How To Remove A Patio Screen Door – Ace Hardware

Watch a Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, shows you how to remove a patio door.

Hi Lou manfredini is his home expert in This video I'm going to show you how to Remove the screen door from your sliding Patio door For most sliding screen doors you just Want to open the door slightly and grab Onto the sides of the door and literally Just lift up and then pull the bottom Towards you and drop it down if you Notice that there's not enough clearance For that you may see adjustment screws Where the rollers go on the track by Loosening these screws you actually lift The rollers from the bottom of the door To provide that clearance then you grab The door lift up pull the bottom out First drop the top down and now you have The entire screen door in your hands and You have the ability to either re-screen That door and make a repair yourself or Take it to your participating Ace Hardware store for their screen repair Service coming up next my video on how To repair the screen on your sliding Patio door Foreign

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