Makita 40v Jigsaws. Are they better than the 18v Jigsaws? And Does D-HANDLE Beat BARREL GRIP?

The Makita JV002G 40v D-Handle Jigsaw is finally here to take on the JV001G Barrel Grip. Which do you prefer?

Makita 40v Barrel Grip Review
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[Music] A few months ago I did a review of this The new JV z01 G40 volt Max Makita Barrel grip and today we are going to Put it up against the new 40 volt Max JV Z2g top handle d handle Jigsa as well as that we've also got the Dandle 18vt brushless as well and my old School brush D handle as well maybe We'll even put that in the mix somewhere Now you may have noticed my voice sounds A little bit off I went to a funeral Yesterday morning at 10:00 and it was Still going pretty hard at 10:00 at Night so was there was a lot of singing And a lot of drinking and yeah So I might be a little bit off in this Video certainly at the start of it Anyway looking at some of the numbers The barrel grip 40 volt 3,500 Strokes Per minute 3,500 Strokes per minute and The djv 182 3,500 Strokes per minute 135 Mm depth of cut maximum depth of cut uh That's through Timber of course it's Different when it comes to metal and Aluminium and Plastics and stuff like That so the spec all very similar apart From wattage 390 wats outputting from This one 700 from this one and according To Makita New Zealand's website 800 from This one 100 more than this so is this Going to be more powerful is it going to Cut quicker than this well we're about To find out in just a moment weightwise

The new D handle comes in at 2,775 G With a battery the 2.5 amp and the Barrel grip feels roughly the same 2,650 so about 125 G more for the dandle Over the barrel grip now what about the 18vt with a battery on about the 2650 Mark as well so the same as this now all Of these jigsaws have three orbital Functions as well as just a straight cut So with the straight cut the blades just Going up and down up and down up and Down and if it's on one of these orbital Ones as well as going up and down like This it's also going like this and that Just gives you a far quicker cut not as Clean but if you want to just cut Something out roughly quickly get it out Of the way before you do your fine Cuts Then those orbital functions are very Very handy all of these have a speed Dial as well they start at about 800 and Go up to the max of 32,000 the old brushed one here does not Have speed control you just do it all Old school with your finger on the Trigger which I prefer I I don't like The speed control all that much on a Jigsaw it depends on what you're doing Of course but with a jigsaw being able To use the trigger is super nice now you Can't of course do that with a barrel Grip Barrel grips don't have a trigger You basically just turn it on and it's

Going at whatever you have set on your Dial which I don't like I like to be Able to go up and down and speed and Slow down for Corners whatever you know I like to change it up let's listen to Just how Good how slow we can start with this Thing turn on so to turn it on this Button up front Now so that's slow as you can go and Just slowly put more and more pressure On So that's on the max speed if you had it Set on somewhere else on the dial when You've pulled the trigger to its full Extent it will only get up to the max Speed that you've got on the Dial so if you just want to pull the Trigger and go then you can set it to Max you want and just go for it or you Can have it on Max basically all the Time and just slowly control it all with The trigger the trigger also has a lock On It so you can if you're doing lots of Fiddly work and you want to be holding The so in a different place than having Your hand on the top there you want to Use it a bit more like a a barrel jigsaw Then you can do that or if you've got it Set underneath a table or something then That lock on feature very handy is it Kind of annoying with all the extra Hands in the background and stuff maybe

We'll um shift this TV for the next shot I'll just quickly finish off telling you A few more things about them though We've got a plastic base here as you can See you've got in the back here where You put your Allen key for adjusting Your base so you can bevel it either way 45° the bases are the same on both of These as far as I can see and same with These older ones I think it's just a Slight width difference Maybe Maybe no they look identical to that One and the old brushed One no same [Music] Width new one just slightly longer so This base is about yay longer than the Old brushed one there now it comes in The box with this dust extraction thing Which is good let's just tilt the camera Down a little bit here so we can see and That Clips on here you put it on either Side you clip it on screw it in the Front there hook your hose on the Back boof that side boof that side Whichever you want the screw just Swivels from side to side depending on Which side you put it on they come with A small removable Splinter guard in the Base as well just pops out they do pop Out a little bit too easily though a lot Of people lose those pretty damn quickly I know that um uh I'll talk about one More thing and that's the soft start now

Both of these have soft start but they Also can be turned off I think they come Turned off now and then you can turn it On I'll show you how to turn that on and Off shortly but first we'll just go do Some hard out cuts and see if this is Especially with a hangover um plenty of Power in all of these jigsaws I think You know you know it's a jigsaw you Don't need a ton of Power with a jigsaw Because they're not for hacking through Massive logs you're doing you know fine Cuts with them usually but we will see Which one is the quickest out of these Now unfortunately I think this model is The one with the Um the soft start permanently on when They first released these the soft start Couldn't be turned off and then they Changed it for later models um so Depending on what year you bought yours Um some will have the soft start always On and some will have the option of Turning it on or off and I know there's At least one person called Robert who Will make a comment about that down Below this video as well as these Microwave buttons that he loves so Much I've got the 40 volt Barrel grip And the dandle both set up with the same Blade nice rough brand new made in Japan Um wood cutting blades and I just show You how the blades go in and out when You want to get them out flick the lever

Here and Bing out they go and when you Want to stick them back in you just push It in you don't have to pull the lever Back when you're putting them in like The first models you just slide it in Like so and click and she goes she is in Get it out again the Lever out it fires pretty basic that System is the same on the barrel grip And the D handle so these are both set For their top speed and they are both Running with The soft start turned Off I have a freshly charged 2.5 a Battery on both of These let's go see if there's any Difference in Cut Speed [Music] Both of those cuts I started off Straight and and got a bit a bit wobbly Cuz I was trying to go as fast as Possible and and so they got a bit Slanted as well the more you um push a Jigsaw if you're going too fast too hard Trying to do tight curves especially You'll end up getting the Spain of the Blade so it's done that on this but of Course I was only doing a speed test so It's not a [Music] Problem [Music] [Music]

[Music] Yeah [Music] I hit my saw horse there that's why had To back up but as you can see on the Fine setting no oscillation she cuts Pretty Nicely very tight turn here did cause a Little bit of burning and of course Different blades for different purposes If you're using a jigsaw you've no doubt Got lots of different blades you have Blades for cutting metal you have blades Blades this is a very aggressive blade Designed to cut wood fast you're doing a Fine cut like this um for for keepsies You wouldn't use that blade you would Use a far finer tooth blade uh you can Also see how aggressive that blade is on The edge of the Timber when I was doing The oscillation cut just rips it to bits Put it on the no oscillation much nicer [Music] Finish [Music] Wow that is completely Different much much rougher holy Moly okay we're going to do the Brushless 18 volt even though the soft Start can't be tuned turned off let's Give that a wh you can see how the soft Start Works top [Music]

Speed wow that tore everything to bits As Well H the 40 volts much [Music] Smoother the oscillation seems far less Aggressive on the 40 volt models over The 18vt models that is what they look Like with the biggest batteries the 8 Amp absolutely massive looks a little Bit silly makes this one a bit back Heavy well makes them both a bit back Heavy this one doesn't seem as Noticeable because it's almost touching Your workpiece let's have a quick look At the soft start feature turning it on And off so let's turn on the Tool right so she's in flat out mode no Soft start so the soft start just allows You to start your cut in a in a gentle Fashion get going and then ramp up the Speed so that you don't damage the edge Of your piece of work when you start so While it's not underload the tool runs Slower as you saw with the um 18vt in The back there one over that Um but personally I think it's annoying And I know a lot of guys hated it um Because you've got a trigger so you can Just go at whatever speed you want Anyway and control your own start and Then ramp it up to whatever you want so You don't need the tool stopping and Starting for you So it's on full at the moment if you

Want to change it turn your tool off Shove this on to number one turn your Tool on see those two flashes of the Lights there go up to six back down to One flashes it's now on soft Start so even though I will pull my Finger completely on the trigger it Won't go flat out like it did a moment Ago in setting Six okay so the speed's reduced by at Least half There now we'll put it back we turn it Off stick it back on one turn it On Six one flashy Flash and it should be Full on again now once we stick it back On number six Ah turned Off so there you go that's how you Change it simple as that you saw it Flash when it was doing it Unfortunately these older models like This one is just Always stuck on the soft start no matter What you do stick it on number one turn On the Tool go to six back to one no flashing Of Lights nothing changes it stays on Soft Start bit Disappointing but the 40 volt ones come Standard with it turned off so it Doesn't confuse anybody and then if you Want to activate it the instructions

Like I've just given you the Instructions are also in the manual if You need to change it later at any point You can't remember how to do it so That's an improvement on the original 18vt ones although some of the newer 18vt ones do have the onoff option with The soft start as well and for those of You who were annoyed that when you Beveled the base of the barrel grip that You could no longer use a 5 or 8 a Battery CU they crash into your work Surface well fair not it is not an issue They've made it so that you can run an 8 Amp Hour and there's still a bit of Space so they might even be able to put Bigger batteries on this although it Does somewhat destroy the sort of Maneuverability and handling when you've Got a almost 2K slab on the back of this Thing but it can be done unlike the Barrel grip and so um let's go quickly Use it like That Now problem with my head there was with That massive battery on I couldn't turn It because it hit this it had a 2.5 on It would have gotten around so yeah Using a big battery on a jigsaw is a bit Silly but that's what it looks like on a 45 so which sort of style do you prefer The dandle or the barrel grip let me Know down below I'll tell you which one I prefer now and why um I prefer the

Dandle for most of the time I would Rather have this um the barrel grip is Good if you want that lower center of Gravity it is nice for certain things Good for coping good for doing upside Down obviously but I like to have finger Control of my speed I don't want to be Trying to swivel a dial while I'm using It and stuff and I don't like the barrel Grip for well let me give you a for Instance don't like having to do the Reach around and find the button I'd far Rather just take my finger off a trigger Like this one with this old school Dandle you have much greater control you Don't have to try and Fiddle for a dial While you're cutting to change speed and You don't have to fiddle for a button When you want to Stop and you can be going flat out and Then just ease it off before you pop out The other Side so you don't blow out your Timber I much prefer that sort of Control Also in the video for this Barrel grip I Said that I preferred my old brush D Handle still to all the other Makita Jigsaws um that has now changed after Using it side by side with this see I Didn't see enough of a change between That and the brushless one I hated the The uh soft start like I said whereas This one you can turn that on and off

Easy so it'll just stay off forever you Have the speed dial which you don't have On the brushed one you do have it on the Brushless 18vt but it's just so much Smoother the extra speed the extra power Just means it cuts much nicer you try And push these other ones quite quick You'll get a rough cut whereas this Manages to keep it pretty damn good and So I think this will now become my go-to This one served me well over the years She's been a good old tool but I think Now it's time to upgrade to the Makita 40 volt XG TD Handle and yeah this is also an awesome Option if you like jigsaws you need a Jigsaw and you like Barrel grips of Course they're pretty basic jigsaws like There's nothing extraneous on them you Know there's no lever to move this You've got to do it the old school way It's it's pretty old school there's no Not a whole lot of protective stuff here They're just basic good jigsaws you know There's no Thrills it just works it does The job and it does the job smoothly Which is super important with the jigsaw And I guess that's about all there is to Tell you you can get fence guides that Go in here so you can run it along the Edge of a piece of Timber you can get Guides that go on a track although I Don't know why you'd really put a jigsaw On a track if you've got a track why

Using a tracksaw for instance you get a Far nicer cut far straighter than you're Going to get with a jigsaw jigs aren't Great in straight lines really but Thanks again for watching my videos in 2023 that's another Makita GT1 done this Is my last review of the year so spent a Couple of weeks now getting my barbecue Gone getting all my sheds Finished getting the garden tidied up And I'll see you all in 2024 cheers Guys if you miss me just go watch some Of the other videos that are down there Or up in the top corner see you Later I'm glad you you didn't arrive Earlier Mr Blowfly they usually arrive when I push The record button not when I stop Recording

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