be um lithium hexif flop Phosphate and what else will there be um Ethylene carbonate probably lithium Nickel Cobalt all sorts of things like That um probably dimethyl carbonate all Those are sort of smeared together on Top of the copper or aluminium then They'll be a separating layer and They're all sort of rolled up together And the anode goes out one end and the Cathode comes out the other but they Can't touch on the inside as that's when You get woof nice big Fireballs anyway Let's see if we can look at them a bit Clearer instead of me just talking about It I've got it right in front of me Let's open it up hey and hopefully not Set everything on fire right so there we Go we found the edge see if we can show That these are tabless cells rather than Tabed I mean I can see it on the ends Already and some of you will have picked

It up as well see all of this as I said Earlier it's all crunched over ends so It's like tons of little tabs or little Cuts that they've made along the edge And and then they fold them all over and They do that on both ends that's why We've got all this aluminum foil at one End see it all folded over here and all The copper on the other End when I cut another one of these Open if I don't set myself on fire with This one it'll be the tabed cell and We'll be able to see the difference okay So take note of what these ends look Like let's unroll this make sure it Doesn't touch any other metal and stuff Like that it's amazing to think that This powdery substance here that's Flaking off Everywhere is what makes you money with Your power Tools unfortunately by the looks I've Damaged this end and I'm not unfolding It properly and so The the bit we want to see the tabless Bit is a bit damaged by the looks see if We can get that back on track it's all a Bit tricky They Don't Really design These to be pulled apart and examined Just here you can See don't know how clear it is on the Camera all the folded over Bits this will be more evident that it's Different to the other one when I show

You the other one anyway let's just keep Unfolding this thing it's long boy oh Boy fortunately the ends aren't folding Out nicely like I hoped to show you but Hey can see that we've now got the other End working better now so we can see all The tiny little tabs actually starting To appear on this top Edge which is the Aluminum you can see it's like lots of Tiny little tabs hopefully you can see That I'm just trying not to get these Two different layers mixing together Here now one thing that I can't get Through to you on the camera is the Smell it is quite pungent actually out As long it's just about touching the Floor Amazing what they Jam inside a tiny Little battery cell 21 mm in diameter About 2 m long it's can't be good in Breathing all this In the things I do for a YouTube video Right where's the center of this thing It's going to be a little coil in the Center is it Rod what do we got oh Broken the layer underneath now we're Right down to nothing it's just ends as Foil [ __ ] that's what I didn't want to happen Took my mind off the prize for a moment And um stuffed up well I'll just Completely peel that off now off shot And we'll look at each layer one by one Not that there's a lot to see to be

Honest so here's our copper layer smell That's not a reaction happening wow very Strong got the other one sitting on the Floor behind me here if it goes up it's Going to shoot straight up my leg so in This particular battery cell this is the Cathode this was touching the negative End if I do recall there's not a lot of Chemical on it most of it is on the Stuff on the floor behind Me uh but what we really want to look at Is the edges of these things so this Edge is flat as you can see nice nice Smooth straight cut now on a tabbed Battery cell it should be like that on Both sides and on a tablis you'll get One straight side like this and the Other side which you want touching the Contacts on your battery has all the Tiny little cut tabs basically tabless Cells have tons and tons of tabs so all These are folded over at the end so all The chemical reaction all the power That's got to flow through this battery Can just go straight up through There and out the Ends that there is the longest distance Anything should have to travel it can Just go straight up like that whereas if This was a tabbed cell then this Straight edge would be the same on this Side and the chemical reaction in your Battery all the power all the juice has Got to flow all the way down this whole

Length of this thing and this thing is Long look at that that's a lot of Material there's a lot of copper in this Tiny little cell so it's got to flow the Whole length of that through everything To get to a tab that'll be welded at one End at least that's my understanding of It and hopefully we'll prove that when I Open up the next battery cell I'll now Just bring up what's on the floor and You can have a look at that we'll get This out of the way first so this is the Anode and it's on aluminium same again Straight side and a side covered in lots Of little slits lots of little tabs and Then there is a plastic protective Barrier between each layer so that they Don't mix and cause your battery to Erupt so if we peel this off you'll see That that's the material attached to our Aluminium and on the other side the Lithium and graphite and everything that Would be attached to the Copper so those protective layers there Keep them apart stop things from Bursting into Flames but for this particular video What we're really interested in is that Edge so now I need to cut open another Cell I'll cut open a cell from a BL 4040 Instead of a BL 440f and we will take a Look to see if this is not present and That it has a welded on Tab at one end Man these are long let me just measure

This wow man these things are long They're around 1750 mm long each that's Amazing that's like 3 and 1/2 M or What's that about 12T or something Nearly 12 ft um of foil wrapped up Inside each one of these cells and look It's not that big anyway Let's now take a look inside a tabbed One hopefully you can just make out There it says VTC 6A this is a murata Cell 21700 cell and I took it out of one Of these Makita 40 volt 4 A batteries The original 40 volt mow battery not the One we just took apart okay if you're Confused about anything the sell I just Took apart was the one out of this Battery and the cell I'm about to take Apart is an older style cell and it was Taken out of one of these Batteries now this is a tabbed battery Cell so hopefully I'm going to be able To show you what the difference is once I've cut this one open because we will Be able to compare it to the one I've Just cut open so let's go unfortunately This one has been um since I pulled it Out of the battery some time ago has Been sitting outside for safety reasons And it's gotten a bit wet unfortunately And so we got a little bit of rust Hopefully that shouldn't affect anything In this video though [Music] [Applause]

[Applause] Jesus well that was [ __ ] um Exciting Yikes F duck That was bad Happ SE had a bit of a mishap on the second One I tried to take Apart and she's um nice and hot there W Look how r that is [ __ ] hell wow that Was lucky I forgot to test the voltage Was on that one [ __ ] [ __ ] hell oh Lucky that didn't set all the [ __ ] [ __ ] on this bench on fire [ __ ] hell That blue [ __ ] everywhere a little black [ __ ] floting around the a too After that first one I thought oh what Are people worried about man [ __ ] Easy safe ass now I got a bit of a shake Going on now I don't know what I want to Carry on with this [ __ ] video damn it Welcome to this week's episode of tools And stuff [ __ ] [ __ ] Himself okay um I'm just going to turn The camera off now and just check that There's nothing going to catch on fire And I'll get back to you in a moment [Music] Well I dodged a bit of a bullet there Because when that thing took off as you Can see it took off across here bounced Through burnt the case on there and then Shot Off the Bench one part of it landed down here That was the mostly the copper I don't

Know whether it's the cathode on that Particular one presumably if it's the Same as the one we just pulled apart it Was the cathode and the aluminium ano Was extremely hot there big red core in It um burning away just there uh yeah Quite a quick reaction so I'm just now Going to go and change my pants and then We'll see where this video is going to Go I might be able to show you hopefully Without having to cut up in another one The tabs on those battery cells if There's enough of it left now there was A few things I did different with that Um that second cell that I didn't do With this first V x40 cell so on that First one you saw me cut off the Pressure release bit on the end first uh And I'd also completely drained a cell Now I forgot to Check that one had been sitting outside For so long I kind of just assumed it Was flat and I just yeah I was going to Test it with the old tester but I [ __ ] forgot cuz I was too excited to Make a video cuz I was having Fun and so maybe that had something to Do with it maybe because I didn't cut Off that pressure release or maybe it Was just I started cutting on that line There straight into the anode end and Maybe I just cut too deep pushed the Layers together and we got that chemical Reaction that caused a rather

Interesting sort of display across my Workbench at least now I don't have to Do the finale I was going to do for this Video uh I won't tell you what it is in Case I do decide to do it yeah slight Change of plans all right I think this Video might need a kids don't try this At home warning at the beginning right Right anyway autopsy time thankfully When that did what it did when it flew Off over there it exploded and blew all Of itself onto the concrete floor house I would have some explaining to do to The wife and it would not be pleasant Thankfully she left the property about 5 Minutes before I did that so yeah anyway So it fired out of this the sort of Looks like the cathode separated from The anode mostly and it shot out of the Cell cylinder there but I can see that It's different okay but this is what we Wanted to see this is the tab and you Can see it is sort of spot welded There's lots of tiny little welds on This and if they get that wrong then Then potentially you know there's a Little bit of metal sticking up from one Of those welds cuts through the Protective layer you end up with what Just happened here now I'm going to pull This apart in a second see if we can Find the other one may have been melted In that extreme heat because this thing Was glowing red the core of this thing

So it might we just melted together but At least there we can see that that is The tab so if we take a look at the Other battery when you saw me unfur it You will have seen that it just came to A dead end like that so that's one end And if we grab the other end you'll see It is basically the same just foil just A strip of foil nothing too special Looking nothing fancy about it no tab Unlike this one where we clearly have a Tab hopefully that is enough to keep Some of you happy now let's take a look At this if we can I think this is our Our tab sticking out the end here Hopefully there's nothing left to react Here should have all burnt out I imagine Are we going to be able to get to that Tab is it going to be of any use or is It just going to be a bunch of melted Aluminum looks here like it ruptured in The middle here there's a definite sort Of explosion point there it's not on the End where I sort of cut it I've upset Something and it's caused a reaction to Go through to the center and explode out The side H interesting I haven't got Gloves on cuz it was hot in any way I Don't want rubber melting to my hand It's going to be too solid in there I Think you can see there the rupture Mark Boom it's fired out theide and the Pressure then built up in here and this Would have gone caring off like it did

It's hit something pretty hard there to The ends like that which was probably The wall over there it's lucky it didn't Go straight through the screen of the TV I've got over There now it's getting really quite Solid there we go oh some of that looks Like it Hasn't Reacted should be doing this Outside I certainly oh the wife so Certainly won't be um doing this again In the near future and if I do ever do It again I will not be doing it inside It will definitely be out in the open in A space where I Can't set anything on Fire there was a lot of energy trying to Get out of there at once there's a lot Of energy stored up in these lithium Cells you got to be careful this one may Have also had moisture in it because Like I said it been sitting outside Getting wet and that may have Some moisture may have gotten in and Help trigger that reaction jeez I'm Going to have to have a good Decontamination on my hands after This man these are long now this is one Of the reasons as well you don't buy Knockoff batteries you want Good Batteries that are put together properly The right cells because one of those Goes off inside your

Battery all of them will go off and just Imagine thinking what just happened time 10 that's pretty Terrifying pretty terrifying Indeed now actually before we totally Pull that bits now that we're at this Point you can see this is a smooth edge Piece of metal the aluminium and the Copper dead straight and smooth same on This end okay doesn't have all the Folded over bits like we saw in the Previous Battery and of course in the center We're going to find a Tab things I have to do just to prove These things to you people I don't I just imagine this isn't quite so Charred as it Is and this is the bit we want to see It's sort of torn off a bit but this Is in the center Here our tab see there you can hopefully Make out the spot weld marks and that is Our Tab so two tabs we have now seen and Seeing that the edges are smooth that's A tab Cell that's a tabless cell tabless cells Inside this tabed cells inside this if You still don't believe me well you Probably think the Earth's flat so this You're a lost Cause right I think I'm going to leave It there I don't think I'm going to

Attempt to open another one of these so Um thanks for watching don't try this at Home if you are stupid enough to do it Like I was do it Outside make sure you drain the cells First make sure they're not wet make Sure they're not old and corroded And probably cut off the release bit First so that yeah maybe that makes a Difference I don't know not an expert in Such things and I don't think I want to Be Now So thanks for watching lots more Makita Stuff coming up particularly if you like 40 volt stuff there is a heap of good Things coming out this year and look After your batteries okay don't buy fake Batteries buy good batteries look after Them and I'll see you on another one Soon Cheers wish I had some other cameras set Up that caught all of that on video oh Well had a bit of a mishap on the second One I tried to take Apart and she's um nice and hot there wo Look how red that is [ __ ] Hell well that was lucky

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