Makita 40v 305mm Mitre Saw Review, also known as Makita XGT 12″ Miter Saw Review.

I know, it’s long. And it took a long time to film, and there was hours more footage. This is a story as much as a review. Try watching it speed up a little via the settings.
The Guy (Rob) who bought my Makita 36v Mitre Saw

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[Music] This is the Ls003 G 40 volt 12in 305 mm mitur from Makita and this video has been a long Time coming I've had this tool for 18 Months as many of you know and many of You have been asking me for the review And when I'm going to do it and finally I am about to do it this is a tool I use Almost every single day I've been using It here for doing some hard wood decking And as you can see it is kept in Immaculate Condition even though it is always Hooked up to the dust extractor there it Is mighty Dusty still it has fairly good Dust extraction but as you can see there Is a fair bit of dust around but that's Mitos SWS for you so I love this tool so Why is it taking me so long to review a Tool that I love well it's a little more Complicated so to find out the full Story we need to to go back in time a Year and a Half I think this may be the biggest Makita I've ever purchased I had to Change my bench around and make some Special adjustments just so I could fit This on here but it's too big it's too Heavy it's too awkward to lift out of This box on the bench um So [Music] [Music]

Little bit Dusty in here let's see if we Can just pop this off Now there we go We are in oh it's all covered in dust Why is it covered in so much dust how'd That Happen the Blade's bigger than that Entire saw granted it's a pretty small Circular saw but Wow you know this is a big mitol is it The quick release one yes it Is okay cool one of those dust Bag manual whopping great 12 in or 305 Mm blade and an AWS chip now when you Buy it you may not get an AWS chip you Need to look at the model numbers this Is the Ls003 G that's the name of the saw Zed Because it's beer tool be tool means no Battery no charger and it's got a 01 After it so the full name is Ls003 G z01 the 01 is because of this Little puppy I'm sure there's some other Goodies in the box but they probably Hidden on the other side they haven't Gone back to an aluminium miter gauge Have they it's Punched or surely not not after the a Not after the first MIT saw in the 40 Volt range which was much better than The 18 volt Ones well whatever it is it ain't Aluminium at least right you'll have to Give me a second to just drag this thing

Out of the box properly because it's a Little bit awkward like I Say [Music] So other things that were in the box Include this invisible Square this Arbor Bushing and this knob which goes on the Front the box would have had to been Another 2 in longer had they put the Knob on in the factory so selfinstall The Knob the big long Thread all right knob in place she's a Big old Beast I've had to move halfway Down the workshop just to get it in shot Uh yeah it's hard for me to now stand Over there and do the video because it's So far Away H how am I going to do this have I Done a proper beginning yet better do That [Music] Eh good day boys and girls and welcome To another tools and stuff review this Is the Ls003 G Makita 40 volt xgt sliding Compound mitur that's quite a mouthful That's the blade isn't it a doozy let's Stick it on oh yes have they finally Made a mitur have Makita finally done it So that you can undo your blade yay Without having to release the thing they Have you can get the wrench in there you Don't need to remove this or you know

Slide it out of the way loosen any of These to get the blade on by the looks Woohoo so tool storage as you will have Just seen in the front of there there's A pin on the back where this hand is and That locks your blade so that you can Undo it but if this is anything like Every other Mak mitur I've used they Come from the factory so ridiculously Tightened up that you just about break The wrench getting the damn things Open That one wasn't too Bad anyway let's see if we can get all This off without having to open up the Guard a don't tell me we're not going to Be able to get the nut out come on come On you little beauty come on what are They doing what are they doing you must Be kidding why didn't they make it so That you could get that Out it misses by Like A millimeter is That deliberate do you really have to Shift a guard to remove the blade is That some sort of weird safety thing cuz I can't see it makes any difference and This is misses by so little it actually Gets fatter at that point like they Deliberately did It there's nothing behind this you could Just hack that off and that's what I Might do W do it just yet in case There's something wrong with this tool So now we've got to undo this and loosen

The whole damn front Off Now in this part of the world and I'm Guessing in most parts of the world you Will get a 30 mm arid blade but as for The amount of teeth and the sort of Blade this is an FY cut blade but you May not get an FY cut blade where you Are who knows tool companies provide Different things in different parts of Of the world everywhere anyway I better Take this rubbery stuff off else it's Not going to fit in There I have wanted a 12in mitur for Quite some time but Unfortunately when it came to the last Mitur I bought the 36v one that you will See in this video quite a bit probably The 10-in one I I bought that I waited And waited and waited and they weren't Releasing a 12in I bought the 10 in and Then about a month later they released The 12 in and I was gutted but now I Finally have a 12 in mitur now just Remember reverse Thread always can be a bit tricky when You come to try and loosen your blade Off and you realize you're going the Wrong way and you're just tightening the Hell out of it so opposite direction to Usual now I got to hold that up push That in and do that why Why not a huge deal but it just seems Unnecessary when it's so close to being

Able to be done without removing the Guard [Music] Okay so in this video I'll compare it to The old 18 by2 versions of these SS and We'll probably do a bit of a comparison With the first 40 volt mitur that most Of the world got the ls z2g the uh 9 and A quarter is it The 9 and A4 Forgotten I'll tell you why I didn't Keep that saw shortly but there's a heap Of features on this thing so I'll get Stuck into that and as I go I guess I'll Compare it with what it's like compared To the other ones the first thing that Strikes me when I look at this thing is It's massive it's a very big saw and the Thing that stands out the most to me is Look at the size of these These are huge That is a huge back support let's take a Look how high we are here4 40 mm or About 5 1/2 in that's pretty damn high This might be able to cut a 6 by2 on its Edge here's my Old Faithful on the um Super tidy side of the workshop and the Dim dark over here uh let's take a look At how high this is what's that 120 or About 4 and 3/4 in so it's about 20 mil Or 3/4 of an inch taller on the new 12 In than it is on this old 10in this is The DLS 211 and I guess it would be Easier if I just stuck this on the bench Next to the new one and then we can just

Compare them real easy just by me Swiveling the camera instead of walking Around here and having a look at it Seeing as it's got to move from this Position anyway because this is where The new one will be going and this one Will be going to rob I'll give it a bit Of a clean before I get it to you Rob in fact I'll have to give it a bit Of a clean now before I carry it over to The other Bench I thought this s was Big the new one is Mammoth and did I Call the 18 by2 the DLS 211 a moment ago If I did I was wrong that is of course The 12in one this is the 10in which is The 111 with a triple one look at the Size difference it is quite a lot bigger It's not just the blade Everything is higher wider bigger Heavier than the old one there some of You will say oh it's not the 12in you're Not comparing it to the same thing well Hey you go out and buy two 12in might as Well just to compare them to each other I didn't get these for free you know now I normally weigh the tools on my videos But this one's a little bit heavy to try And weigh so I'm going to trust the Makita numbers which I don't normally do Cuz they're not usually accurate but 29.8 kgs they saying this comes in at Without the battery on on it which

Surprisingly is actually lighter than The 18 by2 which is 30.7 kgs not that You're going to really notice it when It's that sort of weight and the DLS 1111 the 10in what is that weigh 27 I Think now this has an RPM of 3,600 whereas the 18 by2 model is 4,400 as is that little 10-in one little So they're both 4,400 this is 3 ,600 um Hopefully that means slower speed more Talk do you want to hear what it sounds Like I do I also want to know if it's Actually 3,600 RPM and whether it stays At 3,600 RPM on a 2 a hour battery at 2.5 a 4 and a five or whether it changes The ls z2g stayed consistent at what was That one 4,000 4,400 can't remember I'll have to go Have a look 2 a Battery 3,458 2.5 M Battery 3,458 well that's consistent 5 amp Battery haven't got the8 Yet 3,458 well that's super consistent three Batteries all the same why didn't I do The 4 amp power well because that's 21 700 cells so I thought I'd leave that to Last just to see if that extra cell size Gave any boost this 4 a battery has only One bar showing will it still be able to Maintain the speed when it's down that Low let's take a

Look started off at 3,453 and was slowly dropping so Battery's almost drained but still Holding that full speed although That full speed was 150ish less than What it should be now that may be down To the accuracy of this rather cheap Tachometer or maybe vagaries with the Guard being down or something else they May have tested it without the blade on It to get that speed I don't know but at Least it's consistent across all the Batteries which means it's clever things In here telling it how to control what's Going on with the batteries unlike some Tools from some companies don't get too Nasty in the comments just did some more Tests placing this in a different place Shifting my bit of tape on the blade no Difference 3,458 it does however I hate to say it Sound a Bit slow brak's not terribly quick Either but it is a big massive blade to Stop The DLS 1111 sounds like This stops quicker and just sounds a Little bit faster a little bit grantier And it is of course faster as I've Already [Music] Stated I do like the look of the new xgt Base with that sort of dark gunmal color And the aluminium just looks darker as

Well whereas over on the old 18 by2 it Was painted this sort of shiny aluminium Sort of Color just I don't know something looks Looks real nice about that the Cur Guides here much nicer color as well Than this sort of baby blue almost color This is much more maker looking than This and I prefer this dark tinted guard As opposed to the light blue one on the 18 by2 now you will of course already Have worked out that it is basically the Same design as the 18 by2 models they Haven't gone with the new design that They went with with the LS Z2g which is a shame and I know a lot of Guys love that design and so do I but I Got rid of that saw because I wanted a Big one I like big Murs cuz I want to Cut Big Stuff a lot of the time and I I Don't want to have to try something else I want one tool that just does Everything and that's hopefully what This tool now is for me this so will be Able to cut through just about anything I want to cut through in a nice accurate Manner save having to do two cuts with a Circular s and stuff like that so this Will do a maximum depth of cut of 107 by 363 I think it is maybe it's 353 and if You want width the maximum width you can Get 92 mil High by 383 I think it is They are the exact same measurements as

The 18 by2 12in saw so you're not Getting any size difference at all it's The same size physically and it does the Same size Cuts if you want to know the physical Size difference between a 10 in and a 12 In or a 260 and a 305 this is 670 High approximately this Is 760 High approximately that's going To annoy my wife cuz she loves using That saw now but she hates how high the Handle is well this one's 90 mil roughly Higher than that one so she might not Even be able to reach it the distance From the front of the handle to the back Of the so the space you will need to fit This soore in is 900 mil on the 12 in And 800 on the 10 in the width of the 12 In is approximately 700 with its little Arms pushed in and on the 10 in it's 600 So basically it's 4 in or 100 mm longer In every Dimension up down side to side Front to back oh I so want to make a cut With this thing but also at the same Time I'm dreading making a cut with this Thing dreading that first cut and I Shouldn't have to dread the first cut But after the experience I had with this One and the experience I know lots of You have had with these Makita Murs with These new front Rails um they didn't cut straight and That was something I didn't even realize A might s could do a curved cut but

That's exactly what this one did Straight out of the box it was cutting Curved and I had to adjust this Allen Key here loosen that off Bend these Rails well not bend them just tweak them So that they're in different places Inside this brackety holdy thing and Then do it back up to get straight cuts Bit of fluffing around was annoying once I got it there it has stayed there on The saw so that's not too bad but was Annoying having to do it and a lot of People return these SS because of that And that must have cost Makita a lot of Money so I hope they've put a bit more Effort into getting it right on these New ones because they are super nice Tools to use this has been my favorite Tool for a long time I know impact Drivers are kind of like my favorite as Well but I have to use a mitur every day If I don't do a cut with a mitur I get Withdrawals sometimes I have to go down To the garage at like 10:00 at night the Wife will going what doing you going Down to use the mitur it's like yeah got To just go cut up some scrap or Something I just have to use a mitur Each day else just doesn't feel right Murs were one of the first tools I ever Bought AP from a drill I think the Second tool I bought was a mitur and I Just loved them ever since some people Use table saws some people use Murs some

People of course use both I use both but By far I use a mitur 100 to one times More than I do a table saw in fact I Don't even know when I last use a table Saw it's covered in so much rubbish and Junk I'm going to have to stop the Review here I'm afraid because a courier Has just handed me a little parcel from Japan oh yeah as much as I said I love My SS I think I'm going to have to pause This review while I make a review for This I'll give you a quick little sneak Peek oh yeah if you haven't seen the Review for this yet take a look down in The description and up in the top Corner Because I will have done it probably Before I released the video for this Might okay so another spinner in the Works I'm going to have to change the Way I do this video a little bit because The guy who has purchased my old saw in The back there he is on his way to pick It up and I'm not ready for him to pick It up yet I was expecting these to be Sitting on the bench here for a couple Of weeks for me to play with them and Compare them and all that sort of stuff But he lives in the middle of nowhere This is the only time you can get over To do it and with diesel at $42 a liter At the moment he'd have to take out a Mortgage just to get here so I can Hardly turn them down plus I'll get a Big pile of cash so I'm going to have to

Rush this through a b but so I'm going To have to put my video that I was Filming on this on hold and get back to Reviewing this by basically just telling You the differences between this and That let's do that I just remembered He's picking up my air compressor too so I've got to get that damn thing out my Back is killing me I've just scoffed Down a handful of um painkillers and Anti-inflammatories so if I start Rambling a bit more than usual uh that's Why the supports are much beefier on the Xgt but that's not just an xgt thing Both the 12 in have better qu in the 10 In for some reason I don't know why they Couldn't have put this on this because These are a little bit weak they sort of Sag a bit not the greatest for keeping Things level this looks much better and I hope it is much better The Back Fence Is as I already mentioned much more Substantial on the 12in I prefer the lxt Guide for the bivel on the back here It's plastic on the 12in which just Feels and looks a little bit cheap Compared to this which is just an Aluminium looking sticker I guess over The top of the alum minum chassis but it Just looks more professional than that No biggie really they've gone with the Same sort of dust shoot system the Two-part system it is much bigger on the 12 in than it is on the 10in

Everything's just a little bit bigger on The 12 in as you would expect all the Pins and locks and stuff are the same The dial for getting your depth of cut Is unfortunately the same they haven't Used the system that they put on the 8 And 1/2 in l00 T 2G Um yeah so that's a bit of a shame 8 and 1/2 in 9 and 1/4 in isn't it I'm Panicking I'm panicking go get the video Done on tool storage on the front of Both of the tools both of these SS bevel Left and right and they both bevel up to 48° if you want to go to 48° then you Pull this little lever down as you're Coming over with your saw and that gives You that opportunity to go that extra 3° If you need it always look out for with The saws bevel left and right a lot of Cheap ones only go to the left so higher Quality saws go left and right now I Don't use the right bevel all that much But when you do need it super handy much Easier than trying to flip whole length Of Timber over and realign them and Everything for certain tasks it's super Handy both of them have a pin on the Side to unlock the right hand bevel so You loosen your knob you tilt to the Left just a little bit and then you can Push this in and it will then swivel Over to the right that's the same on Both tools both SS have this little

Lever that a lot of people don't know What they're for it's to turn your Indents on and off for when you're doing A bevel see here you've got you know 15 30 45 you also got 22 and 1 half and 33.9 this thing will help you stop on Those in an accurate fashion without you Having to fiddle around lifting the Sword backwards and forwards trying to Get it right so if you flip that down When you now get to one of these indents Like that it just automatically locks in Place bang ready to go 222° pull it out go to the next one And it'll go up to 33.9 and 30 and 45 And all that stuff this is of course the Most important distinction between the Two [Music] Tools clearly Superior on the xgt they Both have AWS unless of course you got One of the early models that the states Got in which case they didn't have AWS Next to the AWS on the lxt you can see This little switch which kind of looks Out of place it doesn't really fit in With the rest of makita's styling and it Looks like a bit of a late edition and It is a laser now a lot of you hate Lasers and I completely understand Although it is Handy at times cuz you Can move it from left to right hand side Of the blade so you can put it where you Want which you can't do with the option

That is available on this so as you can See here the AWS is just an AWS there's No little lever next to it but if we Look down here on the handle there's a Light button in the same place on the Lxt you instead have a battery gauge Because it is annoying to tell if these Are charged or not because the battery Gauges are on the bottom of the Batteries they're the opposite of the 40 Volt which is on the top so you can just Push it on the top you don't need a Battery fuel gauge down here so instead They have a light and they also have a Vacuum button now the vacuum Works in Conjunction with your AWS and your AWS Vac so normally when you pull the Trigger of the Saw the vacuum will start up Automatically if you don't want it to Start up automatically if you want to Just turn the V on you can just turn it On with your saw and that allows you to Then just like unplug it clean up a bit Of mess around your bench where your Saws sprayed everywhere because These saws spray a lot of Everywhere let's face it bung it back in Turn it off again I'm not sure how long It stays on I don't have an AWS vac so Makita if you ever want to send me Anything for all these fantastic reviews I do for you guys then an AWS 40 volt Vac would be awesome cuz I'm always

Talking about AWS stuff and I don't have A vac to use it to test It this is one of the most requested Improvements for the Makita saw the Lasers aren't that accurate and they're No good outside but they do kind of work Better inside I reckon these are no good Outside either the thing with this laser System is when you turn it on you can um Forget you've got it on and just leave It on it will stay on forever until you Drain the batteries I mean that would Take a really long time of course but Yeah it doesn't automatically turn off This will automatically turn off after I'm not sure what it is yet haven't Tested it but it'll be no more than a Couple of minutes so less chance of Draining your battery neither one of These systems works very good outside Laser Shadow lines outside and bright Sun they're both useless it does look Like the shadow line is actually better In this light than the laser can you Even see the laser on the camera the Line is there on the xgt you can see the Light there already and as I bring it Down gets brighter and you can see that Black line this is your cut line so Unlike the laser which has to go left or Right side of the blade this is directly Where your blade is so you can have your Line right on that shadow and that's Exactly where your Blade's going to hit

Every time no matter what both saws come With a dust bag but to use the dust bag You have to disengage one of the dust Ports on both saws and when it comes to The dust Port bit this is just a really The basic slide on one on the lxt Whereas on the Xgt it Clips on so it's a little bit Nicer and they're much grantier than the Ls002 G which is a very thin hose coming Out of here makes it quite easy for this Bottom port to block up anyway I've Chucked those dust bags on cuz I'm going To do a cut and I have to do it here on The bench cuz I can't shift these things Cuz my back's just yeah doesn't like Carrying stuff at the moment the Compression on the base of my SP spine Is not good so I'm going to cut a 4 post Because that's the first cut I want to Do on this new xgt because I can finally Do it in one chop this you can if you're Lucky get away with it if it's slightly Undersized post and if your angle things Just right you can sort of get it but it Should be a piece of cake for this one This will be a good test on power as Well so I've got a 5 a hour battery on Here two 5 a batteries on here so that Makes them both 36v 5 a let's do it now Unfortunately it's a brand new blade Well I mean it's not unfortunate it's a Brand new blade but this is a brand new Blade of course and it is a 60 Toth

Blade on here I have a 42 tooth blade 45 Tooth blade something like that the Blade's not that old but I did something With it the other day and I think it's Not quite so sharp as it was cutting That um bamboo composite blunted it a Bit quick I think anyway we will do a Test with that I haven't got time to go Out and grab another blade for the test Because Rob's on his way like I said so It's just what it is I've never had a Double miter station before I can cut Both ends of a piece of wood without Having to move the bit of wood luxury Got the slide locked we're just going to Use this like a dropa so this is the Xgt first Cut that's Nice [Music] Okay it can cut quicker than I thought It would that lower speed and the 60 to Blade I didn't think it was going to cut Too quick [Music] But I'm happy with that dust wise not Bad considering no extraction just using The bag and one port so yeah that's not Too bad Let's try the Lxt now this is a nice dry post so it's Probably shrunk a little bit like I said And it just about got it just a tiny Little bit on each bottom corner

There which of course you would Eliminate one corner if you had the Slide function working so that Particular post you could cut with a 10 In it's a pretty good saw this these are Both great saws oh and I've just thought Of something that I forgot to tell you Between the two of them or have I Already told you tramol must be kicking In um it's the plates on the bottom for The miters let's take a closer look at Those bone of contention for people who Purchased this lxt saw is this miter Plate has your detents on it has indents There for your degrees your 0 15 30 45 Etc and it's made of aluminium so guys Have been complaining that it wears These out and your saw gets it's a bit Sloppy I knew that right from the start So I've been careful using the saw so Whenever I move it I leave my thumb down On here so that it's not clicking into All those indents as you go past and Then when I get to where I want with the Pointer here I then let go and just Gently click it into place there's no Need to go bang bang bang through all The stops and that is meant my Plate's In pretty good condition so with the Magnet with the xgt Bang Jeez oh she's Stuck it's a good Magnet damaged it already so aluminium

Clearly a feritic metal I'm not sure if It's a hard and stainless or what cuz Hard and stainless is magnetic um but Either way it's clearly much stronger Going to last much longer as long as it Doesn't rust now presumably if Makita Make these now for the xgt you could buy One for your lxt there is people that Have made these out of stainless steel You can order them it's a guy in Canada That does them um but presumably now you Can just get a proper one straight from Makita if I can find that anywhere I Will put a link down there is there any Difference in the dust extraction Without an extractor um looks like There's a bit more there on the Lxt yeah then the xgt xgt a bit cleaner In the throat there than the LX tears I Think I might keep the 10in I'm loving The look of having two minosaur on the Bench together what am I going to tell Rob when he gets here he'll be gutted It's the biggest Makita tool I've ever Sold I don't sell many of my tools I Intend to I usually intend to replace The previous model with the new model um But yeah if you've watched this Channel And you know anything about me you'll Know that doesn't usually happen and I've made the call I'm getting rid of This compressor and all the crap that Goes with it it's going to go going and Find all the crap that goes with it um

Because I have effectively replaced it With This so Rob's going to take that at the Same time as he takes the mitol and There she goes she Is my dropa no more a the new one looks So lonely now you lost your little Friend oh at least I've got some more Space though and a bit more cash to put Towards the next tour review now is the Moment of truth I'm going to test to see If it does a curved cut but before I do That I can already see I got a problem Here there's a big gap here because this Is sticking out further than the fence Is so I'm going to have to adjust that Before I can even make a cut I mean I Can move it out of the way of course but But those are out of whack on both sides Of the tool so those need to be adjusted This first cut isn't to test whether It's square up and down or like that but Rather just to see if we're going to get The curved cut I certainly hope Not come a straight Edge let's do [Music] This same problem Makita it's Not good Enough [Music] Me [Music]

It was at this point that I completely Lost my rag I was pretty pissed off Makita had had several years to fix the Problem that they had on on the 18 by2 Models and released a 40 volt that Didn't cut curved but they had not done That they had stuck with the same system And released their Flagship 40 volt 12in Mitur with a very bad flaw a very bad Fault in my opinion not good enough and I wasn't going to put up with that again Um if you want to hear just how angry I Was you can check out the um patreon Video the link to patreon down in the Description uh if you want to hear yeah Just how angry I was anyway time has Passed and it's now 21 months Later and I'll tell you what happened so I I went to Makita I thought I am not Putting up with a dud mitur again I'm Not trying to repair this thing and fix It by myself shouldn't have to do that This should not be Crooked so I took it into the Makita Service center which thankfully is not Too far from where I live told them the Problem left it with them and it wasn't Too long maybe a week later uh even it Might have even been the same week I Think I might have dropped it off on the Monday and got it back on the Friday Something like that I took it in there Told them the problem left it when I Went in to collect it they told me they

Couldn't fix the problem It they couldn't get it right they Couldn't get it to cut Straight and so what they did was they Gave me a brand new saw but not only did They give me the brand new saw they had It set up out the back in their test Area they got me to do some Cuts make Sure I was happy with it we tested it All first made sure it was good before I Took it home and then I wanted to make Sure it wasn't going to go bung that it Was going to stay right that there Wasn't an issue since I've had this saw I have jammed it several times had a Couple of Kickbacks one of at least one Of which you'll see in this video in a Moment um all of which were my fault you Know just bowed bits of Timber and Like that it catches you know what Happens uh and none of them have thrown The rails out it's still thankfully Cutting straight so I wanted to make Sure it was going to stay like that so That's why this video I know so many of You have been asking about it for so Long that's why it's taken so long Because I wanted to make sure That's why it's been 20 21 months Whatever it's been since I got the Replacement so that I can actually say To you guys this is a really nice mitur I love this thing um I was pissed off That I had to start off with it in the

Way I did but it is a very cool saw and It is one of is it one of I think it is My favorite Makita tool I love Murs in General and I I just I have to come down And use this thing every day I do love It Makita didn't know who I was before I Took this sore in um they of course now Know um and so I've built up a Relationship with Makita over the last Year or two um thanks to going in there To get this sorted out so it turned out To be a blessing in disguise and it Works well for them works well for me Works well for you everybody wins so I've shown you all the features in the Beginning of the video how about we now See it cutting f [Applause] [Music] [Music] Finally so that was 7 * 100 these aren't 90 they're 100 they're custom cut ones So yeah that's it's pretty good 7 * 45 By [Music] [Music] [Music] 100t righty doing that on a Milwaukee Without it Overheating stuffed up there there there Didn't I Piss got some bamboo composite scrap Here that I'm chopping up to get rid of I'm using a really blunt old blade that

I've been using to cut the stuff and it Just destroys blades like anything this Is just to put the tool under a heavy Load to show you how it handles it so Blades blunt the material is awful to Cut through so it's going to struggle It's I'm going to be pushing down really Hard and it's not going to be cutting Very quick we're going to see how the Tool handles [Music] It so you can hear it straining there But didn't cut out or anything handled It all Right she's a pretty good saw try doing This with a Milwaukee 12in cordless Mitur and see if it doesn't Overheat Thanes Well that's Milwaukee's revenge for me Trying to be a Smartass um yeah watch I tell the wife That it was a um somebody in a car park This here and this here that's where the Bit of wood just Hit and it's red Too the irony Hell [Music] [Music] E [Applause] You can cut boards up to 380 mm wide as

Well as that you can cut through a 4×4 Or 100x 100 Post in one [Applause] Pass Now did you hear that the vacuum started Up by itself and turned off by itself Let's take a look at that this is the Vc4 G AWS vac it takes 2 40 volt Batteries but it only needs one to run So it's a 40 volt tool not an 80 volt Tool you'll get about 40 odd minutes on Full whack with those two 8 a hour Batteries set on the auto with the AWS When you have an A WS chip inside your AWS tool when you pull the Trigger the VAC will automatically start Up and then after a certain amount of Time it will turn itself off how cool is [Music] That 4 18vt Batteries 40 volt adapter 40 volt mitur Let's [Music] Go not only that you can also do this 40 Volt adapter let's plug that 40 volt Adapter into a 332 a battery turn set battery On we are ready to [Applause] Go Right I'll try and get this area tidied Up and maybe get the saw back to its Original position this is its temporary

Working position at the moment on a Movable t table but I'll try and get it Back in its usual spot and tidy so we Can wrap this thing Up that's hardwood and my vac didn't Turn on I forgot to turn on the AWS damn It anyway this saw is a pleasure to use It has great capacity as you can see I Haven't been able to show you everything That this thing does the video would be Hours and hours long there's so many Things and it ended up a a different Story as of course you have heard but Yeah great capacity great features dust Extraction is pretty good uh make sure You turn your back on though um it does Clog up in here so if you can see that The bottom shoot here does clog up a bit So make sure you check that if it's not Sucking away the dust too well it is Extremely heavy however it's a it's a Beast of a thing um but when once you've Got it set up for the day it is as I say A pleasure to use I tend to use it with The 4 amp batteries pretty much Exclusively now because I got a heap of Those and I don't like it with the big Eight amp on there I don't like the Weight on it especially if you're doing Cuts like this I don't want any extra Weight pulling on it so the fours seem To be a good fit for me but as you saw Earlier in the video it doesn't even Matter what battery you use you'll get

The same RPM you're not losing any any Power really this thing things well Controlled for that this is a nice bit Of wood don't get distracted Tools so this has been the longest ever Review I've taken to make I mean we're Talking 21 months from start to finish There is another one actually that I've Filmed the beginning of that I haven't Finished filming the end of yet um which Will be about a threeyear Video but if it ever happens Um if you want to see even more of this Video and this tool um this video I've Got the original if I put everything in It is 2 and a half hours long but I know No one's going to want to watch that This isn't you know this isn't Titanic You yeah it's it's long I know it's Already freaking long but if you want to Watch an even longer one on patreon Check that out down in the description I'll put links to Patreon and yeah that's like an hour Long and and I've got a video as well of Blades for this thing which I'll Hopefully get done soon some different Makita blades and stuff to try out that I've I've I've done I've filmed over the Last year or two and haven't got around To making yet either uh so yeah Happy Thanksgiving um Merry Christmas Happy New Year all that stuff even though There's still a few more videos to go

Before Christmas and New Year I know but It just kind of feels like the end of The year now to me now that I've got This video done because boy boy this one Kicked my ass a bit it's just been Nagging at the back of my head and like About once a week somebody asks about it And it just keeps eating away at me and I sort of just never found the time to Get to editing it because there was over 240 Files and um yeah it just was one of Those things that just became a bit of a Nightmare in all sorts of regards Anyway it's done thank you for watching Please consider subscribing if you've Made it this far and you've never Watched one of my videos before can't be Too many of you that have done that but Anyway please consider subscribing Hitting the like button keeps more Makita stuff to come another couple of Cool ones before the end of the year Just found out something really Interesting today so I'll see if I can Do a video about that before the end of The year and cheers see you later guys If you get one make sure you check that It cuts straight Thanks It's done it's finally Done gloves Off time for a drink oh and one more Thing this last shot you know kids don't

Try this at home it's one of those shots Okay so yeah here it is see [Music] You [Music] [Music] A [Music] Hopefully that hasn't sort of melted all The edge together probably has but it Was Anyway and also I hope it doesn't catch Him F better to keep the camera running For

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