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Watch as Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, shows you how to install Christmas Lights to shingles.

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Happy holidays I'm Lou manfredimi Aces Home expert and in this video I'm going To show you how to put Holiday Lights Under the shingles of your home using Some plastic Clips all right the first Thing to understand is how a roof works If you're going to put Clips up there on Top of the roof you want to make sure That you're comfortable working off of a Ladder up on the roof this is just a Little demo roof that we're going to Show you but shingles have a layer of Tar a line underneath here that you Don't see and on older roofs that's Going to be tight you're not going to be Able to get anything underneath there so A putty knife depending on what you're Going to use to kind of work underneath That shingle is going to help you loosen Up that layer of tar and then you have The ability to put these clips in Anywhere you want high low you can do Them in a pattern keep in mind that the Distance of where you're going to put These is going to be based on the lights That you're using these particular Clips Are designed for C7 C9 or even larger Bulbs and that that's what I'm going to Demonstrate on this little roof demo kit Right here All right so I've loosened up the Shingles already and I'm just going to Go ahead and take the lights and put Them into place and see how that's the

Distance I want so if I want to kind of Come down or across whatever it might be I'm kind of limited by the distance but That way you get that Symmetry and you Can adjust the clips as you go along And put them exactly where you want so That you get that nice consistent look As you work your way across the roof Again be very careful working on ladders And it's also a good idea to test the Lights before you do all this especially Up high Making sure that the Strand works so That when you plug it in you don't have All your work wasted because you know There's a bulb out or something this is Really a great idea with LED bulbs Because they're very durable they can Kind of take a beating as you're putting Them up and they just last longer and Then ultimately when you have them Running You know they use less electricity long Term now for this demo I put them up High but you can do the same Clips right Over the gutter line if you want just Keep in mind you may need to use that Putty knife to kind of loosen that up And slide that in and by doing this You'll have a terrific looking home at Christmas time if your Christmas tree is Not working that video is coming up next To get those lights Burning Bright [Music]

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