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Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, shows you how to replace a Weber burner.

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Hey guys for today's video it is all About care and maintenance of your Weber Genesis Grill and today we're going to Show you how to replace a faulty burner That's right we're hanging out in the Studio today it's time to do a little Bit of work For today's demonstration purposes I'm Going to be using my Weber Genesis SAE 330 because utilizes the same burner as My Genesis 2 grills as well now what Causes these burners to go bad can Really vary by region if you will Because think about this maybe yours is Affected by salt water if you live in a Coastal environment or maybe you live in An area where it is dirty and dusty and They get clogged up with dirt and dust Or maybe you live in an area with high Humidity uh whatever the cause uh what's Going to happen when your burner starts To go bad is you're going to have Problems getting it to ignite fully uh Your flame isn't going to stand up and Be nice and blue it's going to start to Look orange or maybe your burner is Rusting and deteriorating so we're gonna Dig in I'm going to show you how quick And easy it is to take out the burner Plug in the burner and wait hold on a Second let me grab my yeah that's right No tools involved how cool is that Now before you go ahead and replace that Burner depending on which Weber model

You have and when you bought it don't Forget to check out that Weber warranty Because that burner may just well be Covered under warranty Okay first thing we want to take a look At is you can see right back there now If you look back there you'll notice one Thing that is super cool there are no Screws back there there is nothing back There except for a Groove and all we Have to do is lift this burner up tilt It to the side and look at that the Burner comes right out and now it is Free in the back so now we'll show you What you need to do in the front to take The front apart now that we have the Main burner tube released we need to Release the igniter which is down there So basically all I do is just show you Real quick lift up on it pop it up Carefully just like so see how we've Already removed half of it and then Carefully remove the other half now You'll see these two little holders Right here or that little clip if you Can see that clip right there that does A fantastic job holding that uh igniter Down Okay the reinstallation process is the Same right we've got our new burner here And as you can see right there we have Our igniter ceramic igniter piece now You'll see two little bumps on there Those two little bumps correspond with

These two little holes on here and that Is going to help hold everything Together so what we'll do real quick is Slide this down in there like so and You'll just snap it One two and there you go you'll hear it Click right in and it's not supposed to Be down touching the burner it is Supposed to be clicked into that Groove With the burner separated from the Igniter all right let's go ahead and Reconnect this because we want to make Sure we get it put back together now First step is we're going to go into the Opening here and connect it to the valve Right we want to actually make that gas Connection so we've got that set now Basically turn it Down into that Groove and just like that We are locked into place super super Easy right now let's give it a test fire Because we want to make sure that it Burns properly after we've reinstalled It okay now that we have everything Replaced like I said it is time to give It a test because we want to make sure That we install the igniter properly we Also want to make sure that that burner Flows smoothly and everything is working As intended so we'll turn our gas on First We'll hit the igniter and look at that There you go we've got flame now I'm Letting it go I'm going to let it burn

Just to make sure it gets anything that Was in there during uh manufacturing off But I'll tell you what beautiful strong Flame I am very happy with that there You have it super simple super easy That's how you replace your burner all Right now we shut the flame off we shut The tank off time to put the grill back Together so we'll go ahead and add that Flavorizer bar back in there and then we Will go ahead and add our grill grate as Well but hey I'll tell you what while You have this Grill apart perfect time To uh walk through it and see if it Maybe needs a deep clean I don't know call me crazy but that was Super super easy and now my grill is Running at its peak like it should be Now I've got another great video coming Up for you so be sure to stay tuned for That because coming up we've got our how To deep clean the Weber Genesis Grill Because you know while you're taking it Apart to replace that burner might as Well give it a deep clean

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