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Watch as Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Experts, gets the tips from Craftsman on how to install a Versatrack system.

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Hi Lou manfredini Aces Home expert and I'm here with Brandon from Craftsman Nice to see you Um I want to talk about your Organization system I know Craftsman is Known for high quality tools and Products but you also have solutions for People when it comes to getting Organized yeah that's right with our Craftsman versus track system it's a Great way to start getting organized and Organize your tools and and supplies in Your garage Workshop okay Brandon um Let's talk about specifically Um installing the track because that is The critical component right let's get Some of the recommendations that you Folks at Craftsman have about how to do It yeah absolutely so to get started you Want to you know measure your your space In the wall again these are four foot Panels you can cut them down if needed To to fit the size of your space you can Install these right directly to wall Studs but we know a lot of garages and Workshops have drywall so you'll need a Stud finder and then you'll want to find The studs and mark them Um we recommend most most studs are 16 Inches on Center so we recommend trying To hit four studs within that four foot Section you can also install them on Concrete masonry the key thing to Wherever you're installing whatever type

Of surface is the type of screws that You're using so for most garage and Workshop application you'll use a Standard number 10 wood screw to install But really it's pretty simple so we Recommend a 1 8 inch drill bit to drill A pilot hole in in the track prior to Installing the screws but once you do That install your screws make sure Everything's level which is critical and Then you can continue to build out from There either horizontally or vertically However you want to install your Versatile track well Brandon it looks Fantastic thanks so much for the help Yeah and if I want to change it I can Exactly all right well check it out our Video coming up next is more on the Versatrack system [Music]

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