How To Fix A Saggy Door – Ace Hardware

Watch as Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, shows you how to fix a saggy door.

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Hi I'm Lou man pernini Aces Home expert And in this video we're going to show You how to repair a sagging interior Door Okay so if you have a door that rubs When you close it typically on the Vertical side on the side where the knob Is I want you to go over to the hinge The top hinge of the door and remove the Three screws that are holding the hinge To the jamb of the door I want you to Replace those with longer screws the Idea behind this is you're going to go Through the jam of the door which is the Wood that's actually holding the door in Place and we're going to try and use the Longer screws to grab onto the framing That you don't see that's underneath That wood now in a perfect world you'd Find screws that match the finish in This case I just have some screws I'm Using here for demonstration they need To be about three inches long and you're Going to go ahead and drive one of them Into the center hole of the hinge kind Of angling a little bit towards the Center of the jamb because we want it to Bite into the wood and as you tighten That you may actually feel the door kind Of pull up a little bit and once you get That screw nice and tight the door Shouldn't rub anymore now you could Replace the screws all three of them With the longer screws if you want

Though you can put the shorter ones back In because that one screw should hold it In place this fix works most of the time And it will help you correct that door So it doesn't rub any longer coming up Next my video on how to update a plain Looking interior door Foreign [Music]

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