Milwaukee 450 lm Black/Red LED Tactical Headlamp Product Review – Ace Hardware

Watch as Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, reviews the Milwaukee 450 lm Black/Red LED Tactical Headlamp. This is model #2012R.

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Milwaukee 450 lm Black/Red LED Tactical Headlamp

This is a 400 Lumen headlamp from Milwaukee so you see it has this Adjustable strap here and I will model For you that it goes onto the top of Your forehead like this and then you've Got the ability to turn the light on Right right up here at the Top okay and now I can adjust that light It's adjustable based on how you want it Bright or dim and it's a really cool Feature with this clip you can pull the Light off of here there's a magnet on The back side of this thing that'll Click to any kind of metal the clip Itself has a magnet on it as well and Then you can either put this on your Head this strap will fit around a hard Hat if you're on a job site uh it's Great for uh any kind of sports Activities you know if you're outdoor in The evening and you need a light that's Adjustable that you can use both hands It really is a quality headlamp from Milwaukee coming up next another great Tool from Milwaukee [Music]

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