Tie-Down Straps DO suck. But these guys think they solved that problem, with 3 clever improvements.

Bosch 4100-09 – A Really Safe Portable Table Saw

Primarily because of their small size, portable table saws have lagged behind their bigger cousins, the full-size cabinet saws or contractor saws, in safety features. The Bosch 4100-09, however, has taken user safety to a new level. Read how this saw’s safety features can help prevent workplace accidents.

How Good Is the DEWALT 745?

With all the portable table saws on the market, how do you know which one will be the best for you? Is the buzz on the DEWALT DW745 hype or is it in fact as good as they say? This article will answer those questions.

Coiled Cords, Safe and Effective

At homes most of the appliances are run with Electricity. All the specifically designed systems require a proper customized cabling for their operation. Cabling ensures that the specifications are taken care of along with fulfillment of the customer needs.

Don’t Hurt Yourself! How to Keep Your Workshop Safe and Organized

There are many tips for keeping your workshop organized and safe that can prove quite useful. Having tools and other things in the right order and with the proper measures for safety in order could be beneficial to any home owner or renter. There are several storage units and cabinets, they can be purchased or made to have optimal organization.

Industrial Strength Cords and Cables, Get the Best

Cords and cables are specifically designed to connect one part of the equipment with another or facilitating interconnection of various types of equipments. It is also used for proper adjustment of signals and removes the pressure even in very dry or moist conditions. Irrespective of the type of the organization and business they are used, they serve the common purpose as mentioned above. However, when it comes to selecting industrial cable and wires, certain aspects need to be considered.

Germicidal Ultraviolet Light for Cleaner Air: Is UV Light Good or Bad?

There is a growing popularity in the use of ultraviolet lights to clean the air in our homes, like using germicidal ultraviolet lights. These are commonly purchased especially by those who suffer allergic reactions from dust and some other bacteria in the air. But looking around, we can see constant reminders that we actually need protection from UV rays. In buying sunglasses for example, there is always that small sticker that says “approved UV protection”. During exposure to extreme sunlight we are supposed to wear sunscreens as UV rays can damage our skin. So what is it really? IS UV light good or bad for us?

Scaffolding Towers Review: The Super-Speedy 80 Light Trade Alloy Tower

Scaffolding towers are good alternative to ladders in many work at height applications. For example, if the work is to be of long duration, it’s much safer and more comfortable for workers to use the wide platforms of a scaffold tower, rather than stand uncomfortably on the narrow rungs of a ladder. Another positive feature of tower scaffolds is that it’s possible for more than one worker to use them simultaneously. In addition, a much larger quantity and weight of tools and materials can be used on scaffold towers than on ladders. Here’s some information about a sturdy and reliable scaffold tower: the Super-Speedy 80 light trade alloy tower.

Aluminium Ladders Review: The Sherpascopic Telescopic Podium Steps

Ladders are ubiquitous and necessary items for a wide variety of trade, industrial and DIY applications. Often taken for granted, these essential items come in a number of shapes, sizes and styles. Some ladders are made from timber, others from fibreglass. In addition, aluminium ladders are extremely popular, because they are lightweight and highly resistant to corrosion. Unlike wood, aluminium requires no maintenance, and is not brittle like fibreglass is. Here’s some information about a unique type of aluminium ladder: the Sherpascopic telescopic podium steps.

Loft Ladders Review: The Abru Arrow 2 Section Wooden Sliding Loft Ladder

When you’re thinking about how to best utilise the space in your home, do be certain to consider upgrading your loft ladder to gain better access to the space. Modern loft ladders are safe, well-designed, strong and attractive, especially if you choose a wooden one. There are plenty of reasons to replace your loft ladder. Here are just a few.

Loft Ladders Review: The Dolle Luxfold Luxury Wooden Loft Ladder

Making the best use of the space in your home can be a daunting task. Doesn’t it seem that we always have more possessions than space in which to store them? If you have a loft area, you may not be utilising it fully because the ladder is old and in need of significant repair. Today’s modern loft ladders are engineered to bear significantly heavier loads than their outdated counterparts. To make the best use of your loft space, upgrading the ladder is essential, because a new ladder will allow you to transport heavy or bulky items to and from the loft safely. Here’s some information about a high quality loft ladder: the Luxfold Luxury wooden loft ladder from Dolle.

Scaffolding Towers Review: The Folding Trade Tower

In many industrial, trade and DIY applications, scaffolding towers are preferable to ladders. These structures provide safe platforms when workers must work at height for extended periods. To ensure safety, scaffold towers must be properly assembled and inspected. For a scaffold tower to be truly safe, the capacity, bracing, pinning and components always must be in good order. One type of tower that’s especially popular is the folding trade tower, because it’s easy to erect, as well as being quite versatile. Here’s some information about this scaffold tower, along with some tips for working safely.

Loft Ladders Review: The Titan Exclusive 3 Part Folding Timber Loft Ladder

If you have a loft space in your home, chances are it’s under utilised. For a loft to be more accessible and functional, a sturdy and safe loft ladder is essential. A loft ladder can be made from a variety of materials, including timber, aluminium and fibreglass. Timber, however, remains the most popular choice for many homeowners. Timber is warm to the touch, attractive and durable. It can be painted or stained to match your decor, and only gets better with age. In addition, it requires virtually no maintenance. The best types of timber loft ladders are those that are made with traditional woodworking techniques, such as dovetailed joints. Here’s some information about a quality loft ladder from Titan: the Exclusive 3 part folding model.

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