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In this #HeartwareStory we go to beautiful Hawaii. Meet Traci from Ranch Ace in Ocean View and see how she has made a difference in her community with those young and old.

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[Music] Ocean View is literally in the middle of Nowhere about an hour and a half to 2hour drive to any major City we catch our own water we fix our Own problems we don't all have Electricity country living at its Finest everybody knows everybody and This town uh we all call each other by Name it's a very friendly place and I Love it Here Tracy is definitely the mother of The store and somewhat of the community In a way Tracy is the boss that I've Always wanted to work for she is a Leader and that outgoingness transfers Out into the community she's always There to go the extra mile and help the Elderly I've been doing a lot of service With seniors when I first started Working here there were a couple of Senior citizen uh women mamalu and Sumiko and uh they were buying a ladder Uh and I asked them why they were buying The ladder and they responded to clean Their gutters and I didn't think that Was a good idea I asked them if it was Okay that I would come by after work and And clean the gutters for them and uh I Been doing little things like that ever Since picking up medications giving them Company they tried to compensate me but I refused it wasn't about money they Made me happy and uh I didn't mind doing

It at all my grandparents died when I Was younger um I didn't really get to Know them and hear all their funny Stories a lot of the seniors out here Live alone and their family is on the Mainland so they don't really have Anyone they don't really need much they Just need some companionship and they Are amazing people unfortunately um they Have passed away but I will never forget Them [Music] And they were the best people and I'll Never forget the stories that they told Me I think the first word that comes to Mind when describing Tracy uh is going To be warm she's very she's a very Genuine person she's very big-hearted And you can see that in all the little Things that she does one thing that Stuck out to me about Tracy was she had Taken in a younger kid in our community And I didn't even realize she was Helping to raise this boy we were so Like touched and moved by this home that She had provided for him and how Beautiful of a man he was growing into To be I have uh two boys who are young Adults and they've had friends that came Across hard times and needed a place to Stay and they're always welcome if they Need some place just for the night or uh The most recent case for three years uh They don't teach you in high school what

They used to they don't teach you how to Budget your money they don't teach you How to write a Check anything like that cooking they Don't do that anymore so if they're with Me for long periods I will teach them How to cook meals I will teach them how To budget their money these kids needed A safe place to be and I was more than Happy to accommodate Tracy's got this Motherly Instinct about her she has this Personality that makes you believe in Yourself she inspires us to be our best For them to say that they're inspired it U it makes me feel great uh life's hard Sometimes and everybody needs that Little helping hand I've gotten a few Helping Hands over my lifetime and I Plan to pay that for till I [Music] Die

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